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'Am I dead?'


'Am… I…de….a…d?'

'NO! DON'T!'

'Who are you?'


'I don't know you. Who are you? We've never met.'

'I….I l…'

'You what? What are you trying to tell me?'



YuYuGiDigiMoon Special Gaiden: Underworld Saga


Chapter 1

Act I: Kotori Ayami and Seadramon


Unknown Dimension/March 2, 2001/2:54 PM

Her eyes shot open as she awoke in the middle of a gloomy setting. Darkness encompassed the area she was laying. Lifting her head, a girl groaned, rubbing the back of her head whilst clarifying her vision to get a better view of where she was.

Shifting her view ahead, she saw a long river with a red pigmentation quietly flowing, dividing two narrow pieces of land. It looked like blood from the distance where she sat.

"This isn't… school? Or, home?" The azure-haired girl, who looked approximately 10 years old, stared at the red river cutting through the landscape. She curiously surveyed her surroundings and stood up, fixing her posture and stood upright. Her wardrobe was fully decked as a tomboy get-up: a white shirt under a black jacket, blue jeans, and black boots. Adorning the top of her head is a pair of goggles, an obvious accessory worn to further emphasize one's position as a leader in a Digi-Destined's case. Her amber eyes followed the flowing river as it stretched across miles over the seemingly barren, dark landscape.

Her first impression of the place was possibly hell, without the hellfire and brimstone.

No dancing imps, ogres, and hellhounds roaming about.

At least, those were her initial thoughts of would-be residents of the Underworld.

"Yeah, ok. This is obviously a dream. Just a dream," she managed a chuckle as she clenched her right hand and slapped herself in the face.


Nothing. It didn't to anything to wake her from this dream.

"Then, I'm not dreaming? Well, color me surprised," she spat, rubbing the cheek where a handprint was made. I'm not dreaming. Where the hell am I? The last thing I remember was that asshole, Hamada, pushing me down the stairs just as I was about to kick his ass! He was too afraid to face me that he had to push me with my guard down! As the girl scowled, she turned around and threw a heated punch through the air. "Shit! Then, I really am dead! And who would've thought I'd be judged and sent to hell without knowing!" For a girl her age, her colorful language would get her into trouble with adults and she knew she'd irritate someone one day. "I just never thought I'd get pushed down the stairs and killed by Hamada by all people! Ugh!" She angrily kicked the gray dirt that settled on the ground. She felt a cool wind blow past her, covering her face from dust hitting the eyes. "What now? Unless, I'm not dead? Yeah, I can just find a way back home."

As she came to her decision, the tomboy began wandering aimlessly through the desolate landscape that stretched out for miles.

Once she continued walking, it seemed like forever.

Having lost track of time, she ended up walking hundreds of kilometers.


March 4, 2001/3:34 PM

After two days of wandering, the girl fell flat on her back.

The landscape scenery didn't change any.

She still wandered through the same cold and barren wasteland. The only source of light she could see were glittering lights that resembled stars. There was no moon. In fact, as she wandered deeper, there were more of those glittering 'firefly' lights that decorated the skies.

Exhausted, the tomboy groaned and threw a handful of dust into the air.

"Oh, why even bother, Kotori Ayami?" the girl mumbled, referring to her own name, as she stared at the skies. "All I've seen for these past few days have been those stupid stars… and this boring land! And that annoying river by my side! Oh, hell, am I even keeping track of time anymore?" She lifted her upper body off the ground and noticed something peculiar walking across the desert. "Huh?"

The first 'living' thing Kotori saw resembled a gray-furred rabbit with a deranged disposition. It was a Gazimon. It scurried around and surveyed for any food, if there was anything edible to find in this barren landscape.

Kotori quirked her left brow, watching the Gazimon minding its business. Ok? Weird? I've never seen bunnies like that. Wait, I think I recognize seeing him on that new anime monster show… what's it called? Oh, Digimon! But, a real one? "HEY YOU!" She shouted, drawing the Gazimon's attention from its food search. "You're one of those Digimon, right? I remember seeing you on the TV show! You can't be real!"

Gazimon tilted its head and then sprang back, growling at her whilst baring its sharp teeth.

"You think you can scare me off by growling?"

She jumped to her feet and walked up to the Gazimon. As she approached the creature, it lunged at her. By pure luck, Kotori rotated her whole body and evaded the Gazimon's reach. She turned around as the Gazimon was back on all fours. It charged toward her and attempted to scratch her. Kotori caught the Gazimon with an elbow to its face and knocked it back.

