Chapter 9!

All chapter is in 3rd person unless stated otherwise and sorry if its kinda confusing to read.ALSO THIS CHAPTER IS LONG.

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Present time:

"This is beginning to get really annoying" Sokka said sighing. All of the gang except for Aang and Katara were currently sitting in a circle in the guy's dorm living room. Aang and Katara were currently at a track meet of which Katara was steadily becoming good at from practicing. It has been a little over two months since the day that Aang and Katara feel into the trap of Azula's plan. Everything about them has been different since then.

"I know it has been more than two months!" Toph said annoyed.

Suki nodded "And I thought that the first two weeks were bad!" She said sadly. The first two weeks after what had happened things were pretty dreary. Aang and Katara seemed very miserable, it even began to spread off towards the others. Everything was the same they would just to their classes do their work and them either vigorously practice their bending, running, or studying. After that they would just go to bed making sure that they were really tired so they had no time to think and just go straight to sleep. They kept themselves very introverted which was unusual for them especially for Aang. Even everyone else in the school didn't have to know them well to see that they have changed.

All bold are flashbacks!

The whole gang was in the girl's dorm room watching TV, laughing, cracking jokes and telling stories all except for Aang and Katara of course. Katara stared intently at the TV her lips pressed in a tight line not blinking often. She didn't really pay attention to what was on she just analyzed all the color's, movements and shapes on the screen. Aang was in a similar state just staring into space not wanting to look or think about the sapphire eyed girl a few bodies away from him. His face was blank and emotionless almost like a statue not wanting to show his feelings. The both smiled a small smile when they heard Sokka telling a funny story from their childhood. They thought over their memories being happy for just a moment but it quickly vanished.

"Aren't you going to eat?" Suki said while pointing at the pizza box on the coffee table. Aang gave a very slight "no" with his head. Katara just looked at Suki shaking her head in a similar notion as Aang.

"Katara are you-"before Suki could finish her statement Katara stopped her. Katara just simply looked into Suki's eyes then back down to the ground showing that she didn't want to talk. Suki shot her a look but decided not to question it anymore. Suki put her hand to her chin in a thinking manner, her eyes moving back and forth between Aang and Katara. Why are they both in this same state? She asked herself and it all began on the same exact day too.

"Okay well were going to the movies you guys can still come if you want" Toph said slowly. You didn't have to see to be able feel the emotion going on between the two.

"No thank you" Katara said her voice mirroring her emotions. She looked around and saw everyone giving her a look and she attempted a smile but failed miserably. Sokka gave her a concerned and pleading look caring deeply about his baby sister. Katara knew that this was taking a toll on Sokka and she didn't want him to feel this way since he already had to do it this before but at least it wasn't as bad as last time.

She got up and embraced her brother in a long, warm hug trying to reassure him. He smiled slightly but didn't really feel assured, if things got worse then he would have to talk with her and mess up the person that did this to his sister. She went back to sit down where she was before. All the others left except for Aang and Katara not noticing that they were currently alone.

Aang then snapped out of his trance and looked around noticing that everyone else was gone except from Katara and him. He got up and made his way to the front door, he put his hand on the doorknob and turned around which was a big mistake. Katara was staring at him, deep in thought and watching his every movement.

They locked eyes for a moment noticing the abnormal dullness that was in the other eyes but at that moment they didn't care. He tore his eyes off away quickly and turned the doorknob hastily making his way out the door.

This had been what it has been like in the beginning for two weeks even though it felt much longer. This behavior was gravely downing everyone else. But then after those two weeks a new emotion began bubbling over, anger. They channeled all there depression and turned it into pure anger. This was a time of many conflicts, snide comments and major bickering.

Katara quickly made her way to her biology class, she looked down at her watch and groaned. My alarm clock just had to not work today she thought. She looked up quickly at the sky noticing the storm clouds, this defiantly wasn't a good day. She made her way to her biology class noticing the word "lab" on the board. She looked around the room seeing that all the spots were taken, well she didn't mind not having a lab partner. "Miss please take a seat over near Aang" the teacher told her. She did a double take…WHAT! She could not and would not be his partner she just couldn't.

