Unnatural Wonderland

Summary: A year after SW (the end of season 5), Dean has been fulfilling his promise, living a normal, apple pie life with his daughter and his brother's girlfriend and son. A year is a long time to be out of the "family business", but things get turned topsy turvy when old friends and new enemies come knocking at the family house.

Rating: M

A/N and Disclaimer: I couldn't wait to put this up. I know i just finished the last story a couple hours ago but I wanted this up now lol. Hope this story's up to everyone's standards and I really hope I don't get writers block on it. I don't own the Winchester boys or people from the real show. I just own the ones I made up from the last story and the new characters from this one (hint, hint lol).

"That movie was so great. I loved how it ended." Mary-Jo said, climbing out of the car and waiting for the driver to get out as well before walking up the little pathway to her front door. "Caught me off guard a bit, I admit."

"I think it caught everyone off guard." The young man said, smiling. They stepped up onto the porch. "So...do you think I'll finally be able to give you a kiss good night?"

"Here? Keep dreaming." Mary-Jo said, laughing.

"I will." The young man said. "And you'll be staring in all of them." Mary-Jo smiled. The young man brushed her hair back from her face, tucking it behind her ear as he leaned down towards her.

"MA-JO!" The little voice made them jump apart and Mary-Jo turned to see her year old cousin standing at the door. "Ma-Jo in!"

"John." Mary-Jo said, laughing. She opened the screen door up and picked up the little boy. "You ain't supposed to be awake. My daddy sent you didn't he?"

"I did not!" Dean called from another room. Mary-Jo looked over to the window to see the curtain fall in place and shook her head.

"You're dad's never gonna trust me is he?" The young man asked, tickling John's chin.

"Apparently not." Mary-Jo said. "Sorry Nate."

"Hey, it's no big deal. That's what father's do." Nate said. "I'll see you later yeah?"

"Yeah, good night." Mary-Jo said.

"Good night." Nate said. "Night John." He held up his fist and, as usual, John just stared at it. Mary-Jo grinned and moved her cousin's hand to tap it against Nate's hand. "Alright, good enough little man."

"Buh bye." John said, waving his hand as Nate made his way back to his car.

"Daddy." Mary-Jo said, walking into the house and closing the doors behind her, locking both of them as well. "Cleo's gonna maim you for having her son up just to keep me from kissing my boyfriend."

"I did no such thing." Dean said, lounging back in his favourite chair. Mary-Jo walked over to him and took the magazine he was looking at before turning it around so it was the right way up. "I like the challenge of reading upside down, thank you very much."

"You're crazy." Mary-Jo said, smiling slightly. "I'm gonna put John back to bed and then I'll be back down."

"Okay." Dean said. He watched over the top of the magazine as his daughter went up the stairs, bouncing the one year old boy on her hip and talking to him as she went. Dean shook his head. "And she says I'm crazy." He looked at the magazine then tossed it onto the coffee table and got up. He walked to the kitchen and looked through the fridge, making a mental note to go grocery shopping soon.

He couldn't believe it had been a year since Sam had gotten trapped in Hell and Cas and Alice were in Heaven. They had gotten the house in the first month when Cleo started having complications with her pregnancy. Dean had panicked at that and decided it was better they stay put rather then keep moving. He didn't want something bad happening to his nephew before the kid was born. John was born seven weeks early with weak lungs in a hospital. When he started getting better after being in the hospital for a couple weeks, his cries got stronger...and broke everything glass in the nursery. Mary-Jo had had to gather up every nurse that had been witness to it and performed mind wipes on them, making it out to be like there had been an Earthquake that had shattered the glass.

"So did you wanna know about the movie?" Mary-Jo asked, walking into the kitchen.

"Nah." Dean said. "How'd it all go?"

"Pretty good...I think." Mary-Jo said.

"You think?" Dean asked.

"Well on the ride home, Nate was telling me his family was going away for the weekend." Mary-Jo said.

"So?" Dean asked.

"To Atlanta." Mary-Jo said. "To see...the aquarium there."

"Oh." Dean said.

"He asked if I wanted to go." Mary-Jo said, getting a drink from the fridge. She leaned on the counter and frowned. "Told him I'd been already."

"Okay." Dean said.

"But...I don't...remember...actually being there." Mary-Jo said. "I mean I do...I remember standing in that tunnel thing but...that was it. I don't remember who I was with and I don't remember what happened. But I know I've been there."

"Oh." Dean said.

"Oh? That's all you can say?" Mary-Jo asked. "Oh?"

"Oh gee?" Dean suggested. Mary-Jo rolled her eyes. "You have been there before."

"When though?" Mary-Jo asked.

"Little over a year ago." Dean said.

"Who with?" Mary-Jo said.

"You gotta remember on your own." Dean said.

