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We have been tracking these two teenage girls for almost a full year now. Fortunately, we got a lead two weeks ago, which led us here. To a college campus in Portland. It was about two thirty in the morning, about the only time a college campus started to settle down, I was here with at least a dozen other Guardians to retrieve these too young girls. The Dragomir Princess and her best friend, Rosemarie Hathaway, I had read all the files on both girls, seems that Rosemarie can be quite a handful at times. The rumor was that she kidnapped the Princess, but I don't think that that was the case; the Princess had plenty of chances to escape. No. She came willingly. Maybe there was a reason for their disappearance. Although, I was sure it was Rosemarie who came up with the whole grand plan. Vasilisa, on the other hand, seemed to be Rosemarie's polar opposite.

"Belikov, what do you want us to do? We have been waiting here all night. We know they are in there, we have visual proof, let's just get this over with." Said one of the other Guardians. There were a few hushed murmurs of agreement, and that is when we heard it.

A blood curdling scream.

We all tensed, but didn't make any move to do anything. The window suddenly burst with light as the girl with dark hair, Rosemarie I presume, flung herself out of bed and flipped on the bedside lamp. I shifted slightly, so I could see the other side of the room, through the window that was, fortunately, not blocked by curtains. A soft breeze blew across my face as I watched Rosemarie try and wake up the Princess from her nightmare. There were soft murmurs coming from the cracked window, but even my advanced, Dhampir hearing couldn't pick up on what was being said.

The two girls sat there together for a few moments, until a cat leapt up onto the window sill, I looked at him with curiosity. I wasn't positive that he could see me, but he definitely knew something was out here.

That's when I turned my attention back to the two runaways. I turned my head just in time to see Rosemarie flick her hair back and extend her neck to Vasilisa. My brows furrowed in confusion, was she going to let the Princess drink from her? I guess there weren't that many options out here. No feeders for the Princess. I felt a kind of respect for Rosemarie; she did what she had to do to keep the Princess alive and healthy. It was actually kind of impressive. I could hear the other Guardians and their disgusted comments; I guess they didn't see it as I did.

The whole exchange took only about a minute or less, the Princess didn't take too much blood, I could tell that this wasn't one of their favorite activities. It was just an unfortunate necessity. The Princess seemed to be worried about her friend, Rosemarie just waved it off, I stepped a little closer, I desperately wanted to know what was being said between them. It confused me; I didn't understand how two fifteen year old girls could break out of a high security, magically guarded Academy. These girls were smart; they were young, naive and very smart.

Princess Vasilisa went to the door and walked out into the hall, and out of my vision. I turned my focus back to Rose, who had a loopy smile on her face as she talked to her cat. The cat didn't seem to want to have anything to do with her; most animals don't like us Dhampirs, to them we were unnatural, and in a way, we were. The cat jumped up to the window sill again and peered out at me, now visible due to my curiosity. Great. Just then, Rosemarie's head popped into view, she stuck her head out the window and looked around.

And her eyes landed on me. Shit.

She jerked back in surprise. A little gasp escaping from her perfect little mouth. Wait... what? I admit that is very pretty, she may even be very beautiful, if I could get closer and see her face. I was about thirty feet away, close enough for her to throw something at me, but she just sat there. She probably just realized that I had seen everything that had just happened between them. I took a small step back, just so that I would be covered by the shadows, and another Guardian came up to me and whispered, "They will try to run, what do you want to do?" she asked. I was head of this mission, so I made the decision on whether to go in and retrieve them or to wait and see what happened next.

Rosemarie jumped back and started fumbling around the room, so she connected the dots. She knew who we were and understood that we were here to take her back to St. Vladimir's.

"They will try to run to the green Honda about four blocks north of here, so I want Noonan, Jerry, and Ronda to stay here in case they split up and the rest of you to follow them when the run, I'll be waiting for them by the car." I commanded, I had noticed a car about four blocks away that belonged to their roommate, Jeremy McCoy. The Guardians dispersed, and I ran down the empty street to the car. About three minutes later I heard their footsteps, and one word that changed my perspective of Rosemarie, "Run."

I hid behind a bush about ten feet away from the car and stepped out in front of the two girls. They screeched to a halt and Rosemarie pulled the Princess to her body and stepped in front of her, shielding her from me. Which was kind of comical, it wasn't like I was going to hurt her.

"Leave her alone," she literally growled. This girl could be scary when she wanted to. "Don't touch her." Her beautiful face twisted into a scowl as I put my hands up in a calming gesture. She was livid, and according to her files, she was badass. I wasn't worried though, she probably didn't keep up her training while she was... away. I was confident that this would be fairly easy.

"I'm not going to-" I started to say, stepping forward slightly, when she leapt at me. I was a little shocked to say the least, but she was sloppy and slow. Probably due to the high she had from the bite. I knocked her off easily, but maybe a little too forcefully, as she was sent flying backwards. I hadn't meant to strike that hard, she stumbled and was having a hard time catching her footing, she was going to fall, and it was going to hurt, a lot. I quickly reached out and caught her arm, helping her to stay upright. That was when I noticed her neck; it was bleeding from the bite. She noticed me staring and flicked her hair over her shoulder so that it was covering the bite mark. She probably kept it this long for exactly this purpose. I started at the now covered mark for a moment and then met her eyes. She gave me a defiant look and jerked out of my hold. I could have easily held on to her, but that was unnecessary now. She wouldn't be getting away now. Rosemarie looked like she was about to pass out, but she went back to the Princess and braced herself for another attack. Was this girl serious? How in the world did they survive these two years on their own? I suspect they hadn't run into any Strigoi out here, otherwise, I don't think they would still be in front of me at the moment. That was pure luck. The Princess took Rosemarie's hand and whispered, "Rose, don't."

Rosemarie slowly began to relax a little, until finally she slumped in defeat. I was relieved, it would be plain stupid of her to try and attack me again. I stepped forward and announced why we were here, finally.

"My name is Dimitri Belikov," I stated, you could hear a faint Russian accent, "I've come to take you back to St. Vladimir's Academy, Princess."

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