"Umm sir I don't think that is a good-"She instantly shut her mouth and began walking towards her seat when she saw the glare her teacher gave her. She sat down and positioned her seat as far away from him as the desk would allow. She concentrated hard on the teacher who was currently explaining the steps to the lab. She struggled with her eyes since they desperately wanted to look at him for a reason she didn't know why. She took a quick peek and saw that he was staring at her too. She quickly looked down and felt a blush come onto her face. Why am I blushing? She thought to herself maybe it's just hot in here. Everyone began their labs and Katara knew she would have to have some contact with Aang as much as she didn't want to. She turned slightly to him but didn't meet his eyes, she then looked at all the chemicals and tubes (yeah I know this isn't chemistry :P) and realized she had no idea what to do. She was only half paying attention.

"Okay so we need to mix two tablespoons of this into that" Aang said pointed to the vials of liquids. Katara's heart shot up for a moment at the sound of his voice. She hadn't heard it for a long time but it sounded different somehow, less alive.

"Umm I am not sure I thought it we had to put it into the other one" Katara said nonchalant.

"No…I was paying attention the whole time and I am pretty sure that I am right" He said.

She smiled she had to admit that she was a little happy that they were at least talking in some form. "No Aang I am pretty sure I am right"

He smiled "Well maybe if you were paying a little more attention than staring at me you would see that I am right."Katara blushed

"I was not staring at you!" She said beginning to get annoyed

"Mhmm." He said knowing clearly that she was

"And I am right by the way" She retorted

"Not to be mean but you aren't" he said reaching his hand out for the tube. She instantly grabbed it from his hand but he quickly grabbed it back. They both hand their hands on it pulling back to get the tube out of the other person's hand.

"I am right!" Katara yelled trying to get it out of his hand but he was just too strong. She stood up to plant her feet onto the ground to give her move power but Aang did the same thing. They were both pushing and pulling back trying to get it.

"No I am right!" Aang yelled back. They both kept fighting and yelling which was starting to get the attention of the class. Aang noticed this and instantly let go. This pushed Katara back making her fall on her butt and some of the chemical's spilled onto her.

"Chemical spill!" someone in the class screamed out. (Yeah I know they would really use goggles and aprons and stuff to prevent this but hey its fanfiction!) Katara was instantly grabbed and put under the safety shower. Large pools of water filled the classroom and by the time it stopped Katara was soaked from head to toe.

Aang's lips began turning up which resulted in laughter and Katara became really angry. They whole class exploded in chuckles of laughter. Katara's blood began to boil and she pointed at Aang. "You!" she seethed. His laugher instantly stopped but he still worse a smile on his face.

"What?" He asked her

She fumed "You did this on purpose!"

"What, no I didn't! You were the one that started everything!"

She scoffed and made her way out the door not even taking the time to waterbend the water off her body.

After what had happened Katara decided to begin a prank war with Aang and the fighting got worse. They would fight about everything even for stupid things like what shade of red her shirt was. The pranks and fighting was very childish especially for mature people like them but they both kind of enjoyed it in a way since they never really got to act that way.

It was a few days after the chemical spill incident in biology and Katara was sitting at her desk nearby Aang which became her permanent seat much to her dismay. She bit her lip trying not to smile for what was about to go down. Aang raised his hand. "Sir, may I use the restroom" Aang asked leaving when the teacher nodded. Katara smiled knowing that the stuff the she put in his drink was working. As soon as he was out of sight Katara grabbed Aang's messenger bag. She dug her hand in finding what she was looking for and she set everything up then put the phone back into his bag, making sure to put it at the very top. When he came back Katara tried to hold back her laughter. She then sent him the final text. Then a loud ringtone flared though the room. She smiled knowing that it wouldn't stop until at least the first verse of the song ended. (WARNING inappropriate song)

Damn, girl, youz a freak
Give it to me, shes a beast
Get her wet, watch it leak
Runnin game but i dont speak
Shake it fast, west to east
Nasty talk, we in the sheets
Shes a big girl, yeah i know
give her when she curl her toes
Get it girl, what you want?
Say she like it from the front
Dont be scared, pussy pop
From the back and I wont stop
Sit on top, she like to ride
Pull ahead she clap thighs
Like it when she make it dip
Throw it back, its in the hips

Everyone turned to Aang knowing the ringtone was coming from Aang and his face turned bright red. Everyone began laughing, Katara laughing the loudest and Aang put two and two together knowing what had happened.

