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I ship both Emma/Moesby and Summer/Sasha but for this story I'm mixing things up a bit.

"Emma, Emma come here!" Connie, the activities coordinator on the ship called while she sprinted toward the distraught teacher

"What is it? I want to get to the gym." Emma asked

Connie replied, "They just hired new crew members and there is one that is a personal trainer at the gym and he is so hot. Come on I'll show you."

The two girls ran to the gym then pressed their faces against the glass to get a closer look at the guy.

"Wow he is so cute." Emma mentioned

"Hey back off he is mine." Connie stated

"Then why did you show me?" Emma questioned

Connie responded "Because I wanted to rub it in your face."

"Why do you want him? You hate the gym." Emma replied

Connie stuck her tongue out at Emma then walked into the gym. Emma followed Connie into the gym.

"Hello handsome," Connie told the man "My name is Connie. What is your name?"

"Hello, I am Sasha Beloff." The man said "Do you always wear makeup and jewelry when you come to the gym?"

"Um," Connie mumbled not know what to say

"Here lets try you on this machine." Sasha stated, "Now all you have to do is lift these weights."

Connie struggle but could not do it. So then she suggested, "Can I try a different machine, like an easier one?"

"Sure I will have someone else help you." Sasha mentioned, "I only work on this machine or harder"

Connie moaned.

"Maybe your friend can help she seems to be doing a very good job over on the bike." Sasha said pointed at Emma

"Do you need help?" Emma asked as she came over

"Yes, do you know how to use this machine? Your friend needs help." Sasha asked

"Yah I love this machine." Emma stated the laid down and showed Connie how to use the machine

Sasha smiled the said "Very good,"


"Do you come to the gym often?' Sasha asked

"Yeah I do." Emma replied

"Well I can't see why. You have a very nice body." Sasha stated

"Thank you." Emma stated while blushing

"You know I'm a personal trainer on the ship. If you would like we could set up some schedule to train." Sasha offered

"That would be nice." Emma said trying not to stare at his perfect body

"Well the only time I have open is at 6am to 8am. Is that an alright time?" Sasha asked

Emma just nodded before getting dragged away by Connie.

Emma felt bad and sad "I'm sorry it is just he is so cute and…"

"Emma it's fine. I found this other guy so you can have him." Connie stated the went away

Emma spent the rest of the weekend in the gym.

Emma went to the gym in the morning then headed to class.

"Good morning class!" Emma stated cheerfully as she entered class on Monday

"Why are you so happy?" London asked, "Did you finally find a man?"

"No, uh, that is personal." Emma stated while tripping on her words

The class mocked in unison "Uh huh,"

"Today we are just going to watch a movie." Emma stated then stood up and said, "I'll be right back."

Emma ran to the gym.

"Hi Sasha," Emma blurted out once she entered the gym

"Hi Emma, don't you have class?" Sasha asked

Emma rocked back and forth on her heels and mumbled "Maybe,"

"So then why aren't you in class?" Sasha asked raising an eyebrow

Emma answered "I missed you and I had a lot of fun this weekend. But I don't want to sound to clingy so maybe I should leave but I really want to see you because I like you and…"

Emma got cut off by Sasha asking, "Would you like to go out to dinner tonight?"

"Stop talking I'm trying to explain something…" Emma stated "Wait did you just ask me on a date?"

"Yes," Sasha replied, "Pick you up at your place at seven?"

"How about we meet here instead." Emma mentioned because she really want to scare off this man with her cats

"Sure I will see you here at seven." Sasha said as Emma left the gym to go back to class.

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