Phineas, Ferb,and Isabella were running through the outskirts of the Danville forest. The kids were doing their best to follow Lawrence; a daunting task considering it was pitch black. Finally, after running for such a long time, they reached the end of the forest.

Lawrence looked around frantically, "Where is he? The driver said he'd be here by now."

Phineas was doubled over with his hands on his knees. He looked at Ferb, who was leaning against a tree. "Are you okay?" Phineas asked. Ferb responded with a thumbs-up. Phineas nodded an turned his attention towards Isabella. He looked at her quizzically. She was flipping through her phone for text messages.

Phineas cleared his throat, "I don't think now is the appropriate time to be checking for text messages."

Isabella snapped her phone shut, "I just wanted to make sure the Fireside Girls got out safely." She clasped her hands behind her head, "Phineas, can I ask you something?"

Phineas nodded.

Isabella sighed, "A promise is something you always have to keep, right?" Isabella knew what she had to do, she just needed some reassurance.

"Well, yeah." Phineas responded, "A promise is something sacred. You always have to see it through."

He was a little confused, what was her sudden interest with promises about? Then he remembered, "If you're talking about my promise to p-"

"The Fireside Girls haven't reported in yet, the last I heard from them, they were still at the school and-" Isabella was breathless; if they were captured then a fate worse than death awaited them.

Phineas was shocked,"You can't seriously be thinking about going back for them?"

The horn of a van was heard and Lawrence shouted words of relief. Ferb climbed in the van and stared at the two younger kids. If he was right, and he usually was, then Isabella would bolt back to the school with a half-baked plan to help the Fireside Girls.

"Come on, children! Let's go!" Lawrence was waving at Phineas and Isabella to get in the van.

Phineas shook his head, "I'm not letting you go!" Of course he wouldn't let her go. They would never see each other again if she went back to Danville.

Isabella chuckled mirthlessly, "I'm not asking for your permission." With that said she started running back towards Danville.

Phineas opened his eyes and took in the scenery around him. Gray skies, dead trees, the motorcycle with the sidecar next to him, and Ferb sleeping under a dead tree a few feet away. Phineas stood up and rubbed his eyes. 'That's the third time I had that dream. I wonder if it's because we're going back home?' "Hey, Ferb! Wake up, we should get going if we want to make it to Danville before nightfall."

Ferb just rolled over on his side and grunted.

Phineas walked over to where his brother was sleeping and began pulling his arm, "Ferb, you really need to get up, come on!"

Ferb retracted his arm, stood up and dusted himself. He stared at Phineas.

Phineas stared back. The staring went on for a minute or so before Phineas broke the silence, "Well, we may not be able to tell the when it's night because the sky is always gray, but I'd still like to get to Danville before nightfall."

Ferb mounted the motorcycle and Phineas got in the sidecar. The combo of bike and sidecar wasn't something to be proud of. It was old, beat-up, the sidecar was tiny, and it would rarely start the first time. The engine whined and stuttered before turning silent. After turning the key again, and pleading to whatever God controlled engines, the bike roared to life.

"Finally," Muttered Phineas.

Ferb throttled the gas and sped off. After a few minutes of traveling in silence, Ferb shot a glance at Phineas. Every second the brothers drew nearer to their old home, and with every second that passed Phineas seemed more and more nervous.

Phineas sighed, "How much do you think Danville's changed?"

Ferb shrugged.

"You know," Phineas started, "It was a really bad move on Britain's part to cut itself off from the rest of the world. Now we don't know how bad the rest of the world's off."

Ferb's only response was eloquent shrug.

Phineas knew when he talked about the state of Britain, Ferb would usually become unresponsive. Phineas closed his eyes and tried to get some sleep. He hadn't been sleeping well the past couple of days. Phineas was almost asleep when the motorcycle lurched forward and stopped.

Phineas opened his eyes and asked, "The engine die again?"

Ferb got off the bike, nodded, and began trying to find the engine's problem. Phineas would have helped, but Ferb was really protective of his bike. Apparently it had belonged to Grandpa Fletcher.

Ferb, upon receiving it, decided to remove all aspects of its fish form.

Phineas leaned back in the sidecar and allowed his brother to work in peace. Again, his bid for sleep was interrupted, this time by the rumbling of the earth. Phineas squeezed his eyes and tried to block out the rumbling, 'I really don't want to wake up.' The rumbling kept growing louder and louder, willing Phineas to wake up. Finally, Phineas opened his eyes and saw a truck barreling towards them.