"I'll have you know I won't go down without a fight!"

As Gazimon sprang to its feet, the silver-furred creature rubbed its nose where Kotori's elbow connected. A death glare from Kotori forced Gazimon to scurry away, leaving her behind.

"Yeah, that's what I thought!" The tomboy proudly stood her ground. "You attacked me first anyway!"

Once the Gazimon left, Kotori was back in solitude. She dropped her heated disposition and sighed, growing irritated as she wrapped her arms around herself.

"Even with this coat, I'm still getting chills here," she murmured while scanning the area. She turned to her left direction as she noticed a cave situated near the long red river. "Guess that'll have to do." She quickly raced toward the cave and hid, waiting for a dust storm to pick up. So, I saw a Digimon. If that was a Digimon, I mean… they aren't real. Unless I've been transported to some Digital World like the Chosen Children were? Nah, that's stupid. "That was some silly anime. This is reality, but a Digimon shouldn't be a real. Nothing about this place is making any sense. I haven't even seen one person!"

Sitting down in a fetal position, Kotori watched as the dust storm picked up. Her eyes settled on the ground beneath her, which was just as cold as the dust outside.

"I don't know how long I'm going to stand in this stupid place. Feh, it's not like anyone back home is waiting for me…" Except, you… Phillipe. You must be worried about me now. As the dust storm pressed on, the girl's eyes drooped as she feel asleep to pass the time.

And time would pass.

Unbeknownst to Kotori, she had gone two days without food.

Even she thought it was nothing short of a miracle she were still alive.

That is if she really was truly alive.


March 6, 2001/1:11PM

Two more days pass and the dust storm finally subsided.

Kotori wasted no time pressing onward through the desolate land. During her trek, she encountered more bizarre creatures. Some of them were entranced by her presence, or rather curious as to how a human ended up in their world. Others fled at the sight of her. And of course, there were territorial Digimon who warded Kotori away. Nonetheless, Kotori didn't let their glares bother her.

In fact, she wasn't surprised they viewed her as an alien in their world.

It wouldn't be long until she ran into the Gazimon she punched earlier. The Gazimon returned with a pack. They confronted Kotori, attacking her as retribution for hurting their friend. Kotori tried to ward off the Gazimon, but to no avail. They winded up leaving her beaten and left with bruises. Of course, the Gazimon didn't go without receiving bumps on their heads.

Kotori was down on her knees, panting. "Bastards. C'mon, I was just warming up!" She flailed her arms and yelled at the Gazimon pack, who fled from the scene. Dropping her arms, the tomboy deeply sighed. "Man, they remind me so much of those gangs that pick on the weak. The same bullies I've had to deal with who picked on Phillipe." She pressed onward while holding her right arm. "But then again, I should've expected this from them if I beat up their friend. That's what true friends do for each other. They thought I was a bully who picked on their friend." The last thing I want to become are the type of people I hate the most.


March 7, 2001/4:23 PM

One day passed.

Kotori came to a stop. Her eyes widened in awe as she fazed what resembled a golden pyramid situated in the middle of the wasteland. It was the only gleaming source of bright light, which radiated across a gloomy and gray atmosphere. And it really stood out in Kotori's view.

Mesmerized, Kotori was drawn by the sheer size and gleaming golden aura light reflecting off the grand structure.

"Holy…! Now there's something you don't see everyday!" Kotori exclaimed as she raced toward the pyramid. As she approached closer, the pyramid seemed to grow. Standing at an estimated 65 feet tall, she stopped and placed her hand on the golden structure, running her fingers over the glowing aura washing over its surface. "Damn, I really feel small compared to this! I thought you'd only see these over in Egypt or something, but wow… well, I can brag I've actually seen an ancient pyramid up close."

Suddenly, her ears picked up on a loud, boisterous tone emanating from the opposite side of the pyramid. Kotori followed the loud voice and looked up, noticing a figure standing atop of the pyramid's pointed top.

"Huh? Who's that?" blinked the tomboy, who slipped along the pyramid wall and kept out of the mysterious individual's sight. How can anyone be standing at that height? Whoever he is, he's going to fall if he isn't careful!

"…Seadramon, the time has come for your final judgment. Are you ready?"

Kotori picked up on the individual's sentence, interpreting it as addressing to someone else. She stopped near the edge of the pyramid, pivoting her head. She saw a giant, 30-foot tall black steel cage encasing a ten-foot tall, green-bodied sea serpent with a yellow, armored head. The sea serpent raised its head, puffing out the fins protruding from its head.

