My Manhattan girl.

What if Fiona didn't run to Holly J when Bobby was hurting her, what if she ran to another redhead that she knows.

( Fiona's Room)

" I can't take it any more I need to be some where safe. Mom Dad even Declan won't believe me, they'll think I'm crazy. What am I going to do." said Fiona as she cried in her bed. Fiona looked around she trashed her room in rage and of fear of what Bobby did to her , he hurt her and he didn't care.

" If I run to Holly J they'll know I went there, where can I run to I need to run away." Said Fiona as she got off her bed and walked around the room. As Fiona walked she stepped on a picture of her and a cute redhead girl hugging.

" That's it they wouldn't think to look for me in Manhattan because we are in Manhattan." said Fiona as she wiped her tears away and picked the picture up. She remembered the day this picture was taken. Her and her friend Harper Finkle where dancing at her sweet sixteen together. Harper's mother and her mother were best of friends. She saw Harper as her only true friend. Harper didn't care that Fiona was rich or could do what ever she wanted. She like her for her and only her. They both had lot's in common, that's why Harper was a safe bet.

" Hmm, looks like I have my own redhead Declan." said Fiona as she grinned. Fiona packed her book bag with two day's worth of clothes and took all her money that she had stored up, it was over two thousand dollar's. Fiona climbed out her window and called a taxi cab to driver her to Waverly Place.

This is just a start. Sparks will fly and there will be a cat fight!