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Summary: Inuyasha plays a prank of his older brother Sesshoumaru - by purchasing him a mail order bride! Except there seems something a little off about this one… Drabble series. SK

Maid for You

1: Prank

By: Luna


Kiki's Special Bride website, where all your dreams can come true and all your fantasies come to life! Please choose the following options so we can best make the perfect bride for you!

Kiki's Special Bride Expressions (Choose all that apply):

1: Smart

2: Funny

3: Shrew

4: Cold

5: Loving and/or Nurturing

6: Bubbly

7: Stupid

8: Silent

9: Talkative

10: Other _.

Smirking to himself, Inuyasha chose everything that Sesshoumaru was not.

Kiki's Special Bride Options:

1: Dominatrix.

2: Elfin Queen

3: Maid

4: Housewife

5: Schoolgirl

For more options, please continue to page four! If satisfied, please enter your payment information below!

Inuyasha snickered as he swiped the credit card from Sesshoumaru's wallet - the one that he stole earlier - and entered in the payment information. Then he considered the list carefully before he hovered the mouse over option number one. It would serve the bastard right. But then he thought of the shabby apartment his brother lived in and decided to be charitable.

He clicked, Maid.