What Happened To Us?.

Disclaimer: I do not own supernatural or any of the characters they belong to Eric Kripke and The CW.

Author note: This fanfiction is set post swan song and at the start of season 6. This story is AU.

Chapter 1

Sam stood outside and watched his brother talking with his new family. Dean was smiling and talking to both Lisa and Ben. Ben was looking over at Dean with a look of admiration on his face. Sam smiled. He remembered giving his brother the same look countless times when they were younger. Sam still admired Dean now. He was his big brother, a tower of strength and Sam's hero. He was his inspiration, Dean was everything that he should have been but wasn't. He wanted to be a better man and he prayed that one day he would be.

His brother looked happy and he was glad. He was relieved and pleased to see that Dean had kept his promise. Now Sam was going to make him a promise as well. He would leave Dean to live a normal happy life with Lisa and Ben in peace. Dean would have the happily ever after that he and Sam had both longed for and craved but had never had. He would never have a happy ending now and he didn't deserve one after everything he had done. Sam knew that now.

He looked down at his feet, no a guy like him didn't deserve anything. He didn't even deserve to breathe he thought silently. A few moments later he raised his head and looked back at the window, staring at the family inside once more. He watched as Lisa cleared the table and kissed his brother on the cheek as she passed him on her way to the kitchen.

Sam glanced at Dean and saw the warm smile he gave Lisa. Dean continued to gaze at Lisa for a few more moments then he turned his attention back to Ben and their conversation, No Sam decided Dean belonged here now with his new family. He no longer fitted into his brother's life anymore. Sam would not be responsible for ruining Dean's life and dragging him back into their way of life.

If he dragged him back into this life, he would not only be ruining Dean's life but also Lisa's and Ben's life as well. He just couldn't do that, he wouldn't be that selfish. Dean deserved to be happy and this was his best chance for happiness and a normal life. He would just have to go on alone.

Sam continued to stare at his brother for a few moments, committing this moment to his memory.

"Goodbye Dean," he whispered softly.

Suddenly Sam turned and began to walk away. He didn't dare look back at the house even though every step he took further and further from Dean was killing him piece by piece on the inside.

Author note: This is my first supernatural fanfic. I have been a fan of the show for a long time. The title of this fic is inspired by the Hoobstank song What Happened To Us?. I am currently looking for a beta for this story as I feel I need a beta and tend to get them for almost every story I write. If you would be interested in betaing this story please message me.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Dawn N for looking over the first few chapters of this fic. I would also like to thank her for all the help and encouragement she has given me recently when I started to write this fic. If you haven't read her stories please do so as she is a amazing writer.

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