Guess I should introduce myself hehe. I'm just some nobody that is gonna write 100 drabbles/oneshots on Girlfriends. YAY! I love this manga but I hear its over… so I'm gonna do the next best thing to reading the manga or other peoples fanfics. I'm going to write! I hear people sayin their gonna do 100 stories or something but rarely completing it so I'm going to write one as well but I'm defiantly gonna finish. BTW if I read one of your fanfics and your reading this one and think I copied something just tell me you got 3 options, tell me to delete it… plz don't. Or tell me to rewrite/edit it. Or be really cool and just tell me about it and let me put your name in the story/give you credit.

The Beginning

God Akko looks so hot with ice cream dripping down her mouth…. No! Bad Mari! You can't picture your best friend like that but… she's so mouth watering… no.. gotta stop, have to start a less perverted conversation with Akko…

Wow Mari looks soooo tense right now, wonder what shes thinking about? Oops got ice cream on my lips better lick it off…

Now Mari was really desperate she's licking her lips…! Mari couldn't help it, she whimpered.

Akko looked puzzled as she asked Mari "Did you just whimper?"

What Mari wanted to say was "yes! I want you to take me and do everything to me! I just want you to hold me down and f**k me so hard that I can't move! But what came out was "Uh no that's just my stomach acting up… because uh well the… icecream! Yeah that's it the icecream…"

"Are you ok? I wouldn't have called you out on this date if I knew you didn't like icecream.", Akko was looking really concerned.

Mari got lost right around the date part and Akko's concerned face was just too cute. Mari blurted out "Akko do you want to do it right here?"

Akko blushed and said "…. Ummmm…. Well, if its for a friend… I guess I can do it…"

Mari immediately turned cherry red realizing what she just asked, but was also a little sad and had a twinge of pain in her chest when Akko responded. "Uh no I was just kidding Akko…" a disheartened Mari said to her friend correction best friend.

"What's wrong Mari you look a little sad"

Oh why would I be sad when I was basically just rejected by my secret crush, Mari thought silently. Mari not able to hold in her emotions ran home crying.

A stunned Akko watched her friend run off and cursed silently and decided to follow her and find out what was wrong.*

Mari's parents saw their teenage daughter burst in through their door and running up the stair to her room… crying. Mari's dad looked shocked and asked "What the hell was that all about?" Mari's mom sighed as she looked her husband straight in the eyes and said "She has either been dumped or has been rejected." "WTF, HOW DARE THAT NO GOOD BOY REJECT MY PRECIOUS LITTLE GIRL I'LL KILL THAT SOB!", an enraged father shouted. Just then the doorbell rang, Mari's mom went to go get the door, while Mari's dad went on to shout and curse using a few very colorful words.

"Ah! Hello Mrs. Kumakura" Akko said politely. "Hello Akko-kun welcome by the way do know the reason why our little girl is crying upstairs in her room?" "That's what I'm planning to find out" replied a confident Akko.

More curses, more shouting, and now more furniture breaking. "God damned that little sh*t head with his damn hormonal problems, if he did ANYTHING to my little girl I'll f**king sh*t on his head and murder his ass!"

"Oh dear" was all poor Mrs. Kumakura could say. A shocked Akko asked "What was that all about?" "Well dear it seems that Mari was either rejected or dumped by a guy", replied a nervous Mrs. Kumakura.

Akko looked shocked "r-r-really?" Why did she suddenly feel jealousy and anger? And now a throbbing in her chest, could it be…?

Mrs. Kumakura asked Akko, "Are you all right? You look a little pale." "No I.. I'm fine well I better go see Mari now….", replied Akko. Mrs. Kumakura thought to herself what was that all about? Could it be that… Akko is in love with... Just before her train of thoughts were to be wandered into deep dark territories her husband threw the T.V. out the window. "Oh! What was I thinking about now? Oh well… Dear… please put our son out of a headlock…"

That's it…. So well I know its kinda short and the next one since it is a continuation of this one is gonna be shorter nobody say I copied them on this one cause I really didn't. Tell me if it sucked or how I could improve it. Short for you but long for me… anyways plz answer one question how do u make stuttering? Is it like w-wow or w... w… wow which is it?

Ps that * I put in a lot of ands in that sentence didn't I cya l8er bye!