It's the way you do the things you do,
They make me fall in love with you.

"Dakota"- A Rocket to the Moon


Raoul watched him from across the room, pensively sipping from his tankard of ale. Ever since their triumphant return from the Drell River Valley, he could not stop watching a certain redheaded squire. Many things about Alan of Trebond confused Raoul of Goldenlake, but his shifting feelings for the younger man most of all. The only person Raoul ever felt this way about before was Delia of Eldorne, a lady if there ever was one. The thought that he might have romantic feelings for a man disturbed him greatly. Hence his recent increase in ale consumption.

Now, sitting in the Dancing Dove, several tankards deep, Raoul found himself tapping Alan's shoulder. "Can I talk to you?"

"Sure." Alan glanced at the men around him, a group filled with criminals and their leader.

"Not here."

"All right…" Had Raoul been less intoxicated, he might have seen the wariness in the young man's violet eyes. "Excuse me." In his state, Raoul also missed the look George gave him – one of puzzled amusement, as if he knew what Raoul wanted to say to Alan, and found it terribly funny.

The young noblemen found one of the quiet corners in the Inn. As the seat of the Rogue, there were many such places for private conversations. "I want to tell –"

"Gods, Raoul!" Alan stepped back, wrinkling his nose. "How much ale have you had?"

"Doesn't matter," he slurred.

Alan frowned, fixing sharp violet eyes on him. "We should get you back. Are you going to be able to make it back to the palace? Gods, Raoul." He started to go, muttering something about finding George and why didn't he think to bring someone big along just in case this happened.

"No!" Raoul grabbed Alan's arm. The boy looked back, startled and possibly in pain, mouth open in protest. Raoul crashed his mouth down upon the boy's and kissed him. Alan reared back, violet eyes wide in terror. Raoul swore as Alan backed away.

"I'm just going to… uhm…" Alan turned and ran away, leaving Raoul to beat himself up in private. This was what he got for drinking. He would never touch ale again… until tomorrow, at least.

This is my attempt at trying something new (for me). Hope you enjoy it!