Not Going To Be Taken



Part One

Elliot was on his way to meet an old friend of his that he assisted in a case about human trafficking as a favor a long time ago. Vincent Carmichael was a club owner and a recording producer but he was also a brilliant bomb expert who worked for the good guys. At one part of his life, he had two daughters and his daughter Jane was taken after a search, Elliot and him saved a lot but Jane was mentally traumatized and still is in a ward in Kansas.

Elliot met Vincent at the bar. "How are you man?" Elliot asked and Vincent responded, "I have been better especially what today is." "The main bastard who go away with what they did to those women and your daughter they resurfaced." Elliot said and gave him the papers. It was Monroe and proof that he was part of the group…Elliot never connected what they did and Monroe till now thanks to Hardison.

"We're being blackmail by someone who wants him dead, we are not going to do a con with children involved. I need your help to shut this down but you know they might go after your daughters." Elliot said and Vincent looked at it again. As a father of two, he needed to think carefully about his next step…"We will be in touch but I feel that we're going to talk more before this day is over…"