"Wow Aang I didn't know you were like that!" Katara said still laughing

Aang began to get angry "I didn't do this you know perfectly well that this was you!" Aang said pointing a finger a Katara.

She smiled "Maybe I did maybe I didn't" She said indifferently. "Let's just say this was payback from a few days ago" She said.

"What do you-"he then instantly remembered about the safety show incident "Oh that but that was an accident!"

"Sure it was!" She said her voice level rising, her hands began turning into tiny fist beside her.

"It was! Why I would do that to you on purpose!"

"Why wouldn't you that would be just like you!" Aang got extremely heated at that statement, he hated how she would always think things of him.

"Well that's just the problem Katara! You do not know me and things have changed the past 6 years!"

"Yes they have!" Katara said trying to hide the sadness in her voice.

"Katara! Aang!" The teacher scolded. That is when they both realized that they were fighting in the middle of class.

More and more fights and pranks were brought out during this time and it was beginning to get ridiculous. Everyone at school knew that they hated each other even though nobody knew why not even their close friends. Even when other people began pulling pranks of fighting they would tell them that they are being like Aang and Katara.

It was crazy.

But things took a different turn when Katara decided to change the game. She changed it to more of a who gives into who which just added another element to all the chaos.

Aang was sitting on the couch listening to his ipod. He currently had it on shuffle, his fingers drumming to the beat as he ever so often hummed to the tune. Then he heard a noise of the front door opening and he instantly looked up and saw a very unlikely person to be there, Katara. He momentarily wondered how she got in but he just rose up an eyebrow in confusing earning a smile from Katara but her smile seemed to hold some mischief in it.

He was now really confused.

"May I help you?" Aang asked more as a question than a statement. She didn't say anything but she began walking towards him, all the sudden stopping. Her eyes taking fancy at the plush, blue rug on the floor, then she cleared her throat and began speaking.

"Oh I was just looking for Sokka" She said while her eyes glanced around the room knowing the answer to that question.

"He isn't here, neither is Zuko" Aang said slowly. He shifted in his seat slightly uncomfortable at the way Katara was staring him down.

"Oh" she replied simply, walking over and sitting next to him. This earned a very confused look from Aang they actually weren't pranking each other or having an argument. Would pigs start to fly?

Katara scooted closer to Aang so that they were just touching. "Is there anything I can help you with?" Aang asked her. Katara just giggled then answered his question.

"Nope" She said popping the P. Then she put her hand onto his thigh tracing slow, deep circles on it while leaning in closer. Aang could feel his heart began to quicken, what on earth was she doing? She leaned in to his ear her lips barely grazing it and spoke in a small whisper.

"Nothing that you can help with" she whispered softly. Then she pulled her head back and began putting her hand up his thigh. His face turned slightly red at how close Katara was to certain areas of his body and how close she was to him in general.

"Maybe you can help me with other things" She said seductively. She then straddled his waist and put her arms around his neck. She began leaning in closer, her lips just barely grazing his left cheek, making their journey towards his lips. The almost made it to his lips all she would have to do is lean in just a little more…. Then she instantly jerked her body up and slowly walked to the door. She opened in and held onto the door frame while turning around to speak.

"See you tomorrow" She said smiling devilishly. She walked out almost closing the door but turned around to say one final statement. "Oh and by the way I still hate you" She said before exiting.

Aang was stunned, so that was just all part of their little game! Well if she wanted to play then he would show her how good of a player he was.

Line Break

Katara was walking into the entrance of the library at a steady pace. She groaned at her long report that was due in a few days, it was defiantly time to hit the books. She looked at all the long aisles of books that were there. This place did have a very good library selection, she was sure she would find what she needed to check out and leave quickly. She walked to one of the aisles on right and used her index finger to skim though the books. Ah ha! She thought when she found the right one Perfect! She grabbed the book off the shelf and began making her way to check it out, until she saw Aang. He was sitting alone at one of the many tables I the library. He had a big book opened up and she watched his eyes skimmed the words on the page before he gracefully and gently turned it to read the next one. She wondered why she would always watch him so intently, he was just so interesting.

