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"Smarter, faster, stronger, smarter, faster, stronger, smarter, faster, stronger," Kit repeated. She was standing in front of Vert's garage, the cool night air weaving its way around her. Three months prior, she had skipped town, running away, in a sense. She no longer wanted to be under the Battle Force 5's thumb, and after what Stanford had done, in the end, she couldn't take that kind of pressure.

She hadn't planned on ever returning to Handler's Corners, not once in her life. But after receiving a call from Sage, the Sentient being, she had decided to return. Now, she was standing outside the garage, trying to work up enough courage to go in. Finally, after taking a few deep breaths, she walked into the garage. Sage greeted her and let her into the lower level, revealing a car about the size of the Reverb, sitting on a platform. "Greetings, Kit," Sage said. "I see you do not have your bike."

"Well, it kinda got trashed after you sent those weird guys to break it up and throw it into the ocean, never to be seen again," Kit muttered under her breath. The brunette rubbed the back of her neck. "So…why did you call me here? I hope it has something to do with getting a new car."

"It does. After you left, I began to realize that you also brought something to the team. You brought deep emotion to the team, offering a different look on things. The way you felt about Stanford, and the rest of your teammates, like Spinner and Sherman, showed a compassionate side, while you were also capable of showing your fierce, warrior-like side when angered. You also showed a sense of recklessness, which in a sense, can be a benefit to the team. So now I will do what I did to the other's cars. And you will be a part of this team," Sage explained. She held up an orange, triangular chip.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," Kit started in. "For one, I don't want one of those skin tight suits. And two, I refuse to work with the Battle Force 5." Sage sighed.

"I can understand why you hesitate, and for now, I will not alert the others of your presence. You must choose what battles to fight, and when to fight them," she replied, working on fixing up the old car with Sentient technology. Kit sighed and looked around.

"What about my suit issues?"

"Well, there is a way to avoid that, if you wish," Sage replied, still working at a steady pace. As Kit was being examined by the mechanical claws, lights, and tube-like objects, she was being given a suit, all her own. It was an orange sweater with long sleeves, and the scarlet arm band that had the comlink and the other technology. The tan cargo pants appeared, with a thick scarlet belt around her waist. The bloused boots appeared soon after. "I have made it so that the fibers are just as strong as the others' suits, but it is looser and more comfortable, and also less form fitting."

"Nice," Kit replied. She looked over to the car. It resembled the Reverb in some ways, except it had a burnt orange paint job, and gray and black stripes on the hood and sides. It now appeared to be a little larger than the Reverb, and Kit was pleased. "Thanks, Sage." The Sentient being nodded and paused for a moment. "What's wrong?" Kit asked, a little worried now.

"Someone is coming," Sage replied. "You must name your car, to seal the bond." Kit drew a blank.

"I have to what now? Umm… Uhh… This is so uncreative, but I'll call it the Clockwork," Kit responded. Sage nodded, and now the bond was sealed. But before Kit could get out of the garage, a sleepy looking Spinner came wandering in. He rubbed his olive green eyes and looked at Kit.

"Hey Kit," he said, yawning once. The brunette was frozen in place, in shock. Spinner turned around but did a double take, eyes wide. "Kit…? Is it really you?" Sage nodded, smiling slightly at the annoyed brunette. Spinner ran over and threw his arms around her, hugging her around the waist. She was now slightly taller than he was, and he stepped back. "Follow me!" Kit dug her heels into the floor as Spinner gripped her wrist tightly, tugging her up to his and Sherman's room.

The door opened to reveal a fully darkened room. The door closed behind them, and Spinner flipped on the lights. Sherman was hanging half off of one of the beds, sleeping peacefully. "Sherman!" Spinner whisper-yelled, running over to the bed. Kit couldn't get away, because apparently Spinner had gotten a little bit stronger. The short boy looked around before picking up a pillow and hitting his younger brother on the head. The much larger of the two brothers shoved his palm into Spinner's face, pushing him back.

"Lemme sleep," he grumbled, pulling the covers over his head. Spinner smacked him on the back of his head. (Well more like the back of the sheets, because they were covering his head.) He threw the covers back and stood up, looking down at his brother in annoyance. Sherman hated it when people woke him up when he was trying to sleep.

"Lookit, it's Kit!" Spinner said meekly, hiding behind the brunette. Sherman did a double take. He and his brother shared a long glance…

10 minutes later…

"Sherman and Spinner Cortez! I'm going to beat the crap out of you when I'm untied!" Kit hissed, trying to keep her voice low. She didn't want to get caught by the rest of the BF5. The two boys had tied her feet and wrists up, and they tied her arms behind her back so that she couldn't punch them. They had even had to tie her knees together so that she couldn't use those as weapons, in any way. She glared up at them with annoyed, dark blue eyes. Sherman asked Spinner for the duct tape, who forked it over.

