Taking Over the Afterlife

By: Lelouch's Right Hand

Chapter 11: The Plot Thickens

Mistakenly I had come to the belief that I could come to every possible conclusion and counter it based on my intellect and foresight. This was proven to be more wrong than I could have possibly imagined. When I woke up I was in a cell. Predictable. I still had my Zanpaktou and all my other weapons strapped to me and nothing appeared to be missing. A little strange but a possibility that I could have defiantly anticipated. The Arrancar I recognize from Kallen's bedroom comes to my cell. Predictable more or less there weren't that many Arrancar left. He also took me to go meet with their fearless leader. Also fairly predictable. I reached the throne room and my heart stopped. I have never been more shocked than that moment. This possibility had never even occurred to me. I step into the ornate white throne room and am greeted by the sight of my beautiful sister.

She is all grown up now in the peak of youth her blonde hair is spilling down to her waist in lovely curls and her Blue eyes sparkling with happiness. The remnants of a hollow mask are perched lightly on the top of her head woven like a beautiful tiara. She stands from her throne.

"Leave us" her voice is deeper now than it had been. "Big Brother it has been so long!"

"N-Nunnally!" I stutter happily and run to her sweeping her into a big hug and holding her tight. When we pull apart she is still smiling that beautiful smile. This seems too good to be true.

Ko Gunshi seems suspicious however and simply states in a very controlled voice, Be on guard. Look for an escape route.

Having learned that she is typically right I reign in some of my overwhelming joy at the sight of my sister and try to discern possible escape points.

Nunnally grabs my hand and pulls me to a room behind the throne. It has a simple table with a white table cloth and a white English tea set for two. I pull out a chair for her and am still shocked to at the race she moves with. She smiles and I take the seat opposite her.

"We have much to discuss brother." She says pouring tea into the two cups and passing one to me and taking one herself. I move my hands under the table to try to detect for poison or other drugs using Kido. After none is found I politely take a sip and place it back in the saucer and set them both gently on the table. Nunnally is studying me carefully. "It's funny your face looks almost exactly the same you just have more muscle on you."

"You have grown up beautifully Nunnally." I said. She smiles and straightens her pink dress that shines in contrast to the white palace.

"Lelouch's, Do you like Soul Society the way it is?"

"Nothing is perfect Nunnally there is always room for improvement." I tell her. Stay on guard Lelouch; she is going to try to sway you to her side. Consider the outcomes carefully before making a decision. Ko Gunshi says in a voice more serious than I have ever heard from the small Zanpaktou. I put my hand gently on her hilt to calm her.

"Lelouch, What was your first impression after waking up in soul society?" she said looking at the table cloth. "Did it seem like a nice place? Were the Children able to run free and have access to good houses and food and other such things?" She looked up and held my gaze. "Was it a gentle World?"

"Nothing is perfect Nunnally." I repeat.

She holds my gaze steady. "There are very few Arrancar left. Only those that have been created naturally and at full power are left. The Espada are a thing of the past and we now live in peace here. There is still violence, but I have curbed the desire for violence and have created a training ground for my Arrancar to learn to control themselves and to be more deadly on the battle field."

I look at her, "The Arrancar I dealt with did not seem to be very well trained."

"Cannon fodder rarely is." She replied off easily. "The three that captured you managed to also get your vice-captain Matsumoto and make both of your disappearances go unnoticed until the end of the battle."

She wants a general. Ko Gunshi said quietly.

"What would you need me for then if everything is running so smoothly?" I said in a neutral voice.

"Big Brother, There are still souls that need our help. Souls that are pushed down and sent to the dirt with little protection because of something they cannot control. Those souls deserve peace after death, not to start over from the ground up. Big Brother I want to take over Soul society to try to bring dignity to the lives of those that live on the edges. I would create another living option here and thus create a housing market and get an economy moving to try to help the people to find a way to live on."

"If you take over Soul Society their homes will be destroyed before you can help them. This is dangerous Nunnally, these people could be seriously hurt if any mistakes are made they do not have enough spirit pressure to save themselves." I reply

"I am not going to ask you to do anything now brother, but I want you to think about what I am saying. I will let you check on your Vice-Captain now but you will not be able to leave until I know where you stand with me."


I am lead to the same cell as Matsumoto and locked in. I can sense that even if I have my weapons there is no spirit pressure to be used in this room. IT is also making it difficult to talk to KO Gunshi so I will have to meditate if I want to talk to her.

Matsumoto lies on her back on the only bed in the room. I sit next to her bed and lean back on the cold white walls. She glances at me and I can tell that she is experiencing the mother of all Hangovers. She must have been playing drinking games with Shinsui again.

"Did they let you keep your weapons too?" I ask quietly, mindful of her headache.

She winces at the sound and empties her pockets on the floor without saying a word, rolling over when she is finished.

I take a quick inventory of what I have between Matsumoto and myself:

Two Zanpaktou

10 Throwing stars

3 paper scrolls

1 picture of Hitsugaya-taicho from the Christmas Party Matsumoto insisted on

1 small knife

2 bottles of Sake

1 half eaten bag of pretzels

I pink battle fan

I do not even want to know why some of these were with Matsumoto but it is what I have. I try to work the problem out in my head but soon find it next to impossible. I lean against one of the walls and close my eyes trying to meditate so that Ko Gunshi can give me some advice.

I quickly find myself on Ko Gunshi's chess board and go sit on my side of the pink table Ko Gunshi has a huge smile for me and quickly sets up tea. He pig tails bounce as she adjusts the usual Teddy Bears and puts down a plate of cookies.

"We are at a Cross roads Lelouch." She says cheerfully, "Will we continue to stay quiet in Soul Society or shall we begin another rebellion, bigger than the last?" she twirls a white king in her little fingers and smiles widely. "We will get to have a lot more freedom this way too; Nunnally will most likely allow you to be an advisor for battle strategy."

"I will be marked a traitor and swiftly ignored if I choose to do that." I said

"Spies get stuck with too many risks. There are too many variables, and you are already suspected." Ko Gunshi chirps

I smile and look at her, "Well we will have to find a different spy, who is not suspected."

Ko Gunshi smiles at me and we both dissolve into a fit of giggles. Yes this was going to be a great new adventure.

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