From S3E09 - The Family of Blood. More amazing acting from David Tennant - it was just heartbreaking to watch. I'm trying to think of another adjective that's strong enough, but can't come up with one, so I'll just repeat: amazing!

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Just a story

They keep telling me I'm not John Smith, that I' someone else – someone who's not even human. How can I not be human? How can I not be real?

I have a nice life, a nice job, and now I also have Joan. Am I supposed to give all that up to become some lonely man with no home and no family?

I feel trapped, like I've been driven into a corner. Martha obviously wants nothing more than to get the Doctor back – but what kind of a man is he, if he keeps her close to him, but never returns her feelings? That's what she said, "he doesn't even look at me". And it didn't even occur to him that I might fall in love. Who is this man that I'm supposed to become?

Even without them saying so, I know they all think that I should just open that watch and get rid of those monsters. Even Joan, sweet, wonderful Joan would sacrifice her own happiness for the greater good. Why can't I just stay John Smith and go on with his life? That's all I want. I've seen what a happy life it could be, and to have that snatched away from me is simply cruel – and what is worse, I will have to be the one to make that decision.

I have to sacrifice everything, give up my life and my love, give up myself, to end this. There seems to be no other way. I have to accept that this isn't real, and that I'm just a story.

But it was real to me.