"Well, Seadramon? I'm waiting!"

"Seadramon?" Kotori whispered, staring at the cage that confined the sea serpent. I remember seeing that Digimon in the anime! But, what's going on here? Why is he caged up? And what's this judgment about? As she shifted her eyes off the sea serpent, Kotori saw that the figure standing atop of the pyramid wore a pair of massive wings that fanned out across the back. "Wings?"

Making a declaration of judgment to the Seadramon was a tall, bipedal and winged figurehead with a slender build. His overall look was based entirely off the Egyptian God of Death, Anubis. With a face resembling a jackal's, the blue-furred canine was garbed in an ancient Egyptian get-up. He wore a golden necklace, encompassing his whole neckline; golden bracelets adorned his wrists and a tan dress draped across the lower base of his body. Dark blue stripes streaked down his back whilst embroidering his face and chest. His dark blue claws, sharp as they are, were visibly seen in his hands. The wings that fanned out his back resembled an eagle's and were golden. The wings themselves spanned and were considerably larger than the entire base of his body. He wore his dark blue hair tied down with a knot extension at the very end.

This was the lord of this dark realm: Anubimon.

Anubimon openly addressed to Seadramon, repeating himself. "I won't ask you again. Seadramon, are you ready?" The tone in his voice was very stringent, which was mainly used in a commanding manner.

"Let's get this over with," Seadramon remarked, lowering his head.

With that, Anubimon raised his right hand as a giant set of scales materialized out of thin air. The golden scales descended 20 feet away from Seadramon's cage. On the right hand side was a large crystal orb; the left was a massive golden feather. Both objects hovered over the scales.

"Scales?" Kotori whispered, quietly surveying the scene. "What's that orb thing?"

Seadramon's face contorted with shock, gazing at the orb. "Is… is that mine…?"

"That's your Digicore, Seadramon. To determine your fate, your Digicore will be weighed against the Feather of Truth."

"Feather of Truth?"

Maintaining her composure, Kotori stood still and kept herself from drawing any attention. Digicore? Feather of Truth?

"You see, Seadramon. In order for me to weigh the good against your sins, the Feather of Truth will determine where you will spend the rest of your time. There's no turning back now."

Seadramon said nothing. No retort or anything to irritate the Underworld lord.

"Like I said, let's get this over with."

Anubimon replied calmly. "Very well. Let's begin."

Before Anubimon prepared to initiate the judgment, Kotori couldn't stand by any longer. She dashed right out from behind the pyramid wall and stood near the cage, standing out at the forefront. This alarmed both Anubimon and Seadramon. Both of them were taken aback by Kotori's abrupt intervention.

Putting on a serious glare, Kotori rebuked toward Anubimon. "You! What do you think you're doing?"

"A human child?" Anubimon blinked at the sight of Kotori. "How did you get here, child?" He inquired in a severe tone, narrowing his eyes coldly at the girl.

"Child? What do you think you're doing?" Seadramon hissed as he watched Kotori with her arms extended out. From his first impression of Kotori, he saw her action as an act of stupidity. But, as he read Kotori's body movement, he sensed she had noble intentions. "You can't be standing up to Anubimon!"


"He's the Lord of the Underworld! Don't you defy him!"

Kotori snorted. "I don't give a damn. This isn't right!"

"Child, answer me. How did you get here?" Anubimon demanded.

"Tell me why you're judging this snake? What did he ever do wrong?"

"Child, you have no idea who this monster really was."

"Tell me."

"Well, first of all, if you're wondering where you're at… you're in the Underworld. The Digital Underworld to be more precise."

The blue-haired tomboy gasped, taken aback by what Anubimon proclaimed. "Digital Underworld."

"This entire realm falls under my jurisdiction. Everything here belongs to me. IN addition to being the ruler, I am the judge that determines the fate of Digimon who have perished."

"So, you're like a King Enma of this place, huh?" Kotori remarked.

"If that's how you want to put it, then yes. Child, state your name."

"Kotori Ayami!"

"Kotori Ayami, you're interfering with Seadramon's judgment. It's imperative that I send this snake to wherever he is fated to go. The scales and the Feather of Truth will be the factors in declaring Seadramon's ultimate fate. What gives you any right to undermine my authority?"

Kotori shot back, raising her tone against Anubimon. "And what gives you any right to sentence him?"

