Neko: Yes, next chapter.

Yami Ace: Nica, shpuld I tell them?

Nica: What? Keiichiro, what are they talking about

Kei: I dunno.

Neko: whatever.

(do I haveto say it all the time blah means action! oh and if you see ARF it means Another Random Fan)

Neko: Hello fans! Time to inntroduce the YuGiOh cast! Yami Yugi!

Yami: Hello, hello, there's enough of me to go around.

Random Fan: Marry me!

Neko: and here is Yugi!

Yugi: hello everyone!

Another Random Fan: so kawaii!

Neko: Tea!

Tea: hi friends!

awkad silence

Neko: … Joey and Seto!


Joey: be happy or you'll be lonely in bed tonight!


Neko: Ryou and Mana!

Mana: Say cheese!

takes picture of nica's ecstatic face

Nica: OMFG Ryou effing Bakura !


Neko: and our late guests Marik and Malik Ishtar, and Atem!

Kei: OMJ! Marik!

Marik: Sweet mother of Ra...


Yami Ace: ATEM!


Nica: Lets start! Pick a name in here Yami!

digs into the hat

Yami: Keiichiro. You get to start!

Kei: Ok! Ryou, truth or dare?

Ryou: ummm... Dare.

Kei: I dare you to give Nica her first kiss.

Nica: NANI?

Ryou: o-o-ok.

Ryou wlks across the circle of people, and stradddles Nca's waist. HE stares at her and grabs her face in between his hands, and presses his lips onto hers. They stayed in that positio until...
Yami Ace: Get a room you two!

Yami Ace dis in the hat for a moment.

Yami Ace: Yami.

Yami: Truth or Dare aibou.

Yugi: Truth.

Yami: Are you gay?


Neko: o-k... Yugi, pick a name from the hat.

yugi digs into the hat

Yugi: Ace

All: gulp

Ace: evil glare hikari, I dare you...


Neko: Review!

Nica: and send in your truths!

Ace and Kei: and dares!

Ace: and send in something for me to do to Neko!