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Poultry Revisited

Two teenagers of above average fitness and below average height sat with their knees clutched to their chests in the tall grasses of the inner annals of Robinson Park. The bushy haired boy stared up into the sunset and rocked gently.

"And you just… hit him?" Bart Allen asked. Beside him, he could feel his companion nodding vigorously. "And he didn't do anything about it?"

"Heh." Cassandra Cain replied.

Bart shrugged. "Yeah. I wouldn'ta done anything either." She could break both of your legs, then make you eat them, Bart thought with admiration. He wouldn't have tried to retaliate. You'd have to be a complete dummy to do that.

"Was fun," Cassandra affirmed. "Got Spoiler, then got Robin. Go for Nightwing next."

Bart looked at her thoughtfully for a moment, watching the glowing of sunlight creep across her face. "Remind me not to make you mad." He couldn't think of what would happen if Max decided hitting him with poultry was a good idea.

"I'm not sure it's… good, you know? You shouldn't hit people." He felt compelled to say it.

"Naw. Need hit sometimes. Hit with chicken not cripple." But it sure was funny, though. Hitting Spoiler had been the best thing that had happened in months. "Is fun," Cassandra affirmed. "I know someone who think it fun, too." The smoke girl she met the first time she saw Bart would think it was funny.

"I don't know…" Bart said tentatively. He wasn't sure WHAT he was supposed to say.

"I show you fun." He really should just trust her.

Bart didn't know that this was such a good idea. It seemed… wrong. Well, it didn't just seam wrong. Bart was pretty sure it was wrong. But she was smiling at him, and she was so gosh darned pretty.

* * *

The door bell rang on a sleepy suburban street just outside of Gotham City in the blue haze of twilight. A girl wearing jeans, a purple sweater and slippers opened the door. As she did so, her blond hair whipped around in her pony tail. Pulling her hair out of her face to see who was on her door step (she desperately hoped it was Robin), her face met with the cold, wet skin of fresh chicken.

Just like last night, she was knocked on her behind, and her senses rattled in her head for a moment before she was able to look up at her attacker.

She saw a boy in red and white standing next to Batgirl. Behind them was a cloud of tan smoke, but it might have just been her head still ringing.

"See?" Batgirl said happily. "Easy. Fun too."