"Foolish Kotori. You have no idea," Anubimon sighed, pivoting his body as he faced the caged Seadramon. He slightly turned and watched Kotori lowering her arms. "This Seadramon was once a villain from another world. You're looking at the champion-level of one of the four Dark Masters: MetalSeadramon!"

"MetalSeadramon?" The tomboy cried out in disbelief. Shifting her head toward the cage, her amber eyes fell on the green-bodied serpent. You mean THE MetalSeadramon from the Digimon Adventure series? That guy? That's crazy! "But, MetalSeadramon is from a TV show! How do you know for sure this is the same one?"

"Because I know," Anubimon growled deeply. "I've collected and judged over millions of Digimon that arrive here from many distinct Digital Worlds. All of them unique in their own respective customs. This unfortunate serpent just happens to be ready to be judged."

Kotori alternated her view between Anubimon and Seadramon, trying her best to comprehend the severity of the situation. Naturally, she was shocked that the Seadramon she was defending turned out to be a former villain from another Digital World. To make things even more mind-boggling, Kotori was dashed with the notion that the Adventure universe was real.

"No way. To think, the TV show… is a real world?"

"Do you understand, Kotori? Seadramon must be judged for the sins he's committed in the acts of genocide he and the Dark Masters perpetrated against the innocent. He is a criminal. Therefore, it's my duty as the Underworld judge to sentence him, but I can't do so until I've weighed his Digicore against the Feather of Truth." He turned, presenting the giant scales where the golden feather and the orb floated over the sacred instrument.

Kotori added, gawking at the scales. "You're going to use that to determine his fate?"

"Yes, you see, Kotori… if the Digicore is lighter than the feather, Seadramon will be set free" the Underworld lord stressed as he pointed to orb on floating on the right. "However, if it's heavier, the Digicore will be destroyed and Seadramon will be condemned to the Dark Area."

The sea serpent quickly interjected. "I only acted the way I did to protect the digimon of the sea, but I can't contain my flaring temper! It gets the better of me. That's why I was always perceived as a violent digimon!"

"Silence!" Anubimon angrily retorted as he took a moment to let out a deep breath. He shifted his view to the scales and raised his right hand, making both the Digicore and the feathers float down on the scales "I'll let the scales decide for you, Seadramon."

As the objects barely touched the scales, Seadramon closed his eyes and readily accepted his fate.

Then, Kotori intervened and stepped forward, chastising Anubimon's action. "Hold on just a minute! You can't!"

"Silence, it begins," Anubimon declared as the Digicore and the Feather of Justice fell on the scales.

Both Kotori and Seadramon (reopening his eyes) watched the objects being weighed. Naturally, Seadramon's Digicore sunk whilst the Feather of Justice rose. Seadramon's fate was sealed, and so was his Digicore.

Lowering his head, Seadramon became distraught with the outcome. He knew it was going to end this way, but had hoped fate would grant him another chance at redemption. His hopes were dashed completely.

"It's been decided," Anubimon proclaimed as he flew over the Digicore. Casting his eyes over the object, he lifted his hand and prepared to crush it with force. "The Feather of Justice weighed heavily against you. All the sins you've perpetrated were too great. Now, are you ready to meet your end?"


"So be it," the Underworld lord thrust his hand into Seadramon's Digicore.

"STOP!" Kotori cried out, interjecting into herself into the situation as she drew Anubimon's attention away from the Digicore. She rebuked against the Underworld's harsh action. "Don't you realize what you're doing is unfair and cruel?" Gritting her teeth, the blue-haired tomboy stood her ground without fear. She slightly turned her face, eyeing Seadramon with pity. "I know... I know what it's like to lose your temper trying to protect someone. Seadramon was only protecting those who were trying to harm his ocean friends. Hell, he doesn't even seem that bad of a guy. My first impression of MetalSeadramon was just a prideful sea king, but not a cold monster like those other Dark Masters!"

Anubimon and Seadramon remained silent as the girl went on, trying to hold back her fiery passion.

