Chapter 22:

"She will never know 'till she returns to our world."

Hades held his son, dead and blue.

"It will be the end of us both if she ever knows that her son is dead. That my son is dead. You, brother, are not the least yet satisfied. Why else would you be content that part of me is dead along with her. My son."

"You have Evey, and you are still so melancholy. What you have at your fingertips will revive your child, you know this. But of course, the body must stay here, the mother must go into the her own world."

Zeus stood, stoic and tall, glancing every once in awhile to his beloved wife, then glancing back at the child whom he has hated since he saw Evey's big belly.

"…Evey… she is dying."

"Yes. Unless she receives medical attention, then she shall be dead. But due to the stories that she is a healer with available healing pebbles of the sea, then she shall be saved."

The two brothers stared down at one another, heaving and huffing angry air, ankles apart and ready to move and jump, still remembering their new feud over their beloved Evey.

Zeus spoke first.

"Brother…" he whispered," Once you are gone… you must never forget that I love her. Whether she chooses to be my wife any further, I shall love her no less…"

"Not as much as I love her and she loves me. Remember that: when I am gone. We shall take our two children and escape to our paradise. Away from your paradise you built as a cage around her. But I will not stay with her forever."

"Of course, if you leave, the balance of the living and the dead will wreak in havoc. You must be quick and cunning. Savor her now, Hades, as you shall not see her for years and years to come."

"Silence! She is waking…"

Both brothers eased into silence as their beloved Evey woke, opening her eyes and looking into the eyes of Hades first.

At last.

If there were words to explain how she had felt when she had seen him looking over her…it would've been too hard to place all in one sentence.

For nearly 9 months, Evey was the wife of Zeus, and she never saw Hades, or thought that he would come find her.

She thought that she would never see him again, doomed to live in a beautiful palace with a husband who loved her more than life itself.

Sighing on the table, she couldn't be any happier.

She would kiss him and tell him that she missed him so much, but due to her health and recent delivery to her children, she was exhausted.

"Evey, my love…" Hades whispered petting her hand and her head," My love?"

The only response was the salt water which rimmed upon her eyes, tears ready to fall. Just as she had wished, with no words at all, Hades kissed her with a passion so burning that she had the strength in her vocal cords to moan.

Zeus closed his eyes.

Tightening them, and turned away.

The King of the Gods knew that the prophecy from the Fates had come true.

He will die of heartbreak.

Losing everything in his reach; his wife, his people, and his children. Zeus looked around his shoulder and to Hades who picked up Evey's limp body and leaned her against his chest. Their love was no secret, Hades held the answer in his eyes and in his voice, and that made Zeus envy him.

Their children were in his arms, huddled between their mother and father, and Hades whispered to his beloved.

"Evey…" his brother whispered," I love you."

Hades whispered those last three words with such a…powerful tongue… it left Zeus shuddering with loss of words himself.

It was almost like saying farewell, in not the exact words, but it was like saying farewell to this cursed world.

Evey's eyes fluttered, struggling to snap open.

"Evey… You must make us disappear… Vanish… from this world… Do this for the both of us… Do this for our children, Evey…"

Her eyes slowly opened," Hades…"

"Yes. Yes, my sweet, I am here."

"The Fates told me…" Evey whispered, holding up a small golden strand of hair," This is for Calista…"

"What is this?"


"From Zeus… Whatever for?"

"He'll die… If he dies… So will everyone I know… This is…for him… Tie this around her… finger and… everything will… be ok…"

"I can not do it. But Zeus shall… He will… He does not even deserve to see you, after all that he has done to you…"

Hades seethed, his arms shaking.

"Don't hate him… feel sorry for him…"

"Pity? You mea to pity him after what he has done! He deserves to perish, Evey! He has let so many suffer for his own gain!"

"Hades, please? Help me up…" I moaned, trying to stand," I want to talk to Zeus."