For a moment it didn't register in his mind that a truck was barreling towards them at high speeds. And then it clicked in his mind, 'Oh, crap! That truck's going to kill us!' Phineas got out of his sidecar and dragged Ferb to the side of the road.

The driver of the truck swerved in the opposite direction and crashed into some rather large trees. Before Ferb could even take a breath to come himself down, Phineas was across the path trying to remove some of the trees that blocked the doors and help the driver get out.

Phineas was struggling to move the tree, "Why won't it budge?"

Before Phineas could attempt to move the tree, he heard a whistle. On top of the truck stood Ferb.

Phineas was confused, "What are you doing up there?"

"The back doors were locked." Ferb responded.

"Well, how-"

Ferb pointed down. There was a ladder on the side of the truck.

"How did I miss this?" Phineas mumbled to himself as he climbed the ladder, "Well, now what?"

Ferb bent down and opened a hatch, "It's an X-five type logier, if we go in through here, there should be a door that leads to the cabin." With that said Ferb jumped into the dark cargo hold and Phineas soon followed. As soon as both brothers were in, the truck pulled out of its momentary parking space and sped away at a ridiculous speed.

Phineas started to shout, "Wait, we-" and Ferb's hand clamped down on his mouth, and pointed at the opposite wall.

Phineas's eyes widened, for on the wall were several different types of weapons, behind them stood several crates,"Ferb, these are-" Again he was interrupted. This time, by the explosion of bullets outside.

A voice on a loudspeaker shouted at the truck, "Stop and you shall be given a fair trial before being imprisoned!"

Two women wearing jackets, helmets, and goggles stepped through the door that connected the cargo hold and the cabin. Apparently, they were arguing.

Ferb hid behind the crates and pulled Phineas down. He only hoped that the darkness would conceal them.

"I just don't get how this is my fault." The taller one said.

The shorter one merely sighed, "It's your fault because you broke the speed limit, you ran the stop sign,and you insulted that cop."

The taller one took unhooked two guns from the wall and handed one of them to shorter one, "Well, of course I insulted him! He was being a creep. As a member of your personal guard-"

"I don't have a personal guard!" The shorter one snapped back.

"It's my duty to protect you from any and all dangers. So, uh, how are we going to lose the cops?"

The shorter one perked up at the question, "On the count of three, unlock the back doors and fire."

"That's your brilliant plan? Open the doors and shoot?"

Phineas turned to his brother and whispered, "Ferb, these people are terrorists!"

The shorter woman tensed and looked around.

Phineas flinched. Had his whispers given away the fact that they were hiding?

"Is everything okay, chief?" The taller woman asked while loading her gun. 'I guess she'll always be a bit paranoid.'

The shorter woman nodded, "Yes, I just thought I heard something. Maybe it was a mouse?"

The taller women nodded, "Perhaps. So open the door and shoot, right? Nothing else? Well then, if you'd be kind enough to count down."

"One, two, three!"

The taller woman unlocked the doors and started firing at the police. Seconds later a small crash was heard and the taller woman closed the doors. "Well, that was anti-climatic. Hey, why didn't you shoot?"

The shorter woman shrugged, "Aren't you the self-proclaimed 'Ace of the rebellion.'? You should be able to take out a patrol car without assistance."

The taller woman snorted, "Self-proclaimed? Please, I am the Ace! Hey, should I lock up the doors?"

The shorter one thought for a moment, "Nah, leave it. We'll stop for lunch, rest for a little bit, and then proceed to headquarters."

The taller on gave her consent, "Sounds like a plan." Both women walked out of the cargo hold and into the cabin.

Ferb walked out from behind the crate and turned to Phineas, "The moment the truck stops, we jump out and run into the woods."

Phineas raised an eyebrow quizzically, "That's the plan? Jump out and run?"

"Well, I doubt they'll leave the keys in the igni-" Ferb silenced himself when the truck stopped running. He held up his hand, 'four, three, two, one.' "Now." He whispered harshly and both brothers rushed out, only to find themselves flat on their backs with guns pointing at them.

"What happened?" Phineas moaned. He knew what had happened, though. The doors were left unlocked as a trap, and the two assailants in front of them had somehow brought them down.

Ferb stared up at the gun-wielders. They had buttoned up green jackets, green helmets, goggles, and black pants, 'When did the women of Danville become so dangerous?' Ferb spoke up, "Let us go. We mean no harm"

One of the women, the one Phineas and Ferb knew to be the tall one, answered, "No harm? No, see, whether or not we kill you is all up to the chief."