"You can stop staring at me now" He said to her as he closed his book. Her face began to heat up and she knew that she must have been scarlet right now. How did he know!

"I was not!" She shot back while her eyes looked quickly around the room not wanting to meet his.

He just smiled and gave her look to show that he didn't believe her.

"Oh you better get that smirk off your pretty little face!" She replied then she covered her mouth realizing what she said.

"Hm so you think my face is pretty?" He said, his face showing extreme satisfaction

Katara felt herself begin to get very irritated "Fuck you!" she seethed in clenched teeth. She quickly closed her mouth and looked around glad that nobody heard her.

"You'd love that wouldn't you" Aang said angrily remembering her little bet

Katara ran her hands though her hair in exasperation, she didn't say anything since she didn't want to go off on him right here. She walked back until she felt her back hit something that was the wall. Aang began walked closer to her and he put his hands on both sides of her shoulders pinning her to the wall. Katara's heart leaped at how close he was to her, she hated the wonderful effect he had on her.

Aang's face softened "You know you can just give into your feelings." Aang began leaning in closer to her, his muscular build was now fully pressed up against Katara's and it was making her go crazy. He kept slowing leaning in closer and she felt her lips itching to kiss him. She could feel his cool breath on her face and the comfortable warmth coming from his body. She felt the deep, steady breath of his, it was just all heaven. She leaned in more desperately wanted to kiss him, she wanted to so badly but then he pulled away. He grabbed his book and swiftly made his way out the door of the library with a smile on his face. Katara could not believe she fell for that and she couldn't believe how badly she wanted it.

Dammit! She cursed in her mind.

Line Break

Then another component was added to everything.


They currently happened to get into a double date. Katara with Jet and Aang with On Ji, Katara did think Jet was a nice guy and was glad that he comforted her though everything that was happening but she did admit that she wanted to make Aang jealous. Aang didn't even know how they got into this situation it just happened and On Ji was a nice girl so he didn't mind but his stomach turned when he tried to imagine Katara going on a date with someone else.

Line Break

Present time:

Everyone kept talking about how annoying Aang and Katara were being.

"I swear I'm gonna go insane if the pull one more prank again!" Zuko said infuriated

"Well I swear my heads gonna explode if they have one more argument." Mai admitted, rubbing her temples

"Yeah! We have to do something before we all go crazy!" Toph added exasperated. Toph began thinking of a way to get them to be friends again. "Oh I got it!" She exclaimed happily, she then proceeded to explain her plan to the others.

"Kind of cliché but it will work!" Sokka remarked joyfully

"Hopefully it will work because I can't take much of this anymore" Suki said. Then the front door opened and Aang walked through the door, coming back from a long practice.

"What are you all doing here?" He questioned suspiciously

"Ummm nothing just hanging out" Sokka said stuttering. Toph punched him hard in the arm and mumbled on how he couldn't keep a secret for his life.

"Were just hear hanging out were not allowed to do that?" Toph responded. Aang just nodded and let everything go and he made his way towards his room.

"Okay well were going to go" Suki told everyone

Sokka nodded "So when are we doing the plan?"

Toph began thinking "How about tomorrow afternoon since there going on their double date tonight?"

Sokka grimaced "I don't like that Jet kid but okay well do it tomorrow"

With that last statement everyone then went back to their regular business.

Line Break

Aang's POV

I stared at my closet trying to find something to wear for my date. I glanced at the clock on my night stand and noted that I had about 30 minutes. I still couldn't believe that I was going on a double date with Katara and Jet, I never liked that boy there was just something about him. These past two months have been hard for Katara and I, but I do admit that everything was pretty fun other then the hating each other part. But that was the problem, I did not hate her and I never could. No matter what we did to each other I always still really liked her and nothing would change that. But it was easier to hate then to love.

Like Break

Nobody POV

"This double date was going horribly wrong" Aang thought. Maybe it was the fact that the date happened to be a hour delayed, or maybe it was the fact that the first restaurant they went just happened to catch on fire. Yeah it was something that you would see in a movie but nope it happened to them. Aang groaned as he looked at the menu, was there any dish that didn't have meat! He just decided to get some water and eat later. Something about this date was really getting on his nerves but he couldn't put his finger on it. Then he looked at Katara's midnight blue dress. She looked so beautiful tonight, the dress etched into her curves marvelously and really showed off her lean body. Her hair fell perfectly to place in nice ringlets that really framed her face. But why did that dress have to be so low cut! He hated the way that Jet kept eyeing her as if she was a piece of meat or something. He did feel kind of bad about his thoughts since he was on this date with On Ji. She was a very kind girl with a wonderful personality and she was very pretty too. But she wasn't anything compared to Katara's beauty and personality.