Fearing a wife's scolding, Zeus held his position with closed eyes, ready to hear a final farewell from her.

In the eyes of both Hades and Evey, Zeus lowered his head.

Knees bent, touching the ground.

Bowing to Evey, eyes closed, mouth shut, ready to listen.

"I hated you, Zeus. For 8 months… I hated you so much… You took everything from me. But in your world… I learned a few things… and that you are cruel and ignorant."

I stood up.

"Just because you're King doesn't mean that you have to always have your way all the time. When you want to survive you have to make a few changes to yourself! Like what I've been through!

My teeth chattered.

"I was a Princess, I almost married a Prince, I was a runaway bride, I was an ocean healer, I was given gold coins as payment, I helped people, then I took care of a sick King, I gave the coins back to help two parents, and if I didn't help then they were going to kill me for not healing the King, then I was kidnapped by Hades, guarded by a dragon-horse thing, then I ran away, went to a soldier camp, met a very kind and giving and loving devoted soldier, almost got eaten by a beast who liked to listen to Classical music, and somehow found myself here with two of the most powerful men!

I took a breathe.

"I got pregnant! I was a wife! I've been hunted! I almost died a couple of times! And I did it all by myself! I didn't have my parents! Friends! No one! And what does that tell you! That I made it! Now, I'm going to go home and raise my kids and you're going to find a wife in the future… and her name is Calista! She's just a baby right now, but she'll grow… When you're both ready, it'll be ok…" I took in another breathe.

Tears rolled down.

"I hated you, Zeus! I hated you for being so awful and for being my husband…! I hated you! But that doesn't mean that I'm going to sink down to your level and make another unhappy because Fate wants it that way…"

I gave him the piece of hair. He'll know what to do with it.

"Are you sorry?" I yelled.

Zeus didn't move.

"I said- Are you even- Listen to me! You made my life hell! But I am asking you if you are sorry!"

Her voice echoed in his ears- leaving behind a piercing sound of decision.


In his mind, the King of the Gods yelled at him to never apologize for something he did not do, especially to a mere mortal who was his wife and to say something so ridiculous infront of his brother, Hades, whom he never cared about.

To stay true to his name and to his crown, be ferocious, and let them all know who rules!

But the real Zeus loved Evey more than anything… He didn't love her because she was beautiful with a good figure, but because she was generous and kind.

She was pure.

She was giving.

Understanding. Strong with a passionate look on life.

She helped all those people and she never stopped believing that there was something still good in the world.

If he should die right there… His famous last words would be that he loved Evey, and he never ever, ever, ever meant to hurt her.

He loved her.

It's all over now.

"Evey… I apologize… f-for everything… That I have done… to you… I never meant to hurt you, Evey… "Zeus slowly stood up," But I will not be sorry for loving you… After you are gone, please carry my words with you:

You shall never see me again…"

So… Evey never saw Zeus again… After this story is over, dear reader, know that Zeus kept his word. In his own palace, he understand how Evey saw it as a cage, locked with your indifferences and woes and haunting fears.

Guarded and confused by the maze of standing Gods, finding no way out, looking for a door that will always run away from you in your daytime dreams.

If you want to know if he lives, well, that's for Evey to talk about. But she forgave him, she never officially said it to him, but she forgave him.

On that day of departure, she whispered something back, something he'll never forget. She said her last words to him, leaving him forever in a grim place, contemplating, pondering, deciding, trying to find why she ever forgave him in the first place.

"I'm sparing you, Zeus… Goodbye."

Hades and I, along with our children, teleported back to my world. It was easy this time. The teleportation moved like a gentle brush of feathers against us, moving us easily into my world.

Where we would be happy.

What I did not know, that my love, Hades, had made a deal with Zeus before we left. As they are brothers, Hades agreed with Zeus on the terms of the dead child, still grieving for the misfortunate delivery.

Hades will resolves all conflicts between them if, and only if, Zeus cares for the body of the dead child. Once he and his new Queen return, Evey will cry of tears for a surprise baby.

