Crazy Love
By Jason Manns & Jensen Ackles

I so had to do it! Had to name the last chapter after the song Jensen Ackles sings in. I absolutely adore this song, it's so goddamn cute!And not to mention it works for like every couple in this story. Every time I hear it, I think about Dean and Alice mostly. I highly reccomand you people look this song up, even if it's only just for the fact that Jensen sings in it. I am so so so so jealous of Dannielle Harris, she gets to be married to him.

This chapter is probably gonna be just really fluffy or whatever the term is. Just because the song is on repeat and playing and it's a light song and I don't want anymore darkness lol.

" God and are now wed." Castiel said. "Go ahead...kiss her, Sam."

"I told you you'd be next." Dean said as Sam and Cleo kissed. Alice elbowed him as she clapped. "Ow."

"Yay you guys!" Mary-Jo said, jumping on the spot. John shook his head at his cousin's enthusiasm. "Now practically everyone is a Winchester."

"I'm not." Erin said.

"Nor am I." Castiel said.

"Or me." Lisa said.

"I wouldn't be even if you paid me." Bobby said.

"Oh shut up!" Mary-Jo said. "You all know what I mean." Everyone laughed.

"So who's gonna be up next time then?" Alice asked. "MJ and Cas?" Dean gave her a look. "What about John and Erin?" The two mentioned blinked and looked at each other before stepping away from each other. While they had been getting closer in the last month, they were going very slow at it. "Oh, or Bobby and Lisa?"

"Bobby and...huh?" Dean asked. Bobby and Lisa both turned red and looked at anything that wasn't each other. "You two? Seriously?"

" know..." Bobby said.

"You know what...don' explaining." Dean said, holding up his hand. "Don't need to hear it."

"Alright well this is fun." Sam said. "But I think it's time we take off."

" do that." Dean said. "Give us a call when you're all honeymooned out and we'll let you know where we are."

"Will do." Sam said.

"See you guys later." Cleo said, waving. Sam slid his arm around her and disappeared.

"Am I the only Angelically inclined person who can't teleport?" Dean asked.

"Why are you complaining?" Alice asked. "You were the one who wouldn't pay attention when I tried to teach you. You were the one who bitched about having to keep leaving the Impala behind."

"Yeah well...everyone else is doing it." Dean said.

"Oh for the love of God." Alice said.

"Please say you have an escape idea." Mary-Jo said, moving up to Castiel's side. He looked down at her and smiled before wrapping an arm around her and disappearing with the half Angel.

"Screw that, if they can run away, so can we." Erin said. John looked at her then followed when she walked out of the house.

"You hungry?" Lisa asked, looking at Bobby.

"Starved." Bobby said.

"Let's go." Lisa said. "Come on Ben." The boy looked up from his gameboy then quickly followed his mother out of the house with Bobby behind them.

"Works every time." Dean said, smirking.

"You are so bad." Alice said.

"Yep." Dean said. "Come to ourselves." He wiggled his eyebrows and Alice laughed.

One Year Later

"I told you, we were lost." Mary-Jo said.

"We are not lost." Castiel said.

"Face it babe, we're lost." Mary-Jo said.

"No we aren't." Castiel said.

"Then where are we?" Mary-Jo asked.

"We...are not at our destination." Castiel said. He looked around then jumped when a snowball hit the back of his head. He looked at Mary-Jo and she just smiled innocently, trying to make it seem like she wasn't the one to throw the snowball even when there was snow stuck to her gloves. "You did that."

"Did what?" Mary-Jo asked, still smiling. Castiel went to say something but paused when a large snow bank erupted and a beast emerged from it, growling at them. "Oh look...we did find the snow beast."

"So it would seem." Castiel said. He jumped back as the beast ran at them. Mary-Jo spun out of the way then got taken down as the beast came around a second time. "MARY-JO!" There was a gun shot and the beast keeled over sideways, falling off the girl half stuck in the snow with a gun held up.

"And you wouldn't be deal with." Mary-Jo said, sitting up slowly and rubbing her stomach. Castiel was at her side in seconds and helping her to her feet. "That was a fun drop."

"Are you alright?" Castiel asked, his eyes roaming over the half Angel, looking for any injuries.

"Cas...honey...relax." Mary-Jo said, smiling softly. "I'm fine. Just got the wind knocked out of me." She patted the Archangel's chest. "You're strangely overprotective lately."

"You were sick the last few days." Castiel said.