"Excuse me I have to go to the restroom" On Ji said

"I'll come with you" Katara offered, she then giggled and whispered something in Jet's ear causing him to smile. She then proceeded to glide her hand on the length of his arm before walking away. Aang was clenching his fist in a tight ball and was surprised that the table was still intact.

In the bathroom Katara's POV

I walked into the women's bath room with On Ji. I couldn't explain it but I felt a weird felling towards her for some reason I did not like her, I did not know why because she was a very nice girl. Then images of Aang popped up into my head about On Ji and him flirting with each other. They seemed like such a great couple you wouldn't even have known that this was their first date. I felt my teeth instantly gnash together, was I jealous? "I am not jealous!" I told to myself there was no reason to be I didn't like him or anything. Instead of continuing this mental battle I attempted to start a conversation with On Ji.

"Sooo, when did you and Aang meet?" I asked her seeing her fix her hair in the mirror. She was extremely gorgeous but also very kind and smart, no wonder why Aang was so interested in her. This though saddened me and I had to remind myself that I was on a date with Jet!

"Oh I met him at the library once" She told me smiling. The mention of the library made butterflies flutter in my stomach at what happened there, the way he kept leaning in closer…..our bodies so close to each other. I instantly snapped out of it, what the hell was wrong with me! I deeply hated him and nothing would ever change that, he is just a player and I deeply hated them.

"Cool" I replied to On Ji about how they met, I didn't really know what else to say with the tornado of emotions coursing through me.

"I know right!" She gushed happily "He is such a great guy, he is sweet, caring, funny and not to mention handsome! I am so happy that he asked me out! One day while we were…." I began to drone out what she was saying, this was something that I really didn't want to hear.

Jet and Aang: Aang's POV

Jet and I sat there in silence while waiting for the girls to return. I didn't really know what to say to him since the girls were taking a pretty long time in there.

"So, you and On Ji" Jet said

"Yup" I wasn't sure exactly what to say

"So after this you guys are gonna go have some fun, if you get what I mean?" He said smirking. I felt disgusted by him, Jet was one of the biggest players at the school and I hated that.

"No" I said firmly feeling the anger in my voice

"Woah no need to get angry" He said putting his arms up in defeat. I just scowled at him. "I defiantly know what I would do if I were you, I mean come on man! All the girls at this campus are so into you even Azula who doesn't take shit from anybody." The mention on Azula make my stomach turn she has been really close to me lately and trying to get me to go out with her for the past few months. But what Jet said was really getting to me and pricking my nerves. "Yeah you should just do what I do just do what I do, just sleep with different people, one after another, no need for commitment. Some of these girls are so damn clueless and easy, but every once in a while I do like a chase." I could feel my anger rising in me and every nerve being pluck as he spoke each word. How could he even think of doing that to people! My whole body was rigid, both on my hands where clenched into fist and my teeth were pressed down so hard I thought my jaw would break. Where there guys really like this!

"I mean why buy the cow when I can get the milk for free and from many different cows….I defiantly know what I am going to do to Katara tonight….all night" He said putting his hand up for a high five. What he said about Katara struck the last nerve in and my anger consumed me. Instead of high fiving him I slammed his hand hard on the table.

"Now, you listen to me, you won't do anything to Katara you hear that. I actually almost fell sorry for you and for all the women that had to suffer from you." I said menacingly

Once I thought that I got the point across I regained my composure and tried to calm myself down. How could he think that Katara would have sex with him? She isn't like that, but then I thought about the bet and wasn't so sure anymore. The girls came back and took their seats, I looked down at my watch and saw that it was getting late. I saw Jet whisper something into Katara's ear and saw her nod her head slightly.

"We are going to leave, it's getting late" Jet said as he began to get up. Katara followed his lead and opened up her purse to get money out.