"The point I'm trying to make is... I understand how he feels protecting someone and losing your cool. Look at me for instance," Kotori murmured, clenching her fists as she reflected to her own childhood. Brief memories of her father appeared coupled with horrifying images of her own mother physically and mentally abusing her. "It all started when my father passed away. When he was gone, my mother started bullying and abusing me. I have plenty of mental and physical scars to show for it." She opened her right sleeve, revealing red marks left from her own mother's hands. On her left cheek was a gray bruise where her mother punched her. "She was an abusive drunk who didn't give a shit about me. It was then I gave up hope anyone would take custody of me. Because of my own feeling of helplessness against my mother, I lost my temper when I saw bullies picking on the weak and helpless. I've had to protect my own cousin from bullies. In fact, one of them... the last thing I remember before I woke up here was getting into a fight with a bully at school. That bastard pushed me down the stairs! And I don't even know if I can get back home from this place! I have to go back! My cousin, Phillipe, needs me!" She balled up her fists, feeling tense from within. With pitted frustrations, she let it all out and shouted. "So, you see! I understand how you feel, Seadramon! You don't have to be judged unfairly for losing your temper!"

Seadramon's eyes widened as a tear suddenly fell.

Glaring toward Kotori, he saw the set of goggles settled on her head.

She has goggles...? This girl... I... I can feel... a bond with her, but I've never felt anything like this before. Is this how a bond between a human and a digimon feels like?

Suddenly, at that exact moment, that bit of strong kinship resonated with Seadramon's Digicore. The Digicore glowed a golden aura, causing it to rise on the scales. Anubimon, Seadramon, and Kotori watched as Digicore lifted whilst the Feather of Truth sank.

The Feather of Truth glowed as it shrunk and lost its form. As it shrunk, feathers flew across. In the Feather of Truth's place was a D-3 Digivice, wielded by the New Digi-Destined from the 02 series. Its color scheme was dark blue and white.

Astonished by the phenomenon, Anubimon watched the D-3 hover off the scale and into his hands. The tomboy curiously stared at the object in Anubimon's hands. Looking back to Kotori, the Underworld Lord realized what this signified. He looked toward Seadramon's cage, holding the D-3 firmly in his grasp.

I didn't think this would ever be possible. This human girl developing a bond with a former Dark Master? Color me surprised. Anubimon keenly stared at the object in his hands. He raised his head and stared at Kotori, smiling if only a little as he threw the D-3 toward her.

"Catch! It's yours, Kotori!"

As she jumped up, she snatched the D-3 and held it in her hands. Her eyes were drawn to the device as it glimmered a dark blue aura, which washed over her hands.

"Is this...?" Kotori muttered, meticulously studying the D-3 sitting in her hand. "No way. I must be dreaming."

"I was astounded himself to be honest," Anubimon proclaimed as he hovered toward Kotori. He walked up and knelt in front of the tomboy, firmly placing his hands over Kotori's D-3 Digivice. "Kotori Ayami. Whatever happened, this was triggered because of your bonding with Seadramon. You shared his pain and the difficulty he's faced when the Dark Masters used him to better their goals. It was you who wanted to give Seadramon a fair chance and ensure he gets granted a second chance at redemption."


Anubimon turned around as his eyes glowed.

The cage that encased Seadramon disappeared, setting the sea serpent free. Seadramon shifted his eyes toward Kotori and slithered toward her. He raised his whole body and kept his sights on her. It seemed tension was mounting as Kotori and Seadramon glared at one another intently.

"Is that a Digivice?" Seadramon inquired. "How did this happen?"

"When your kinship resonated with the Digicore," the Underworld lord confirmed as he brought this to Seadramon's attention. "Rather than being completely banished into the Dark Area, you were granted this opportunity to redeem yourself. Seadramon, I know this might be surreal, but the truth is." He pointed to Kotori's D-3 Digivice. "This device symbolizes the bond that connects a Digimon and a human together. You know this since you were assigned to hunt down the Digi-Destined."

"..." Seadramon lowered his head, setting his sight over the D-3. "But, that Digivice is different."

"It's a more advanced model than the one you are familiar with. Kotori is in possession of this D-3, formerly the Feather of Truth. With this D-3, you are officially Kotori Ayami's partner."


Kotori's lips slightly curved into a smile. "I... I... Hell yeah! Now this is something I can get accustomed to!"

"Now, wait a moment!" Seadramon asserted.

Anubimon folded his arms and smiled. "It's been decided, Seadramon."

"I've always preferred sea dragons over fluffy, cute animals!" The tomboy laughed as she proudly held her D-3 into the air. Seadramon backed off as he watched her do a victory dance. Slightly turning her head, she approached Seadramon. "What's the matter? Don't like the idea of being my partner?"

"It's not what I expected..."

Kotori smirked. "Well, you don't want to end up being erased for good, right? Be happy. You've been given a second chance."

