By PaBurke

Summary: Continuation to Fishing and Plinking, and now a year or so later, Flying, Prying and Formulating

Fandoms: Eureka Season 1 episode 2, SG1 Season 8, Fragile Balance, SGA show finale

Disclaimer: I own nothing. I made no money. This is all in fun.

Word Count: 888

Rating: Still PG, there's not even swearing in this.

Jack Carter fingered the IDC Hadden had left on his desk and raised an eyebrow at Jo. "Wanna take a quick trip before all hell breaks loose?" Things were quiet in the office for the moment.

Jo only had one objection. "The town?"

"Hadden had the town's CB wired into the controls."

Jo rushed to her desk, grabbed a gun, her helmet and a tac vest and suited up. Jack had to laugh. "It's just a city, Jo."

"So is Bagdad and Eureka," she countered.

Jack shut up before he lost the argument for real. He walked out of his office and quickly turned the corner. Jo was right on his heels. Their goal was to escape before anyone realized that something was up. They were not walking suspiciously, they were not walking suspiciously.

"Jo?" they heard Zane ask.

"Break for it," Jack hissed. They ran for the jumper. It appeared the moment Jack sent it the mental command. They ran up the ramp. Jack hit the button to close the door and quietly ordered the jumper to go invisible.

Jack sat at the controls and gulped.

"Aren't you afraid of flying?" Jo remembered.

"This isn't that bad. Or hard to do," Jack admitted. "It's kinda fun, but I need to get in flight hours, mostly so I don't embarrass myself when Stark's in the jumper."

"And you're not allowed to go solo," Jo was familiar with how military protocol works.

"Yeah. There's that." Jack waited a moment before confessing. "The jumper defers to Hadden when he's in here, so he really can't help much."

"IJo/I?" They could hear Zane's question but he hadn't moved to the front of the jumper so that they could see him on the screen, but then the screen swiveled and they could see Zane standing in the alley looking confused.

"I didn't know it could do that," he muttered. Then he took a deep breath and lifted off. The jumped bumped a bit and hovered indecisively before raising more in the air. Finally they were swooping over the town and traveled west. Jack's hands were white on the controls.

"Carter, find an empty field and practice."

Jack glanced at his deputy. "You sure?"

"I'm sure that I would rather being smeared over a field rather than a hard landing platform. You'll hurt less people that way."

Jack nodded shortly and asked the jumper for a population analysis of the area. He steered toward the area that didn't have any little red dots indicating people. Luckily, it was bigger than the backyard of the sheriff's office. Jack set down the jumper with a hard bump that landed them off-center. He lifted off, turned around and tried it again. He was landing for the third time when Zane's voice came over the CB. "Jo? Carter? Where are you?"

Jack was startled and they landed hard. Jack snuck a glance at Jo, but she was taking this calmer than he was. Frustrated but glad that the jumper was on solid ground, Jack grabbed for where the smart Carter (Lieutenant Colonel Sam) had hidden the CB. "What do you want, Zane?" he asked the punk genius.

"Where are you?"

"Is it an emergency?" Jack asked back.

"…No," Zane finally admitted. "How did you disappear so quickly?"

Jack tossed the CB at Jo and flexed his hands around the jumper controls. He was not going to sit and chat with Zane when he had work to do. He was pleased when Jo very primly informed her boyfriend that they were working on something classified and that Zane shouldn't call unless it was an emergency.

Even with the distraction of Jo and Zane on the CB, Jack managed to lift-off and land several times. With each turn, Jack improved. Jo even relaxed a bit. Jack knew that he had to get better. So he asked the jumper to put a parking space on the screen for a goal. His first attempt was horrible. If he had been trying to land on Atlantis, he would have ended up in the water. So he tried it again.

And again.

And again.

His landings were softer and each time he was closer and closer to ending up directly on top of his goal. He tried again and again. Jo was a good passenger, moving slightly and without exuding tension.

"Can I try?" she finally asked.

Jack had just landed again, his best yet. He leaned back and waved a hand at her and then the controls. "Have at it. But it only works if you have something specific in your genes."

Jo nodded once and put her hands on the control. Nothing. Part of Jack was pleased but another part was rather worried that Jo couldn't fill in for him. He could feel the jumper in the back of his mind, curious and rather disdainfully watching Jo try.

She –Jo, not the jumper- pouted a bit before conceding. "It's not going to work for me, is it?"

The jumper was smug now but Jack tried to ignore that shadow in his mind. "Nope."

"You comfortable enough to get us to the city?" she asked.

Jack thought about it. "Yeah. I think so. I'm pretty sure I can land safely."

"Good. We don't want to leave Eureka unattended for too long."