I put my hand up to stop her "No it's alright, I got it" I told her. Our eyes locked for a moment and she smiled a little awkwardly which I think was a thank you. After they left I paid for the meal and walked On Ji home.

"Goodnight" I told her as she began to walk into her dorm

"This was really fun, I hope we can do this again sometime" She said smiling. "Goodnight" she said as she lightly kissed me on the cheek causing my face to color slightly. She was a very nice person and I did like her but more as a friend. She then closed the door and I began to walk to my dorm room.

Nobody's POV

Katara and Jet began walking back to what she thought was him dropping her off to her dorm. "Where are we going?" She asked suspiciously.

"To my dorm…don't worry there is nobody there tonight" He said winking. She was instantly disgusted…so that is all he wanted. He wrapped his arm around how and brought her to him tightly. She harshly pushed him away.

"No, I am not going with you" she said strongly

His face contorted "Why baby?" He said grabbing her again. She pushed him away and slapped him hard against his face angry that he did not understand that her answer was no.

"I am not your baby!" She said her voice level rising "I am going home and I never wasn't to see you again, you repulse me."

This was getting him very annoyed and infuriated. He grabbed her harshly and she tried to get out of his grip but he was too strong for her. "We are going back to my dorm, okay?" He said in a low voice. Katara instantly became frightened and tried hard to get out of his grasp. He began to try to kiss her but she kept moving her face so he couldn't. This angered him and his grip on her got tighter causing her to yelp in pain.

"Let me go! You don't want to do something you will regret!"

He just smirked "Trust me I won't regret this". She began to panic more especially when she saw the lust in his eyes, he really wasn't letting himself think.

"Stop! Please just let me go! Someone Help!" She screamed. Was there anyone out today? She tried to scream louder but Jet covered her mouth. This was all going so wrong she thought. She was petrified that he was going to have his way with her and she was fresh tears threatening to pool over.

"Stop it Jet! She said to leave her alone!" Katara heard a voice sharply say and she knew who that voice was. She was instantly relived when she saw Aang come to her rescue. When Aang saw what Jet was doing to Katara he was instantly enraged and furious. He felt his blood boil at the sight and his stomach lurch in repulsion. His knuckles were white from clenching them hard into fist at his sides. He usually didn't let his anger get to him and only used violence when he really needed to but this was different.

This was Katara.

He grabbed Jet of off Katara and pushed him onto the ground harshly. Jet got up from the ground and began throwing punches at Aang as hard as he could but Aang kept blocking all of them. Jet then tried to kick him but Aang just grabbed his leg and pushed it causing him to stumble over. Jet kept trying to attack but nothing was working and he began to get frustrated.

"This fight is over Jet!" Aang said his voice hoarse from anger. Aang then walked to Katara's aid but Jet still wasn't done with him. Jet tried to make Aang fall by swiping his foot under his leg but Aang did a small flip and got to his feet quickly. Aang decided that Jet wasn't stopping until he made him stop. Aang then turned around and gave a powerful punch square in Jet's face.

"This is over, I better not see you within a mile of Katara or any other girl for that matter or this encounter will be a lot worse." Aang said through gritted teeth. His eyes glowed in anger and his voice was so full of danger and venom that Jet almost peed in his pants. Jet quickly got up and began running in a random direction covering his face. When he was gone Aang instantly went to check on Katara.

She was paralyzed and frozen in place, she wasn't even sure if she blinked. She couldn't believe what just happened. She defiantly was extremely grateful that he came. But never in the years that she had known him saw him that angry, she swore she could feel slight tremors in the ground symbolizing his anger. She also has never seen him look so powerful, she knew that he was a master Airbender but this was different. Jet didn't even touch him and it seemed almost as easy as breathing for Aang to block all his attacks and fight back.

"Are you okay?" Aang asked her his voice now calm and soothing. She wasn't sure if she could find her voice right then so she just nodded. She looked into his grey orbs which held concern. Despite the past months of dislike for each other she was really grateful for him right now and was touched at his concern for her.

"I am fine" She said her voice monotone but strangely content even with everything that just happened.

"Do you want me to walk you back?" Aang asked her

"No thanks I will be fine"

He nodded and she began walking back to her dorm but then she turned around. "Thank you" She whispered.

