Hello, alex here, my first fanfic (well, portal one was crap, so i didn't post it).

M due to scary shit,sex themes and my offensive language (mostly from the narration).

tvtropes asked for it, blame them. oh yea and my word program is not working and my grammar is all around suck, so

shut up and read it or not.

Narrator: Timmy is an aver *i cut him off* me: no, he is not, why? narrator: i still get paid right?
me: let me finish, stupid narrator.
narrator: bu-
me:back to him not being normal in any ways.

How many of the show characters think Timmy has godparents? him, the godparents, and Crocker. right?

Timmy's story

Timmy has the mostly same backstory until Vicky got introduced, that is where i start to tell the truth.

it was a stormy night, Vicky was being evil, duh, and Timmy was taking it in tears as normal, a few scars here a few burn marks there and also- narrator: uh, you can't detail that part any further, this is pg13-

anyway, Timmy was in broken tears crying in his room, and kept saying, why am i alone? so alone?

and then, fairy's would show up, you know that much, but what you do not know is Vicky was in the room watching him, but she had to leave due to his parents showing up.

he saw everything he saw in the show, but...

after years of this he noticed one thing, he could never feel pain, or anything for that matter, just a bit, if at all.

he starts remembering the start to the whole thing..

*cliche flashback wave*

Timmy was feeling lonely and said, i wish i had a friend, Vicky made fun of him, to what he said "I HAVE FRIENDS I HAVE GOD PARENTS WHO WATCH ME FROM ABOVE" he truly thought this was real,and kept talking to them, but it was all trauma and insanity, all his story's adventures revolved around one thing, loneliness.

now, after the insanity, he see's what is truly in front of him, he is in a prison-ish cell, and you saw other

people, all about the age of 13-16, most of them looking at him as if they saw a monster, they all muttered and whispered around eachother "is he back to normal? what was he doing all this time? finally we can ask him"

girl a(a short girl, only age noticeable by the fact she was speaking in a teenage like voice")

girl: tim- uhhh... hello, are you okay now? afte- uhh, what happened? i feel bad fo- uhh.. (she keeps taking her words back at the uhh)

Timmy: where am i? how long have i been like this? was i dreaming?

girl: you're in a dungeon, a sex slave prison.

Timmy: WHAT?

girl: from what i heard from your insane talking to people who are not there, i assume you remember the name


Timmy: gets a scared look, he figured most things out now.

Timmy: so, who are these people here?

girl: all Vicky's slaves, but i warn you, she kills them at 16, and you're 16, happy birthday, by the way.

Timmy: this cannot be good, who are you anyway?

girl: i don't know if you remember me, but my name is Tootie.

Timmy: i wouldn't forget you, you are my friend after all.

Tootie: oh... okay, and Timmy, before you die, i have one thing to say...

*Vicky arrives*


Vicky: wait, he isn't talking to his so called fairys and imaginary friends?

Timmy: no, i remember a bit now, and i know one thing others do not...

*whole room is looking at him*

he charges to the cell gate and reaches his arm to Vicky's pocket, pulling a gun...

Timmy aims, but Vicky shoots him first.

during the insane cackling she forgot Tootie was in Timmy's cell the whole time, and that was Vicky's last mistake...

*the end*

there might be a sequel, depends if i have time, you know, a kid only has so much spare time.