The sea serpent lowered his head, poking his snout in front of Kotori. She slightly pushed him away and reached over to caress his armored snout. To his surprise, he felt comfort as the girl rubbed his snout.

"We're going to raise a little fun together, Seadramon. Maybe with your help, I can get back home."

Seadramon closed his eyes, sighing. "You're not so bad after all. Thank you."

"About getting back home," Anubimon addressed to Kotori, quickly garnering the tomboy's immediate attention. "I can tell you."

"Really? How?"

Before Anubimon was about to speak, something collided through a pyramid wall. This quick distraction alarmed Anubimon, Kotori, and Seadramon as they turned around facing the golden pyramid. Another pyramid wall suddenly collapsed to their surprise. They noticed something large and green scaling the middle section of the large structure. From first glance, it looked long like a serpent's body.

"What was that?" Kotori exclaimed.

Anubimon growled as if he knew what launched this preemptive attack. "I knew he'd turn up again, but not here!"

"What's going on?" Seadramon hissed, rearing his massive head back in a defensive posture.

The Underworld lord called out to the attacker. "Basilikmon! I know it's you! Show yourself, you coward!"

"Basilikmon?" Kotori and Seadramon cried out simultaneously.

"I'm sorry to do this and just I was about to lead you out of the Underworld," sighed Anubimon, who solemnly turned and placed two hands over the two. "Forgive me, but this is an enemy you're not ready to face."

"Wait, but what about me going home?"

"Stop Basilikmon. That's your first mission as the first Underworld Chosen Child." Anubimon closed his eyes as his hands glowed, using his powers to teleport Kotori and Seadramon to the outer reaches of the Underworld. "Please, forgive me..."

"ANUBIMON!" A loud, serpentine roar hissed out, emanating from behind a billowing cloud of debris. Sticking his massive head through the smoke, his eyes glowed as they moved to where Anubimon stood ready to face him. "It's been a while, my friend!"

"Basilikmon! Come out!" The Underworld Lord roared, readily expanding his wings as he jetted toward Basilikmon. "I won't allow me to further devastate my sacred ground!"

"Was that a human child with Seadramon? Interesting, you've given me an opportunity to hunt them down!"

"You'll never find them! Pyramid Pow-!"

In that instant, something resembling a red gem glowed atop of Basilikmon's forehead. The gem fired a beam, catching Anubimon as the Underworld lord screamed... for a few moments as his screams became silenced forever. Anubimon was instantly turned to stone as Basilikmon ensnared the now petrified Underworld digimon.

"With you out of the way, the girl and Seadramon will be easy to find," the serpent chortled deeply behind the thick cloud of debris. "Now to gather my hunters to seek them out."


Outskirts of the Underworld/4:46 PM

"...WAIT!" Kotori cried out as she abruptly stopped and looked around, befuddled what had happened. "Huh? Where... where are we? Where's Anubimon?" She frantically scanned around as they found themselves away from a forest. "He said he was going to me a way out of here!"

Seadramon scowled, his eyes surveyed the area. "We've been relocated. Whatever happened, he didn't want us to get directly involved. Perhaps it was best?"

"So, what now? I don't even have the foggiest idea where I can find a way back home! Not without Anubimon..."

"The best we can do is return to Anubimon's realm."

"Easier said than done," Kotori scoffed irritably.

Seadramon sighed as he lowered his head. "Come one. I'll give you a ride. We have a long journey ahead of us."

"No choice then, huh? Fine," the tomboy sighed as she climbed atop of Seadramon's back. As Seadramon carried her along, Kotori was on the lookout for any path viable for them to take. "So, tell me. How's the Underworld really like?"

"Believe me. From what you may have seen is nothing."

"Sounds like I'm going to be stuck here for a long time," she muttered, clinging to Seadramon's back. She lied back and crossed her arms behind her head, staring at the darkened skies. "I guess this could be the start of my own digimon adventure then." Sorry, Phillipe, looks like I won't be coming back home anytime soon. I don't know how I ended up here, but I better get some answers soon.



Himura: Where am I? This doesn't look like home.

Kotori: Look out!

Seadramon: Another human?

Himura: Argh! My eye!

Kotori: Seadramon, take care of him!

Himura: Thanks.

Kotori: You're such a wuss. C'mon, stand up.

Inumon: Next time on the Underworld Special Gaiden!

Act II: Himura Tsubasa

Himura: A Cerberumon village? What could be here?


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