Final Author's Note

*Sigh* Here we are, guys. The end of the road. You have all been my dear fans, my cherished friends, my family. I would like to thank every one of you for making it this far with me. I haven't been the best at updating, but you know the drill—life happens and you wish it wouldn't, but it does, and it takes you away from everything you hold most dear. I'm so happy and proud and, to be honest, quite tearful now that this story has come to a happy ending. You have all been the best support group a young girl with a vivid imagination and fiery passion for writing could ever ask for. Thank you for the encouragements, the quick notes of love, the check in from those who have been with me since the start. The commentary and the affection death threats with a marshmallow bazooka. I cherish every single one of you—even those who wished to tear me down and berate me because they thought it would hurt me. I'll be honest, it was painful to hear so many people rant about how much they didn't like the story and how incompetent a writer I am. I appreciate their fierce words because it only made me stronger, made the wall I built to block out negativity a little taller. I welcome feedback, whether positive or negative. I welcome comments about possible spelling or grammar mistakes, which you have given to me and I have (hopefully) corrected over time. I'm telling you about the negativity I've received because I realize that I am not the only one targeted for this verbal mudslinging. I'm taking this time to possibly teach some of you a valuable lesson that writing has taught me: Never let someone tear you down. Release those that wish to see your downfall and hold tight to those who wish to see you rise above it all. Stay positive and know that everything will be all right in the end; if it's not all right, then it's not the end.

Thank you for reading, my loves. I wish everyone the best in their future endeavors, and of course, a very happy and successful and adventurous new year.

Much love,

Willow Jane