Taking Over the Afterlife

By LeLoUcH Fan Girl

Chapter1: A New Beginning

Today was the day that it would happen. This would be my last morning waking up. I hadn't gotten any sleep last night. I needed to do this I reminded myself again as Suzaku walked in.

"Today's the day" he said trying to be cheerful.

"Yeah…." We sat in an uncomfortable silence.

"Are you sure that you want to go through with this?" he asked after a few moments.

"Is any man ready for death?" I replied.

"Well... let's go eat" He smiled and pulled me to the table. All my favorites were there. C.C was smiling and eating pizza. I sat down next to her and pulled over some hot cakes and a can of soda. As I ate, I tried to keep myself from thinking of this as my last meal.

Suzaku was eating his own food silently, looking over at me. I tried to keep my face normal so he wouldn't bail out. As the meal was cleared I stood and left the room to get ready for the day… my last day.

Once I was ready, I looked at myself in the mirror one last time. My white robes were in place over my slim build, was accompanied with my normal white hat. My black hair, thin lips and violet eyes were the only part of me that really was me. Everything else I saw in the mirror was a mask. I sighed and walked down to the room that Nunnally was in. I didn't know how many more times I would see her. "Nunnally" I smiled at her as I walked into the room.

"Emperor" she replied stiffly. She still refused to call me Big brother, or even Lelouch. I hated the way she was turned away from me, sitting on her bed staring at the wall. It took every ounce of strength I had not to rush to her side and tell her everything.

"Are you ready for today's events?" I asked trying to get her to talk

"Yes" she replied coldly. I could see the buildup of water in her eyes. She was having a hard time hating me, and I knew it.

"Let's go then" I swiftly walked over and picked her up bridal style. I carried her to the car that would take us to where I needed to go. I gently slid her in then slid in next to her. I made several efforts at conversation. She would only give one word answers or a nod, never relaxing. This was probably going to be our last moment alone together; I didn't want her to regret what she did.

"Nunnally, Please talk to me…" I whispered she looked at me.

"Lelouch," she finally said my name, "I love you, but I do not agree with your methods. This is not what I wanted when I said a gentler world. There is peace, but it is created out of fear. Please… Please try to fix this..." she ended in a whisper. I knew these thoughts had been plaguing her.

"I have a feeling you won't have to worry about me for much longer" I said quietly. We spent the rest of the car ride in silence.

When we finally arrived at the beginning of our precession, my nerves were starting to get the better of me. I took a deep breath and walked over to one of the coordinators. I was going to make this as public as possible. The more people that saw it the better. That way they would truly believe that the great tyrant Lelouch was dead and gone, and peace would follow. The reporters here were unfortunately, not as talented as Dieheart. Times like this made me regret killing him.

When everything was in order I went to the lowest part of the platform I would be riding. One of my men had moved Nunnally to the bottom. "Little sister"

"Sir" her cold voice whispered. I Got on to the platform and sat next to her. She looked up at me. I smiled and pulled her into a hug.

"Whatever happens, just know that I love you" I kissed her softly on the top of the head than stood and went to my place on the platform.

A few minutes later, we set off down the road. I glanced over the crowd trying my best to keep me features calm. My plan would work, and even if the history books didn't write about it, I would cause peace. For the cost of my life, many other lives would be saved. I looked over the crowd catching a few of the whispers of my tyranny. My plan was going to work. I was going to save so many. I kept thinking these thoughts over and over. I looked down at the figures before me. My beautiful Black Knights. I tried to catch Kallen's eye but she turned away. Then the whole procession shuddered to a stop. I saw Suzaku and put on a look of shock.

Just as planned the procession stopped right in front of the building that Cornelia was hiding. Suzaku, displaying his amazing athletic ability, ran right through the security. And came to a stop right in front of me. I pulled out my hand gun but before I could do anything, he slashed it out of my hand and I couldn't help but smile. My plan was working; everyone's eyes were on me. Suzaku pushed the sword into me and my world became pain.

"L...Lelouch" He said I could tell he was crying.

I leaned in and said my last few words to Suzaku, "This is also Punishment for you…You will be the defender of justice and wear a mask forever… You will no longer be able to live as Kururugi Suzaku…" I reached my bloody fingers to the side of his mask "You will sacrifice your own happiness for the world… eternally"

"I accept that Geass" he said his voice shaking. He pulled the long sword out of my broken body; I felt my organs collapse around where the sword had been. Kallen was looking at me, understanding in her eyes. I was in too much pain to care though. I stumbled a few clumsy steps forward before I fell to the bottom of my grand float.

