Where the Whole City is Your Enemy, Rodney McKay, Atlantis and John Sheppard, PG-13, Gore

They should have known better. This was Atlantis, for cryin' out loud. It hated people and it despised those with the ATA gene worst of all. The city had picked up on its makers' disgust of the 'lesser beings' and had emulated it. Atlantis was releasing things from the labs and the Ithings/I could kill a human in a multitude of horrible ways. The worst was the Wraith. Atlantis seemed to be cloning them.

They had been running, again. John had just been motioning with his hand to hurry. McKay had been trying and then the door had closed between them. John was on one side; McKay and John's hand was on the other. McKay could hear John howl of pain through the Ancient soundproof rooms. The damn city was probably transmitting it to the rest of the expedition members.

McKay didn't hesitate. He picked up the bloody hand. He'd deliver it to Carson Beckett. The doctor was the next one on Atlantis' list and he had a contingent of Marines trying to keep him alive. John's wrist was probably crushed beyond repair, but Rodney McKay did not give up.

II will destroy you,/I McKay thought to the city.

Laughter, in his head and then echoing off the walls. IOthers have tried and failed./I

McKay wondered if Atlantis had killed its own makers as well. Destroying Atlantis might be a challenge but Rodney was more than up to the task. Even if he had to sacrifice himself –and he'd really prefer otherwise- Atlantis was going to be a city on the bottom of the ocean. Dead. Decaying. Like all the great predators of ancient eras.

II like your mind, fleshling. I believe that I might keep it around. In a containment field separated from your body./I

Then another howl, but this one was different, this one was the city itself. McKay had to find out who and where someone was fighting back and join them. He'd give John back his hand as soon as possible too.

ILet the games begin,/I the city grimaced in his head.