I had just enough time to get showered and changed before I had to leave to go to the hell hole that was also known as high school, just thinking of it depressed me enough to forget about the aching hollow in my stomach reminding me that hadn't eaten since the night before. As I put my pickup in park Edward was beside my door waiting for me patiently, I took one look at him and knew something was wrong; his normal beautifully sculpted face was dark with tension.

"What's wrong?" I asked as I closed the car door
"Two nomads are planning on visiting Fork's soon, Alice says there visiting a friend who lives here." He explained to clenched teeth, I could tell just by his face he was anxious about the visit, surely a coven of seven could handle two nomads. I don't know why but I had a very strong feeling about the identity of these certain nomads. I didn't get a chance to ask Edward more about Alice's vision or about how she even has a vision because first class started.

I didn't listen in my first three classes, my stomach decided to have a conversion with me so I couldn't really pay attention, not that I needed too anyway. At long last after three hours of boring classes lunch rolled round, I all but ran to the cafeteria just wanting my stomach to shut up. After loading a tray down with food I found the Cullen's waiting for me at their table with grim faces, I plopped myself down on a seat before I started speaking.

"Alright first things first, from your conversation on the first day I figured that Edward can read minds and Jasper can control emotions and apparently Alice has visions?" I was speaking into my food but judging by their silence I hit the nail on the head, but thankfully the silence didn't last long.

"Are you physic too?" the muscled male asked stunned he was quickly shut up by an elbow in the ribs given by the blond goddess. Then it finally clicked I didn't introduce myself.
"Oh, sorry I'm Silva Swan." I said looking at a short spiky haired, she was beaming at me
"I'm Alice and this is my Jasper." She told me taking the hand of the blond male beside her; he gave me a quick nod.
"This is Emmet and Rosalie." Alice continued to say "and you already know Edward."
"And about the visitors that are due... I think I should talk to you in private if I could?" I murmured, Alice was now physically bouncing in her seat I couldn't help but think that if she smiled anymore her face would crack
"Will you come over after school; Esme would love to meet you, Carlisle too?" Edward chuckled next to me.
"Just say yes, she'll shut up then?"
"Sure Tonight would be great." I concluded finishing my lunch.

After my stomach stopped talking to me school passed fairly quickly, Edward walked me to my truck while having a heated debate about superhero's and who deserved the ultimate superhero title, we called it truce until we found another chance to reopen the debate.

The Cullen's house was amazingly beautiful although secluded very much like my own it still stood with vanes in every detail, hats off to the designer that's for sure I was brought back from fantasy land by Edward who was holding the door open for me. The interior was just as amazing as the outside I couldn't stop myself for gawking. I clamped my mouth shut with a snap.

It finally made it to my brain when I realised that I had to tell the Cullen's my secret.

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