They put duct tape over her mouth and she sat there, fuming in anger. They took her out to the Buster Tank and threw her in the back, shutting the door. She sighed and realized that she still had her "suit" on. She looked at her orange watch and saw a small green button. She narrowed her eyes and just as the Buster Tank started up, she pressed the button. The watch now read: Clockwork en route. She would've done a fist pump, but she was still all tied up.

Kit shifted and rubbed the ropes around her wrists up against something in the back, and slowly but surely, they began to whittle and amount to nothing. She smirked as the ropes came undone. She repeated the process with the ropes around her arms, and then she ripped her duct tape off. She untied her knees and feet, standing up. She smiled at her bloused boots, before sitting back down. Now, to wait…

Sherman rubbed the back of his neck. Spinner jumped and pointed at his scanners. "Some other car is coming!" Spinner shouted. The Buster Tank immediately came to a halt. Something blasted the back and they both traded glances. Spinner was first out of the Tank, followed closely by Sherman.

A burnt orange car was sitting there, and Kit was sitting on the hood. "Hello, boys," she said, a sadistic smile on her lips. "Payback time!" She jumped off of the hood, tripped and fell. "CRAP! Pretend I didn't trip!" she shouted, waving off her actions. She hopped into her car and slammed the door closed. "Alright baby, let's see what you can do." Kit pressed a glowing blue key, and thrusters appeared out of the sides in the back. She smirked once more, putting the thrusters back.

The Buster Tank was already on its way back to the base. She cut them off with the Clockwork. She realized she had a comlink in the car as well, so she waited to see if they'd say anything. "How'd you untie the ropes?" Spinner squeaked, while yelling at Sherman to hit the turbo boosters.

"Wasn't that hard. Now, we can do this the easy way, or the hard way. You can go to the diner, and we'll talk there, or you can go back to the base, where I can decimate half of the Tank," Kit replied. The blue vehicle turned for the diner. "S'what I thought." The pulled into the parking lot as Kit followed suit. She and Spinner were first out, as usual, while Sherman just looked out over the top, taking things one step at a time. "What the heck was that back there?" she demanded, folding her arms across her chest.

"We didn't want you to leave again!" Spinner whined. "We miss you! I've been marking the days on my calendar."

"He has," Sherman put in. Kit stood there, as something came to her. Sage had called her back… Kit had left just three months earlier, and after that happened, Sage began to realize that maybe Kit was a valuable part of the team. So this had to be fate, bringing them back together. And even though Kit was still fuming over being "kidnapped" she was happy to see them. Spinner was waiting to be punched, but instead she gave Spinner a one-armed hug.

"What?" the short boy asked in confusion.

"I guess you had the right reasons in mind," Kit replied, rolling her eyes.

"So you're not mad?"

"Oh I'm angry, all right."

"But you hugged me," Spinner replied, confusion setting in again. Kit shrugged and punched him in the arm lightly. She decided to see what they had to say before walking away. She, however, refused to see the rest of the BF5. Sherman climbed out of the Buster Tank and joined his older brother. "So does that mean we can kidnap you again?"

"No. Next time, I'll beat the crap out of both of you," Kit replied. Both nodded, knowing full well that she wouldn't hesitate.

"So are you staying?" Spinner asked hopefully. "You're like my sister!" Sherman couldn't believe that Spinner had been right. He had said that Kit would come back, and now look what had happened. She was right there, in front of him. "Please? Just for even a few days?"

"You can't tell the others I'm here!" Kit said sternly. They nodded. "ONLY for a few days."

"YAY!" Spinner exclaimed, jumping around like a piece of fruit in a play. "This…is…awesome!" He stopped jumping around when Sherman didn't say anything. "Dude! Little bro, she's here! Right in front of you!" Kit snorted and walked back to her car. Spinner waved at him and followed Kit to her car. She pushed him back. "Aww…" Kit shook her head, her chocolate brown hair falling in her face. "Follow us to the base?"

"I suppose," Kit replied. "Give the Clockwork a spin." Spinner giggled like a girl and jumped in, taking off at full speed. Kit made her way into the Buster Tank, waiting for Sherman. He got in a few moments later. "Has he really been counting the days on his calendar?" Kit queried.

"Uh, yeah. His goldfish almost died because he forgot about him," Sherman replied. "Why in the world he named the fish Bigfoot, I will never know."

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