"Anytime" He replied

She began walking back and she turned around one more time seeing that he wasn't there. But she didn't know that he was following her. He knew it was wrong to follow her but Jet was still somewhere out there and he wanted to make sure that she was safe. Once she was safe Aang began walking towards his dorm room. He looked down at his watch seeing how late it was.

What a night.

Line Break

It has been about two weeks since that horrific encounter. Oddly enough everything was back to normal, or was assumed normal. Aang and Katara still treated each other exactly the same as they had before.

"Katara, I need to get a book for one of my school projects" Toph told her

"And…?" Katara replied not sure what this meant

"I need you to come with me" She said as if it was the most obvious thing in the work

"But… can't even read books….?"

"So ill get someone to read it to me" Toph defended

"Fine" Katara said reluctantly.

Line Break

This defiantly wasn't the way to the library, this was a random hallway.

"Umm Toph where are we?" Katara questioned. Toph didn't say anything but then instantly grab her and shoved her into an unknown room. She was very confused and looked around wondering what just happened. It was a small closet and she saw the most unexpected person to be there….Aang.

"Toph! What's going on let us out!" Katara yelled while banging on the door

"You guys have been so damn annoying the past few months with your stupid pranks and fighting so you better fix it now. I will come back when I feel like it." Toph told her "Oh, and you better not think about getting out of there because I will know and then I will stay in there with you until you make up" she added.

Katara groaned, the last thing she wanted was to be confined in a small area with….him. "Toph! Just let us out!" She kept repeating while still banging on the door.

"It's no use, she is already gone" Katara heard a familiar voice say but she just ignored him and kept fiddling with the door knob trying to get it open. But all her attempts failed and she just sunk down to ground. Aang followed her lead and sat down in the small closet but they were both as far away from each other as they could be.

"Did you have anything to do with this?" Katara asked him sharply. He physically winced a little bit at the sharpness of her voice.

He shook his head "Of course not, did you have anything to do with this?"

Anger filled her voice as she snapped at him "No! Why the hell would I want to be locked in a space with you I rather jump off a cliff!"

Her anger began to rub off on him "Likewise" He said his voice hard

But she wasn't doesn't yet "Don't flatter yourself! I wouldn't do this on purpose…."

"Katara" He said trying to get her to stop

"You know how much I hate you…"She continued on

"Katara" He said a little bit firmer

"With your big ego and all the girls you talk to, I hate players and….."

"Katara" He said irritation clear in his voice

"I mean why would you think that I would fall for it…"

"KATARA!" He yelled wanting her to stop. She instantly stopped and blinking a few times in confusion but decided to stay quite. She hadn't realized she was ranting. "This space is too small for us to be fighting right now so let's just calm down since we have no idea when we're getting out of here."

Line Break

"How long has it been?" She wondered. They had been sitting in silence for a long time but things were beginning to get antsy, there just wasn't anything to do to pass the time.

Aang looked down at his watch frowning "About an hour and a half"

She sighed, it defiantly felt much longer. She hated Toph for doing this to her, she wished that she could just get out of here.

"Why don't we do something to pass that time?" He offered

Katara lifted up an eyebrow "Like what?"

Aang looked around the room trying to think of something "Umm what about….twenty questions?"

"Sure, you go first" She said glad to somehow pass time.

They took the time to ask random questions back and forth. They asked normal ones like favorite color, favorite band, favorite food and animals. Also other random stuff was shared like things about school and life. They got to learn some new information about each other like who taught them their bending. Aang of course just stuck to his Airbending but it made him feel guilty that he had to lie to her.

But he then decided to be risky and asked her a question that flipped the whole conversation around.

"Why do you hate me?" He asked quietly

This really struck a nerve in Katara and she wasn't sure what to say. "I don't" She said

She saw the confusion on his face and decided to elaborate. "I don't hate you it may seem like I do and I do say it but I really don't mean it. I have known this for a while but have always been in denial." She was surprised when she said that because she hadn't even admitted that to herself.

"Then why all of these months of hate?" He questioned

"Well it's because of what you did…"

He felt a bad feeling in his stomach "What exactly did I do?"

