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Neko: welcome to my newest fanfic 'YuGiOh Truth or Dare' I'm your host, Neko as well as the other hosts starting with my yami, Ace.

Yami Ace: Hey everyone, how are you all? Good?

Neko: Yes yes Ace its good to see you too. Anyway our next two hosts also write fanfics as well...

?: Hurry up Neko i'm tried of waiting backstage

Neko: I'm getting there alright?

?: OK slaps other person in the back of the head we can wait

Neko: Good, alright now back what I was saying thinking ah yes my other two hosts ok next hosts is is none other then Nica and her yami, Kei

Kei: well its about time.

Neko: ignores Kei ok now for our fave characters from the YuGiOh series

Nica: Who are we going to be having on this show today Neko?

Neko: still ignores Kei Yugi Motuo, Yami Yugi, Ryou Bakura, Yami Bakura, Seto Kaiba, Mana, Tea Gardner, Joey and Serenity wheeler

Yami Ace: What about Atem, Nek?

Neko: you did not just call me Nek, Ace

Kei: she did Neko

Neko: I'll think about it Ace right now this is only an intro umm. Nica?

Nica: Yes Neko?

Neko: would you and kei ask the viewers please for truths and dares please?

Nica: ok Kei shall we?

Kei : Yep. Could you please send in dares

Nica: and truths

Kei: as well as anyone else you think you want to add to the game

Neko: Kei is just kidding