Nunnallyslid over to me, "Brother…It can't be… Brother you were…all along..." She started to cry and pulled my hand to her cheek.

"Yes… I" I tried to speak, but my body was failing. "Destroy… worlds…" I whispered my life was flashing by, my mother's death, yelling at my father, meeting Suzaku, gambling with rivals, the black nights, Killing Euphie, killing my father, all the death I caused, "create… worlds…" … Kallen… Especially Kallen… Her lips on mine the first and only time we kissed.

My lungs were an explosion of pain as I felt the energy leave my body. My senses were slow, and my sight blurred. I looked up, taking in a last glance at my beautiful little sister. Her big blue eyes held mine. I was doing all this for her. Her face was going to be the last thing I ever saw. The energy was leaving my body. I smiled slightly at her. It was too much energy to keep my eyes open, too much energy to continue pushing air into my crushed lungs. I sank into the black that waited for me, there was no light at the end of a tunnel, there were no faces smiling at me. Only black. My hearing was still there though. I could hear Nunnally crying, then that was gone to. I was dead, dead and gone. Blackness was all that existed.

My senses returned to me in a rush. I heard Nunnally yelling, "Brother! BROTHER!" She cried. I noticed the pain in my middle was gone. I opened my eyes and looked up. Nunnally was crying over me. I sat up, I was supposed to be dead, "What the..." then I noticed that my body was still being held by Nunnally."How is this...?"

"Lelouch the demon has died!" Cornelia yelled to the stunned crowd. Taking charge just as I had planned she would. "Release the hostages!"

With that people began pouring out of the buildings. Rushing together relief flooding almost every face. Jeremiah began to move the soldiers out. I looked over at Kallen. She was talking with Tohdo. She was staring at my body with tears in her eyes. Nunnally caught my attention "this is unfair… I would've been happy just being with you, Brother... I can't bear a future without you, Brother… I just can't" She cried and pulled my body closer to herself.

"Zero! Zero! Zero! Zero!" the crowd yelled and cheered for Suzaku.

"I guess I really am dead." When I said it seemed final, but somehow I wasn't sad.

"Yes you are." A sharp voice said. I jumped, and then looked around to find the source. A teenager with snow white hair was standing in front of me. He was wearing a black kimono and a white haori with the Japanese figure for 10 on the back. On his back was a sword that looked longer than he was tall.

"... Hello… who are you?"
"I am Hitsugaya Toshiro, captain of the 10th division; I am here to take you to soul society." He replied with an edge.

I couldn't help but laugh when he said this, "Aren't you a little young to be a captain?"
A vein popped on his forehead and the temperature dropped several degrees, strange.
"Aren't you a little young to have conquered the world?" he replied.
"Touché" I smiled at him, then let my eyes wander around my surroundings, looking over the crowd that was celebrating my death. Families were hugging; people were kissing and cheering for Zero. It felt strange to think that the name that was once mine was now that of my killer. I looked back at Nunnally, tears were tears rolling down her face like rain, and she cried holding my fallen body. It was obvious that there was no longer life in my it. My eyes continued up to look at Suzaku, he was standing behind me. Poor kid didn't know how heavy the mask he was wearing could really get.

"I don't have time for you to have a look around, so unless you want to turn into a hollow, you better hurry up!" He snapped breaking me away from my thoughts.

"Hollow?'" I've never read about one of those.
"Bad spirits that attack and eat the spirits of others" He said flatly

"Is that where ghosts come from?"

"No Ghosts are the beings that still have an attachment to this world and stay behind, bound to the place of attachment." He said visibly annoyed to answer the questions

"Then the rest of these spirits go to this soul society place?"

"Yes, and if you have enough reatsu, which it appears you do, then you can become a shinigami"

"Ha! Death God! Now you're messing with me!" I laughed, I don't know why, especially when the temperature dropped so low, I could see everyone's breath.

"No, god your almost as bad as Matsumoto, no you are going to come to soul society, whether you come now or when you become a mindless hollow and we have to send someone to drag you there"
"okay... How do we get to this soul society place?" was this guy really that stiff? He was what 12?
"Like this," he smirked and pulling out his sword, rested the end of the hilt on my forehead.
"We'll meet again" he said as I was once again slipped into blackness

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