She really didn't want to say out loud for some reason, like it would really be true if she did. "Well I heard what you did to girls….like Azula, how you umm just use them to sleep with…"

Aang was shocked, how could she think that! He then thought back to Jet and what he told him and didn't blame Katara for hating him if she thought he was like that. "Katara, I have never done that ever! I would never do that to a girl, that is just cruel!" Katara felt bad that she believed Azula, she knew that she shouldn't have but she was so convincing, but when she looked into Aang's eyes there wasn't any way she couldn't believe him.

"I am truly sorry Aang…I knew I shouldn't have believed her." Aang accepted the apology at the misunderstanding.

"You know Azula has been really close to me lately, she tried to get me to go out with her before but I refused." He mused "Wait, what day did you hear what Azula said about me?"

She thought back for a second "It was a Tuesday, about two and a half or three months ago."

"That's the day the Ty Lee came to talk to me! She um, told me that you had a bet if you could umm….sleep with me and that would dump me later" He said awkwardly, his cheeks tinted red.

Katara began to blush too "I would never do that to you Aang" She said seriously. The both thought for a moment at the rumors they heard and something clicked in both of their heads.

"Azula!" They said at the same time

"I cannot believe that…ughh! How could she do this to people" Katara said in disgust. Aang nodded in agreement, so they have been fighting for months for absolutely no reason and when they both were beginning to be friends again. But another big question was still on his mind.

"So we have that deal figured out but I am still wondering about something….." He paused and looked up at her wondering if he should continue, he continued when he saw the small nod she gave him. "But what happened at the beginning of the year and everything over the years."

A strong hurricane of emotions went through her, this was something that she really didn't want to discuss but she knew she couldn't hide it forever. She regained her composure before she answered him but she could already feel the sting of tears in her eyes but she dared not to let them out

"You….you stopped caring" She said as her voice cracked "Everything was perfect or as perfect as it could be…..but then you…you just stopped contacting me. I thought something had happened to you! But then….I found out from Gyatso that you were fine. The worst part is that my….my mo-, my mother got murdered soon after!" She closed her eyes while saying this and felt a rush of emotions course though her.

Aang was stunned and had no idea what to say. He instantly felt extremely miserable and guilty that she felt this way. How could she ever think that he didn't care? He always cared and never stopped caring. What was really startling and saddening was about Katara's mother. He couldn't believe that was dead and not just dead but murdered…..she was such a kind person and he didn't know what messed up person could do that. He felt guilty, like if he hadn't left all of this wouldn't have happened. But there was something that was really confusing about all of this.

"Katara…..I am so sorry about everything, but I never have and never will stop caring for you. I am so sorry about your mother, I know how you feel" He said solemnly

"How could you possibly know how I feel!" She hated when people tried to act like they knew how she felt.

Aang completely understood why she would get angry at his statement. "Because, my family is dead….that's why Gyatso couldn't have possibly sent you a message about me" He told her gravely.

"Gosh Aang, I am so sorry, I didn't know…if I did then…" She felt really shallow and mean because how she treated him the last few months especially when something this dreadful happened to him. She remembered all that pain she felt for her mother and she couldn't possible think for that to happen with any other person in her family.

"No, its okay but the same thing that happened to you happened to me….you just stopped contacting me, only difference is your father told me that you were fine…" Aang sat deep in thought but then realization hit his face, Katara wanted to ask him what he discovered but she decided to find out later.

Both of them were very shocked and confused. So all of this time they could have been friends? Instead of fighting and hating each other they could have been laughing and hanging out with each other just like old times. All this time that they have lost….they both knew just how important time was and not to waste it.

Instead of saying what they were thinking they just stared into each other's eyes showing what they were thinking. They both were a lot closer to each other than they were when they first got stuck in there.

"So….does this mean that we are umm friends?" Katara asked in a hopeful tone

"Defiantly" He said smiling. Katara smiled back at him a big smile that she hasn't probably smiled in years. They both felt an extreme joy that they hadn't felt since they separated six years ago. They both looked up at the door when they heard the doorknob being fiddled with and saw Toph open the door.

"Thank Goodness!" Katara exclaimed!

"Yeah we have in here for hours" Aang added. Toph just shrug and told them that she was busy but they were both too happy to be angry.

"What's with all the happiness? It's making me sick to my stomach? And I though you guys hating each other was bad." Toph said smirking

Line Break

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