A/N from A.C.: I love Nero and Weiss so much. But I felt the need to write something sad… So, here it is.

I have no where to go now…

He's gone. Dead. I couldn't help him. Now what do I do? How can I help him now? He was my whole life and now he's gone. I'm unwanted. A monster.

"Weiss…" His name falls from my lips like acid, burning as it leaves on the faintest of breath.

I fall to my knees before his throne, unable to meet those lifeless grey eyes. I look down at the ground; I felt tears well up in my eyes. My chest felt tight, heart aching for him to come back. "Brother… Please, I need you…"

Looking up at him, I felt a single tear fall down my cheek. "I can't do this alone, Brother!"

I stand shakily, cupping his cheek with a hand. My black painted fingernails and black tattoos looked so foreign against his beautiful and flawless skin. His head rolled to the side into my touch and I couldn't help but let more silent tears fall. His mouth was slightly parted, not taking any oxygen in or out. All of Deepground needs him… He was chosen to save us all. But he's my brother… I need him so much more.

"Please, Weiss…" I mutter quietly, "Please… come back to us… Come back to me. I need you, my beloved Brother…"

He doesn't respond. Of course not. I couldn't hold my emotions back. Weiss had told me to block my emotions, to shut them out so they don't get in the way. But just this once, my dear brother… Just this once I must disobey you.

"You were indestructible, Brother… How could this have happened..?" I whispered not wanting the other Tsviets to hear their new leader like this. Broken.

Broken like a bird with its wings snapped… Broken like a cheetah that can't run… Broken like fish that can't swim. I'm broken like the dark without light to keep it safe…

Life without you, my beloved Brother… I don't know how the world is able to keep spinning. I don't know how people can just move on. You were my savior. You were my life, Brother.

"Weiss… Why..?" I leaned forward, letting my forehead press against his, "Come back, Weiss… Don't make me live without you…"

I heard footprints come up behind me, dragging me out of my thoughts. I pulled myself away from my Brother. My red eyes were stained with tears, as I turned to look at Shelke.

Her voice was soft, relaxing, "Nero… We will all miss him. But now you must take his spot."

I can never fill his shoes. I could never take his place.

"I love you, Brother… My dear Weiss… You will not be forgotten…"