Zeus will care for the baby, as a grieving uncle should, and there will have been a little forgiveness. But I wouldn't know until years later.

Once we had returned to my home world, Hades and I quickly went straight to work.

We got health insurance.

A big place to live

Searched the phone book for all kinds of Kindergarten schools.

Had contact with my mom and step-father. When we last saw them, they were escaping the wrath of Zeus… but I had no idea that they would end up in a homeless shelter. Adam and my mom had been so worked up at what happened at our house, that their lives had fallen apart.

Mom… was absolutely shocked when she saw my children.

She was a grandmother and Adam didn't give a damn, but warmed up to the idea of me getting independence.

With nuggets of gold the size of baseballs, we rescued them from the shelter, and to a life of fine luxury.

We had enough money to support everything and everyone.

I was home.

At last.

Hades, although, convinced my parents that it would be better if I lived with him.

Mom made a warm greeting to her grandchildren, but gave me a good talk about sex and marriage and children. She had two girls to call her grandma. Either way, she was proud.

She was unsure about me, but forgave me for being gone for… 2 years. That meant that I was 15 years old yesterday and today I'm 17 years old. Time had a funny way of changing things.

You can't have one without the other, but if you know one, then you know them all.

After settling down, Hades and I had named our children,

It was good fun decorating the baby rooms, painting their names on the cribs.

Blythe and Arya.

We both agreed that our children would live happily, until their 16th birthday would come, then we would both tell them that they are children of the Lord of the Underworld.

Our house was in Colorado, not too far from town or the city, but enough space for me and Hades to be together and love eachother.

I unpacked all of my stuff from boxes, placing my bed into our bedroom, settling all my movies and CD's on shelves. The baby rooms had their toys and stuffed comforters and baby blankets. I was satisfied with it.

Hades would scout the area late at night, feeling very insecure on our location, aware of thieves and murderers.

That's when he changed.

He came protective, always paying attention to his girls. Over the few days, he began to understand the importance of school and education in my world. So he began to plan for our future.

Where we should go if something went wrong, and what we would do if we ever doubted our families basic social survival.

In our 3rd month living together, our house was arranged just the way we needed it to be. The nesting part was over. Now it was time to really pay attention to my babies.

It was not easy.

The girls would wake up and cry all night, screaming, waking me up to warm their milk bottles then feed them. It would happen the next night and the night next and the next night. My back would hurt so bad. But it was fun playing with them both, showing them cartoon channels and playing with stuffed animals.

Their chubby arms flapped up and down, excited to see dolls and toy trains. Blythe loved to play with building blocks, stacking them, then pushing it over. Arya loved to play with her blanket.

I would lay her on the ground, spread the blanket it over her, then lift it up.

Make funny faces and she would scream and wiggle!

Spread the blanket over her, lift it up, cover her again, and lift it up.

Her laugh was adorable, showing her gums.

One of the greatest days of my life was when I walked onto the porch. I went out to get some charcoal for the grill, but found something else.

Hades stood at one end of the porch while Arya stood at the other, holding her blanket, sucking on her fingers.

She stood next to the coffee table, looked at her father, smiled, and began to walk.


My baby girl was walking.

Her arms stretched out to her father.

That's when I began to cry tears of happiness.

Soon, Blythe did the same thing, but she walked towards me this time. She was crying because a red ant bit her. My poor girl bawled her eyes out and came to me. We both cried that day.

By the time they both turned 3 years old, I was a sophomore in college. Hades had been taking care of the girls, loving them the way I knew he would, and the distance was aggressively unbearable.

He was absolutely the father I always knew I would love.

On nights when I did not have so much homework, feeling the distance grow bigger, we would chat online and send videos to eachother.

It made me sad to know that I wasn't there when my baby girl, Blythe, said her first words. My books piled up, but I never stopped thinking about my girls. Soon after on my last year of college, Arya said her first words.

