Not going to be Taken



Part Nine..

"You have a nice accent." Jane said and told her about the accent one of the woman had. "It was women." Sophie said and Jane told her that one was blonde, she had a jacket on like a doctor. "She had a very small face and she was American. The other was the English woman and God she was awful…They followed and got me, I fought I was coming to the club that night. I swear to God I will never sneak out again…." Nate just listened in the background and asked, "How well can you remember them?" "Can someone draw?" Jane asked and they brought Parker in. Parker told her to just close her eyes and as she told the details. Parker finished and shown it to Vincent then Elliot. Vincent was about to get them to talk in the hallway…"Dad, tell me." Isabella said and Jane just gave him a look.

"One of the woman is a doctor in Port Charles named Lisa…" Vincent said and Isabella responded, "I'm going to kill her." Nate told them both that it wouldn't be enough. She needed to be exposed…

"Mom wasn't concerned about her…She wants the other lady." Jane said in practical horror type voice and as Hardison found the lady was in Los Angeles that Mom was going after..

"How long has it been since your mother's been here?" Elliot asked and Jane responded, "You just missed her." Elliot then remember the nurse that passed her. "We don't have much time." Elliot said and told what her mother could do.

Vincent knew his ex-wife. Everyone left…

"We don't have much time.." Nate said and so the plan was….Elliot pick his team and Vincent picks his…Elliot chose Hardison and Sophie…Vincent chose Parker and Nate