The other one nodded, "That is correct. The deciding factor of your lives rest solely upon the word of the chief."

The taller on sighed, "Golf, come on! I just said that! All you did was repeat it."

The other one merely responded, "Echo, repetition is a perfect way to make sure that the basic idea is conveyed. It is best if our captives realize that the situation they're in is a rather precarious one."

"Oh, really? Where's the chief?" The taller one asked.

"The chief informed me that she would be requesting reinforcement units to act as decoys so that the police would stop pursuing us. Ah, here she is now." The other one said just as the shorter one walked up to the captives.

The shorter one, wearing the same outfit as the other two, stared at Phineas and Ferb, "Let them sit up." The shorter one ordered and the brothers did as she said, "What were you two doing in the back of our truck?"

Phineas hastily answered, "My brother and I saw you crash and we tried to help. I swear, if we had known you were terrorists-"

"Revolutionaries." The shorter one interrupted.

Phineas was confused, "I...what?"

The shorter one sighed, "You said terrorists. We are revolutionaries. Terrorists don't care who gets hurt in their endeavors. We, on the other hand, do our best to protect civilians. There's some other reasons that differentiate us and them, but I digress. Now, back to my original question?"

"Like Phineas said," Ferb continued, "We saw you crash and wanted to help."

The shorter one seemed confused, "Phineas? Phineas Flynn?"

Phineas nodded silently. Who was this woman? Had they met before?

The shorter woman turned her attention to Ferb and asked, "By any chance, would you be Ferb Fletcher?"

Ferb's response was a small dip of his head.

The shorter woman chuckled happily. She hadn't seen Phineas and Ferb since they were children, and now, by some bit of luck, here they were, Sitting in front of her, confused.

Phineas broke the silence, "Do we know you?"

The shorter one chuckled again, an act that did not go unnoticed by her comrades. The shorter one nodded, "I would hope so. We were friends for some time, after all." The woman pulled her goggles down and removed her helmet, revealing dark blue eyes and long black hair.

Phineas's eyes widened as he took in the sight of the girl before him and smiled widely, "Isabella!" Phineas jumped up and hugged Isabella, "I haven't seen you in ages and..." Phineas slowed down and distanced himself from Isabella, "You're a terrorist?"

Isabella shook her head, "Didn't you hear me? Revolutionaries. That's what we are."

The taller one turned to the third woman and said, "If I remember correctly, when Phineas is around, we get ignored. Is that about right, Gretchen?"

"Well, that was twenty years ago, Adyson. I should hope that our fearless leader has matured over the years." Gretchen shrugged and turned to the now standing Ferb, "Greetings, Mr. Fletcher."

Ferb waved back.

Adyson clapped her hands and said in an overly cheery voice, "Wow, it's so nice to get reacquainted, but I'm afraid we really should get going," She waved her hand towards the truck, "In case you've forgotten, what we're doing is not exactly legal."

Isabella blinked. What were they going to do with the brothers?

Almost as if reading Isabella's mind Adyson chimed, "You just had to have your sentimental moment."

Isabella replaced the goggles and helmet, "Well, we could-"


The group of five looked towards the sky. A helicopter had spotted them and was floating above, menacingly.

Perhaps Adyson summed up the singular thought in everyone's head the best, "Well...damn!"

"Your eloquence never ceases to amaze me." Sighed Gretchen.

That's the first chapter. Now, let me address some things. The reason why I wrote out _Woman instead of Isabella, Adyson, or Gretchen is a simple one. The story started out with Phineas and Ferb and not with the trio. At the moment, we only knew what the Brothers knew, and they didn't know the identity of the trio. I'm well aware of how insipid the first chapter is. I blame the fact that I started planning the story backwards from the end towards the beginning. I would like some critique of what I'm doing right and wrong; it's my aim to make this story as enjoyable to the readers as it is to me. So, grammar, description, logical fallacies, if you see a flaw please point it out. If you see something you like tell me so. The OOCness will be addressed in later chapters. What else? Violence, death, guns and double entendres will be present throughout.

Goals for the story

Primary: Write a war fic that explores the moral and emotional aspects of the characters.

Secondary: Reconstruct and Deconstruct the war fic genre.

Tertiary: Try not to lose the readers with loads of gun details. Because, come on! How many of you know what Beretta x-12 looks like? Me neither. As such Gun detail will be kept to handgun, assault rifle and the like.