But the time I had graduated, my girls were growing up right before my eyes.

I moved back into the house after college and my girls had transformed into creative geniuses. Before I knew it, they were 7 years old. Running, screaming, crying, and playing with dinosaurs and dolls and scooters.

Blythe had an interest for art, Legos, pancakes, Mentos and Pepsi. She always had a fascination for paint.

Arya loved to dance.

There was nothing more important to her.

So she took up Ballet classes and she loved to dance.

Blythe liked to work with electronics, playing on computers, fixing the television remotes, and cooking. Just like her sister, she loved to cook. By the time they were 8 years old, they could cook for themselves in the morning. Hades and I trusted that they could handle themselves when they made pancakes in the morning.

One day I got a call from their Principle, telling me that my girls should be considered to be enrolled in the gifted class.

Hades… had never been more proud.

Soon around the ages of 9 and 10, they were a little physical. They began to understand how strong they were. Arya and Blythe would run out into the backyard with sticks and hit the water in the fountain, like they were spear fishing, but instead worked out fits of cunning strikes.

Like their father, I said to myself.

Soon they took an interest in fist fights and boxing. I paid for their classes, and when their classes would be over, Hades would teach them something about self defense and sword play. Both girls loved it so much that they begged for my permission to let their father teach them. For a month I was against it, but soon gave in.

Hades soon began to take them to much more higher levels in fighting, and by the age of 13, the girls were nearly dangerous. That's when some things had to change. The girls got in trouble at the gas station because they were taking parts of the gas pump and using it to make a lawn mower.

That's where it went downhill.

The Fire Department gave us several warnings because the girls destroyed the Science Fair because they thought that a Rocket Booster would make a great leaf blower.

Even the townspeople were getting angry because the girls were telling other children how to make their own margaritas with natural ingredients, but it would take two weeks.

The police were also suspicious because the school had been making complaints that their computer screens were going missing.

Later that week I discovered the girls were trying to build some sort of Television Screen Printer. Codename: TSP

Soon I got so fed up with them that I grounded them for 3 months, which was responded with a hunger strike.

The girls didn't last a day.

Their father would defend them. Telling me that they're just discovering the physics of everything, curiosity will drive them forward, and it will make their future bright. Our arguments about their future were getting wider and wider, especially when they were special children.

Then Christmas would come, then New Years, and then Valentines Day. Hades and I still loved eachother. Our sex life was fantastic. We talked. Communicated. Each time we made love, my hand would massage the scar on his chest, remembering my second life in the other world.

It's been about 15 years since I've been back. Hades and I would have late night talks about going back to his world, but I don't think I could. Blythe and Arya weren't born here, but they were raised here. The girls were the only things on my mind, and what happens if more trouble rises.

"You just have to give me time to think about it…" I sighed, my head resting on the pillow," What if something bad happens? Like, someone or something tries to hurt the girls?""You know I will never allow that to happen… They are my children… I will not let anything happen to them…"

It's 2:15 and I'm still not asleep. Our conversation still wasn't over.

"But I have told you before, my sweet, soon I must return to my world. If I do not, the Underworld will be released, and everything will die."

"I know. I know. It's just… I'm going to miss this place… and I love you, but I'm just scared."

"No one will harm you, Evey. You will be my Queen, living with me, in the Underworld. Our children will be happy."

His hands touched my cheek.

"You promise?"

"Of course."


"The Fates told me," I whispered," I know that I'm going to die…"

Hades stopped and looked at me, disappointed that I already found out so soon. That he's going to ferry my soul. Then we'll be happy again.

"I wanted to tell you because I know it would've been hard for you to tell me. I love you…" I kissed him.

Both of us laid on our bed. It was the most scariest thing in the world. But it was the most happiest thing in the world. Hades was immortal and I was mortal. When I am 40 years old, Hades will be the same, and my children will know the difference. They'll want to ask questions. Fate was never really on our side, but it let us know that everything will be ok.

