This is just the prologue which I wrote in about 10, 20 minutes tops so please keep reading even if it seems horrible :D. I just had this idea and had to write it. There will be a lot of humor and romance and stuff again it is a little Out of character at first but you will understand why there doing this and stuff. It is mostly in Aang and Katara's point of view with some other occasionally others. Please review and chapters will be longer this is just the prologue which by the way what's happening here will happen in the future and chapter one is like a 9 months earlier thing which leads up to this event.

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By the way the age in this story go as followed:

Aang/Toph: 18

Katara/Suki/Mai: 19

Sokka/Zuko: 20

I was sitting on my bed crying. How could the last 9 months end to this? I knew he heard me that look on his face….I just couldn't wipe it away from my mind. I heard the doorknob turn and he walked in.

"Katara…." He trailed off but sat next to me on my bed and wiped away my tears with his fingers they were nice a gentle and warm and also comforting. I sighed and found my voice.

"I wished you didn't have to hear that I mean it really doesn't make sense does it? I mean you could never and I can't believe that I actually… ". I really had no idea what to say I felt that I was still in shock I mean how could I have been so stupid? He stared at me for I while ugh why did he have to do that? With his gorgeous grey eyes and why did he choose to be shirtless right now?…damn summer heat. I already couldn't think straight as is. I looked quickly down and saw in fact that he was only wearing a pair of grey sweat pants hmm not as great shade of grey as his eyes.

I shook my head to rid of my thoughts as I saw he was about to speak. But he in fact didn't speak but he leaned over and instead I felt his lips to mine. It took time for me to react but then I rapped my arms around his neck and had his arms around my waist. His lips were moving in sync with mine and then I felt his tongue over the bottom of my lip. I was shocked at first at his sudden boldness recovered and let him enter. Who knew he would taste so good? His smell was around me intoxicating me.

I felt like I relied on it and that scared me. We finally pulled away from the kiss breathing air that we didn't even realize we needed. We stared at each other for a little while but I felt the need to kiss him again so much that I would kill for it or that my body would die if I didn't replenish its need. This scared me so much it was all just too new for me.

"Aang I can't…Its not you it's just that I don't know I am just confused" I said. What an incredible lie that was but I was at a loss for words I just had no idea what to say I was still stunned over the fact of how much I needed him. The next thing I knew I was walking more like fast walking towards the door. I held the doorknob and turned my head to look at him once more. He looked so heartbroken and disappointed and I saw tear drops silently making their way down his cheeks. I quickly looked away and ran downstairs, the others were there but I ran out the door before anyone could say anything.

I didn't even care that I didn't have and shoes on, that I was in my pajamas which was just a tank top and shorts due to the summer heat and that it was raining. I kept running even though I had no idea where I was going and the image of his face in such despair keep making its way into my mind tearing my heart in two. I hated the fact that I was the one that caused him to feel that way. His face made it into my mind one last time before I saw somewhere that looked like a good place stop and just sit and think.

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