Donna bit her bottom lip as she slide the cool metal blade across her wrist. So many thoughts whirled around her mind, but they meant nothing to the fact that she was slipping. She was slipping into the endless darkness where all she could hear is his voice.

Donna felt the waves of water slam against her bear chest as her face titled into the tub water and her head into the darkness of death. And with that she was gone.

Wilf knocked on the bathroom door.

"Donna, love? Are you alright, it's been over an hour." He paused waiting for an answer, but when no sound escaped through the door he opened the door. "Donna, love I'm coming in." He walked in and froze.

The sight before him was horrifying. Donna laid in a tub overflowing with bloody water; her flaming red hair covering her pale face. Her blood smeared the tile wall and the tub itself.

The old man crumbled to floor emptying the contents from his stomach onto the watery floor. His bottom lip trembled as he let his tears mix with thick colored waters.

"Dad, what's going on?" Sylvia asked stepping into view of the sickening scene. Her hands flew to her mouth as she ran out of sight, calling the name of her beloved daughter.

Wilf took a shaky breath and looked up. His eyes caught Donna's. They were wide and lifeless.

"Doctor." He mumbled before vomiting again.