So we laid there, in our bed, Hades kissed my lips, he'll never stop loving me, even through time.

Of course we had more than one honeymoon.

We traveled the world.

Going everywhere a boat, plane, or train could take us.

Spending time at motels and cabins and hotels and anything that could make our world a little more…lovely.

By the time I was around 30 years old, my mom passed away, and when I turned 32 or 33 years old, Adam was killed in a bar stabbing.

There was no such thing as consolation for me, nothing helped, until Hades comforted me about the politics in death and reawakening. How my mother loved me and she loved till the end. I asked him why there was even such a thing as death, and he answered: to make life important.

My girls skipped 2 grades and had just went to college. Hades was still his perfect self and I was getting tired and depressed. I wasn't depressed because I was getting older, but because Hades and I knew that our lives would change when my time would come. My girls had hopes for their future, and I knew that they would never be the same after we told them about me.

About my true Fate with destiny. Our house was getting old too, it seemed, our bathroom roof caved in, and our door knobs were falling off. Squirrels kept crawling through our roof and breeding.

But my girls were living their lives well. They had a few lovers, but absolutely nothing kept them down. Blythe and Arya traveled to California, Washington, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. They saw great monuments and parks and shows and even famous celebrities, laughing, crying, and living.

Yes, we told them that their father was the Lord of the Underworld. Since they were so keen and observant, they didn't believe us. For two months, that information sunk in, and it affected them so much, they became fascinated with death. It was a grim subject, thinking about the afterlife.

The online searches and book reading became dense and thick that their shock and disbelief turned into pride and affection. Bringing them closer to their father. Hades taught them everything he knows, especially Zeus and Poseidon, their uncles, rulers of the heavens and seas. Blythe had even wondered if she and her sisters could perform any special talents, but we wouldn't know until we returned back to their fathers world. Arya spend more time with her father.

The fairytale books were no match of the stories their father told them, about Perseus, Medusa, and the Kraken. To their shock, we would all return back to his world. Blythe was happy, knowing she'll explore new things. Arya was scared, but with the help of her sister, she'll be fine. We had a long talk about their futures and their dreams, and both girls promised they could handle anything.

Easily, my children agreed, understanding the fact that it would save their mother from living and dying with a split soul. My girls were smart, and had often talked with me on late nights about leaving grandma Margaret and everyone else we knew. Those nights brought us closer.

It was soon after my 40th birthday that Hades told me about my…son.

I remember giving birth but I don't remember giving birth to a son, since it was such a long time ago, and I was exhausted from delivering.

He told me, although, he had revived the child, taken under special care and protection. Nothing will get pass Cerberus, my new dog, I guess.

He hurt me, telling me that I have a son, being cared for by Zeus and Poseidon, and that my son was dead.

His name was Xaphan.

It's been years!

My son doesn't even know I exist, but Zeus could've told him. I don't know.

This couldn't be happening.

I was so hurt by this news that I couldn't talk to Hades for 5 days. He said that he had no choice, and he was sorry, keeping this a secret for so long, that he only wanted to protect me from Zeus and an early death.

At last, dear readers, near the age of 50, I was going to be put in a coma. It all happened when I couldn't get out of bed, and Hades couldn't wake me up. The doctors didn't know what it was, but I had to be plugged in. Hades went totally insane, running around, fetching my daughters, and doing anything in his immortal power to help me. Wake me up! Anything!

But that wouldn't be possible. That was when I began to think about my dad. In my dream- or wherever I was- I thought about where he must've been when he was thinking about death. How I was so lost without him. But he made a difference when he wasn't here with me or mom.

How, in death, he changed my life.

If I didn't visit his grave that one morning, then I would've never have met Hades and I would've never had Blythe or Arya or my son, Xaphan. How I wouldn't have helped all those people. I didn't know that I would've fallen in love with Hades, but I did.