"Well...I'm fine now." Mary-Jo said. "Worry-free and easy." She turned to the beast and took out some matches. She lit one and tossed it down, setting the beast ablaze to get rid of it.

"How are you two always the last ones to return?" Dean asked when the couple walked into the motel room.

"Mary-Jo wanted to go for a walk after wards." Castiel said. "She enjoys the snow."

"And besides, we aren't last...John and Erin aren't here." Mary-Jo said.

"They've already gone back to their room." Sam said.

"Oh." Mary-Jo said. "So I'm guessing everyone caught their beasts."

"Yep." Alice said. Mary-Jo raised an eyebrow at her mother's watching eye. It was odd to have Alice watching her daughter in such a way.

The last year, even though everyone had been out on hunts and taking out monsters and other things, had been relatively laid back. It wasn't like when Dean and Sam used to go out just as hunters. Now there was more strength in the group. The jobs were easier and rarely did anything go wrong. The only really bad part was when Erin almost got burned by a bunch of possessed people who had claimed her to be a witch. Everyone was surprised when it had been Dean that had ended up as the savior to that one.

"So how did things go for our Angely duo?" Cleo asked.

"Mary-Jo was knocked down by the beast." Castiel said. Mary-Jo rolled her eyes.

"Are you okay?" Alice asked.

"I'm fine." Mary-Jo said. "It was just a knock, nothing major." She looked over at the fast food bags sitting on the table and frowned slightly.

"You sure?" Cleo asked. "You sort of look like you're going to be..." Mary-Jo quickly rushed around the people in the room and locked herself in the bathroom. "Sick."

"Have fun Cas." Alice said, patting the Archangel on the shoulder. He gave her a bewildered expression but she just smiled.

Three Years Later

"And then...when they're fast asleep, you sneak into their rooms and very very carefully, so they don't wake up, you draw on them." Gabriel said, crouching down with his arm around the shoulders of a little girl with sandy blonde hair and bright blue eyes that were wide with wonder and excitement. "But here's the funny use your powers as well so they can't wash it off."

"Gabriel!" Castiel snapped. Gabriel looked up at his heavenly brother with an expression of pure innocence on his face. "What are you doing?"

"Nothing." Gabriel said. The little girl giggled and moved out from under Gabriel's arm to attach herself to Castiel's leg.

"I'm sure her mother wouldn't appreciate you teaching her your tricks." Castiel said, shooting a smile down at the girl before returning a stern expression to his brother. "I'm not particularly fond of you doing so either. We get enough of that from Dean."

"Oh please, that muttonhead's tricks are nothing compared to mine." Gabriel said. The little girl just giggled again and pointed behind Gabriel as the Archangel stood up. He gave her a confused look then turned around in time to get a face full of powder. Castiel smiled as the girl burst into joyous laughter. Gabriel coughed and spit out powder that had gotten into his mouth and turned back around to look at them.

"You look silly Uncle Gabe." The little girl said.

"I'm gonna kill him." Gabriel said, trying to wipe his eyes free.

"Nooo." The little girl whined. "You can't kill Papa Dean." Gabriel looked down at her and sighed, knowing he couldn't argue with the puppy dog expression she was giving him.

"Never should have taught you that." He muttered.

"See MJ, told you it would work." Dean said, walking over with his daughter.

"I never said it wouldn't." Mary-Jo said, smiling. "Mom said it wouldn't."

"Hi mommy." The little girl said, still keeping herself attached to Castiel's leg. Mary-Jo smiled even more.

"How long does this phase last?" Castiel asked, turning slightly to look at Dean and Mary-Jo before looking down at his own daughter.

"I don't know man." Dean said. "MJ grew up quick and speedy remember. This little darling's taking her time."

"I wanna be a kid forever!" The little girl declared.

"Why?" Mary-Jo asked.

"Because." The little girl said. She smiled and it was the most adorable but mischievous look any of them had ever seen. "Nobody suspects the cute little kid." All at the same time, Castiel, Dean and Mary-Jo looked at Gabriel who was still trying to look innocent.

"I didn't teach her that." Gabriel said.

"Yeah sure." Dean said.

"Maybe you did." Gabriel said.

"Me?" Dean asked. "Why would I teach my grand-kid that?"

"'re Dean Winchester." Gabriel said.

"'re the Trickster!" Dean said.

"Yeah, okay, your excuse is more believable than mine." Gabriel said.

"Hey Eve." Mary-Jo said, crouching down to be at her daughter's height.

"Yeah?" Eve asked.