"Daddy!" Mary-Jo whined.

"MJ!" Dean whined back.

"Very funny." Mary-Jo said.

"Go get some sleep, you have classes tomorrow." Dean said.

"Yeah okay...night dad." Mary-Jo said, kissing Dean's cheek before she headed up to her room.

"Mary-Jo..." The man's voice was thick. The girl lifted her eyes and looked up at the blue eyes of the man before her. Her hands lifted up slowly and casually popped the top button of his shirt.

"It's...it's really strong." Mary-Jo said

"What is?" The man asked.

"This feeling." Mary-Jo said. She shuffled her knees on the bed a bit, bringing her right to the edge and even closer to the man. "This...the desire."

"We...we shouldn't." The man whispered.

"Why not?" Mary-Jo asked, moving closer still.

"I...I cannot find...reasons within myself...to...to stop." The man said.

"Then...we should..." Mary-Jo said, slowly, suggestively. The man's lips pressed against hers in a passion filled kissed. His shirt was opened and pushed off and her hair was let free from it's bun, tumbling down over her shoulders.

"Mary-Jo..." The man repeated. "You're sure of this?"

"Yes." Mary-Jo said. She lay kisses over his face. "Cas...I love you."

I love you.

I love you.


Mary-Jo sat up quickly and touched her fingers to her lips. She looked around the room but it was just her plain bedroom. The same one she'd had for the last year. Sighing and shaking her head, she looked at her alarm clock before tossing off her blanket. She wasn't gonna sleep much anymore and had to be up in another hour anyways. She got out of bed and made her way out of her room. Across the hall was Cleo room and next to it was the bathroom. Mary-Jo's room was next to John's room which tended to make her the one to wake up to him since he'd been moved from his mother's room. Dean had his bedroom at the end of the hall. His door was usually left open and this morning was no different.

Mary-Jo went to check on John to see him sitting up in his crib, calmly and quietly playing with the few toys that were in there. She raised an eyebrow and walked into the room before reaching into the crib.

"Hey buddy." Mary-Jo said. "What are you doing awake already, huh?" She grabbed a tissue from the nightstand and wiped at some snoot that was running from her cousin's nose. She paused with the tissue held against John's nose and turned to look at the open bedroom window.

The window that was always closed.

"Shit." Mary-Jo said, hurrying over to the window. She held John carefully as she leaned her head out the window to look around. She couldn't see anything but she had the feeling that something had been there. She leaned back into the room and looked at John who was watching her curiously. "You okay little man? Did something get you?"

"Ma-Jo." John said, pointing at Mary-Jo. She sighed but smiled slightly.

"Come on, let's get something to eat." Mary-Jo said. She walked out of the room and headed down the stairs to the kitchen. It was empty and dark. Mary-Jo flicked on the lights and put John in his high chair before getting him some cheerios. She turned on the iPod station she had managed to convince Dean to get her for her birthday to go with the iPod she had gotten from Chuck a few months before that. Dean's condition was that she put some of the music he liked on it. Now the iPod had play lists for each family member and currently Mary-Jo was sticking on stuff that she liked that didn't have any bad words in it for John's sake.

"What's going on down here?" Cleo asked, walking into the kitchen half an hour later, dressed for work but lacking the rest of the professional appearance. She raised an eyebrow as her niece held her son over the dish washer and the little boy attempted to put things in close to the right places.

"We're doing dishes." Mary-Jo said, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"Uh huh." Cleo said. "Why are you both up already? John's usually asleep for another hour at the least and you still got like...twenty...thirty minutes until your alarm goes off."

"Woke up about half an hour ago...weird dream." Mary-Jo said.

"Oh?" Cleo asked, slowing going to the fridge. "What's his excuse?"

"I don't know." Mary-Jo said. "I went to check on him and he was awake already, playing." She paused, wondering if she should say anything, then decided she should. "His window was open."

"What?" Cleo asked, looking at her niece.

"John's window was open." Mary-Jo said, putting John on his feet and doing the rest of the work herself. "And something felt...off. Like there had been something in there that shouldn't be." She looked at Cleo to see her aunt tilting her head thoughtfully. "I hope it's nothing too bad...we haven't dealt with demons or anything supernatural, outside the family, in over a year."

"We'll keep a watch on things." Cleo said. "Try not to worry too much. Go get cleaned up before your dad wakes up and hogs the bathroom."

"He has like no hair but he takes longer then I do to get ready." Mary-Jo said, shaking her head. "What gives?" Cleo laughed and watched her niece bounce up the stairs before turning to look at her son.

"You better not be causing trouble." Cleo said, picking up the baby. "You know what Uncle Dean will do to ya." She laughed and tickled her son to make him laugh as well.

So...first chapter...just a little bit of insight to things. They'll start getting more chaotic soon enough lol.