My daughters had waited for nearly an hour, they flown in from Chicago, and waited along with Hades.

Blythe and Arya had a wonderful beginning here, aside from being demigods, and casted away from their brother.

But life without their mother… they rather be dead than live on with me.

Hades admitted me to the hospital.

I wish I was immortal already, to never grow old or die, or to change slowly with my age. Dark bags were under my eyes, my forehead increased in wrinkles, and my voice was becoming less clear. It was wonderful being 15 years old and knowing that I was young and healthy.

In the hospital, my finger played with my daughters hair, and my other daughter sat next to me on the bed. The erotic touch of death in my belly caressed me, tickling me, grievously and gently.

I had woke up.

When I wish I hadn't.

They were crying.

Hades took it the hardest, trying to stay calm.

He didn't even look at my face, so he took off into the hallway, waiting for my daughters to finish their visit. The machine beeped, and the gas machine pumped up and down in its glass case.

He had the power to bring me back, but losing me once was too much. My head was supported by the pillow with Blythe's hand on my ear and Arya sat in her chair, picking off little pieces of lint and smelling my clothes folded into her hands. Those girls never sat so still before.

"I love you…" I whispered to the empty door," Tell Blythe and Arya that I'm going to see them again…"

He couldn't hear me.

"I have always loved you Hades…" I breathed," I've loved you…"

It was our most absolute law that we would always be together, and I found it romantic that he would ferry my soul to his world. I've had nothing to lose. The last thing I had lost was my dad. It was terrible how gravity had awoken me that day, awoken me from ever finding something that would make me happy again.

What didn't stop me from diving into the arms of death, was the love for my son.

If it meant that I had to die to be with my son, in another world, then that's how I was going to do it.

Xaphan was waiting for me, and I knew that he would wait no longer. This was me: going out strong and expectant.

But it was harder than I thought it was going to, about 30 years ago.

Arya petted my hand and kissed my head.

The doctor allowed my kids to come in.

For that first 10 minutes… we sat there.

Our heads bent towards eachother like flowers, their hands hanging from our knees, fingers rotting into thin icicles, feeding off of our worry.

"Blythe?" I whispered.

She raised her head to me.

"My sweet baby girl…" I mumbled," My baby sunshine… You… came out of me that day… when I went into labor back in the other world… You were absolutely everything I had ever dreamed of…" I took a breathe," Remember when I… would play with you in the…. apple tree…. when you were 10 years old?"

The memory flashed in her eyes.

She said nothing.

"You picked apples… and we went back… and you gave one to me… It was a gift… On that d-day…" I swallowed," I was your mama, Blythe…"

She choked and covered her face.

Sniffing, she said," That was Mother's Day…" she sobbed," Stay mama…" she gripped my hand.

"Help me go…"

"Mama… P-Please… Mama…" she sobbed.

"I will always be your mama, baby…"

Blythe's arms supported her body to get up, wobbling, and sit aside as my next daughter came.

"It's not going to hurt is it?"

"No, sunshine, it's not…"

"Mom- You're going to wake up, right? Mom-"

"Arya… You are beautiful… you are important… Look after your sister…" I smiled softly at her," Ever since… you were born… I loved you from the start…"

Arya bit her lip, shaking her head.

"Look at me baby… Please…?"

With a shaking head, she turned her head.


Then opened her eyes.

"There they are…" I gasped aloud, smiling," Big and beautiful… You have your fathers eyes, baby…"


"Daddy loves you more than anything in the world…"


"He's always loved you and me…"


"This isn't the end, baby, I promise…" I took a deep sigh," You keep dancing, baby… Don't cry…" I kissed her hand," Mama loves you…"

A mother dies before her children.

Evey Thornton

Beloved Mother and Wife


(Writer: Winner of the Baby Naming Contest is: fizzypopfriday- Blythe (girl name) Arya (Girl name) Xaphan (boy name) Thank you for participating in this contest! I am very thankful in getting help with the baby names!)