"How about letting go of daddy's leg and go finding John and Erin?" Mary-Jo asked. "Pull your cute act and start asking when you're going to get a little friend to play with."

"Okay!" Eve said, smiling brightly. She released Castiel's leg and took off up the stairs of the house they were all currently in.

Lisa and Ben had moved to Bobby's house and the guys had all pitched in and expanded it so that there were more rooms and more spaces for all the things they all got up to.

"And here she is blaming us for teaching her kid stuff." Gabriel said, mock glaring at Mary-Jo. "When she's the one to tell little Evie to go bug her cousins."

"I'm her mom, I can do whatever I want." Mary-Jo said.

"Yeah well I'm your dad." Dean said.

"So?" Mary-Jo asked.

"So I'm in control of both of ya." Dean said.

"Really? That's not what mom says." Mary-Jo said.

"Well your mom..." Dean started. There was a coughing behind him and he turned to find Alice there. "Is the most beautiful, loving, incredible woman on this planet."

"Nice save." Alice said.

"I do my best work under pressure." Dean said, putting his arm around his wife.

"You are so whipped." Gabriel said.

"Am not." Dean said. Gabriel made whipping sounds and actions.

"Gabriel, it's time to go." Kali calling from outside the room.

"Coming." Gabriel said. Dean made the whipping sounds this time and got a glare from the Archangel.

"Dude...I cannot find that scary at all with all that powder on your face." Dean said. Gabriel frowned and wiped at his face as he walked away from them. Sam and Cleo came over, both of them watching Gabriel leaving and grumbling.

"What's the prank war score now?" Cleo asked.

"Dad has five, Gabe has four, Sam has six, mom has eight, and little miss Eve has thirteen." Mary-Jo recited.

"Wait what? How'd she get that much?" Dean asked.

"You know some of those pranks that you guys blame on each other but everyone always says they didn't do it?" Mary-Jo asked.

"Yeah." Dean said.

"Those were Eve." Mary-Jo said.

"Seriously?" Sam asked, Mary-Jo nodded. "No way."

"Hey, I'm her mom, I know what she gets up to." Mary-Jo said, leaning against Castiel's side as he put an arm around her. "Like someone's taught one suspects the cute little kid."

"Damn." Sam said. "So when I blamed Dean for the pink hair dye shampoo..."

"That was Eve." Mary-Jo said.

"And the paint ball pillows..." Dean said.

"Eve." Mary-Jo said.

"What about the super glued shoes?" Alice asked.

"Dad." Mary-Jo said. All eyes turned to Dean.

"Oh sure, rat me out." Dean said. Mary-Jo smiled.

"MARY-JO!" John yelled.

"What did you do?" Cleo asked.

"Sent Eve up there to ask them when she's getting a playmate." Mary-Jo said simply. Cleo and Sam shook their heads.

"Hey jokesters." Bobby said, walking over. "Who wants to take out the Twilight kids?" All hands shot up. "Figures, there's a big problem that looks like vampires."

"Say no more, we're on it." Dean said.

"Don't none of you get bitten." Bobby said.

"What do you think we are, amateurs?" Dean asked.

"Cocky." Bobby said, walking away.

"Come on, quick, we'll leave John and Erin to babysit Eve." Mary-Jo said.

"You're still getting back at them for bugging you while you were pregnant aren't you?" Alice asked.

"Oh yeah." Mary-Jo said.

"But I need a playmate!" Eve's voice carried down the stairs. "I'm all lonely. Please please please!"

"MJ you are so dead." Erin called down.

"On that note, let's go." Mary-Jo said, leading the way out the door to the latest job.

The End

So like I said, fluffy chapter. Just mostly made as like an epilogue kind of thing just for the hell of it. Needed to give MJ and Cas the kid from the dream. And Gabriel was demanded to get another appearance in this chapter so he got to give "advice" to the little girl.

I doubt I'll do another story. Feedback for trilogies drop. The feedback for this one dropped. Went from like eight reviews a chapter for the first nine of them and then it was like two to four a chapter near the end here, made me sad, but I pressed on. Plus you know, I already have another SPN story up, The Swan's Song, so I'm going to want to focus the bit of my mind that works with Dean, Sam and Cas on that one instead of splitting it up.

I hope everyone enjoyed Supernatural Wonderland and Unnatural Wonderland. I know I did. It's quite sad seeing the end of Dean and Alice as I've grown fairly attached to them but hopefully I'll have another such likable character in other stories if I do more for SPN.