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Sailor Moon Universe Act I

(2 days after Kaorinite's death)

"Lola, I'm counting on you," a male voice spoke through the phone.

"Don't worry, Professor. I think I have what it takes for this job," Lola replied confidently.

As this girl, Lola, set her phone back to the ringer, she shifted her eyes towards a framed picture sitting on her dresser. It was an image of a female with fiery red hair and a white lab coat. Her name was Eugeal, Lola's rivaled and older cousin.

After graduating from high school, Lola had developed a competitive spark with Eugeal. It started when they heard about a high-paying job where she would work for a man named Professor Tomoe. Lola was sure that she would get the job. Eugeal tried telling her that with her rash attitude she wouldn't be suitable for it. She turned out to be dead wrong.

"Well Eugeal... looks like I'll be the one to prove you wrong. This job should be a piece of cake," Lola made a short laugh while viewing her cousin's photo.

A few days after having Eugeal tell her she wouldn't get hired, Lola received Professor Tomoe's okay and now was an official Death Buster. She couldn't wait to rub this satisfaction in her rival's face.

Lola rose from her desk and walked towards her closet. She opened it to find a white lab coat and slipped the attire on as if it'd always been hers.

The new Death Buster then went over to her mirror and examined herself. With her round hips, this coat looked so fitting and stylish on her.

"It's such a shame. This lab coat would have been Eugeal's but it looks like the Professor's noticed my charm! Heh heh heh!"

Three months after his victory in the Sinnoh League, Ash Ketchum returned home to spend the holidays with his mom, Delia. Traveling across the world with different companions and discovering all kinds of Pokemon had been a blast, but deep down inside, Ash still missed home.

In a traditional sort of way, the boy wore his first Pokemon Trainer outfit around the house more often. That red and white cap and blue vest really brought back old memories.

"Ash, I'm so proud of you. You've won another Pokemon League Championship! I want to throw you a party since you've decided to spend the holidays back here. Invite some of your friends and we'll do something here for Christmas."

"Really? That sounds awesome! I could invite my friends who live close to this town. Brock, Misty, Gary, Tracey..."

All the while that Ash tried thinking up all of his friends that lived in or near Pallet Town, he and Delia heard a knock from their front door.


Pikachu hopped up from Ash's lap and went over to the door as Delia followed and checked to see who it was.

She opened the door and was seeing a tall dark-skinned woman with gorgeous green hair. "Hello! How can I help you, sweetie?"

"Is your son, Ash Ketchum, home?"

"Yes, he's right here. Ash! One of your friends is here to see you!"

Ash enthusiastically got up from where he was to come to the door and see one of his pals. He came and stood beside his mom to see them, and became stumped with puzzlement when he realized it wasn't one of his friends at all. He didn't know this green-haired lady. "Uhh... it's nice to meet ya'. Who are you?"

Delia looked back at her son with the same confusion. "Ash, you mean you don't know this girl?"

"That's alright if he doesn't know. I'm not from this region. My name is Sailor Pluto and I've come to ask if your son was planning another Pokemon Journey."

"Oh, well, I just got back from the Sinnoh Region. I decided to spend the holidays here with my mom before I head out again. Was there something you wanted to tell me?"

"I've heard about all of your adventures and discoveries here in the Kanto Region. Over your whole Pokemon Trainer life, you've covered four regions. There is a journey that I believe you will be able to help me with if you came along. I must warn you that it's in a dimension where you would feel distant and alienated. Not many Pokemon exist there, discoveries of other Pokemon haven't been made yet and so what you would see are normal towns with humans leading normal lives.

I know how bizarre this world must sound to you, Ash. But you're the only one who will be able to help my friends and I on this journey we go through. If it's alright with your mother, I would like to have you accompany me to this dimension."



"Well, mom? Is it okay if Pikachu and I go with her?"

"... yes, it's fine. I would've liked to have you home for the holidays since we haven't spent that much time together, but this girl needs you... I know that someday you'll be a man and start your own life. I have to learn to accept that and not be so hard on you when people need your help like this."

"Forgive me, Mrs. Ketchum. I'll make sure your son is safe during this journey. There may be times in between where I'll allow him to speak with you for brief time periods."

"Thank you. I would appreciate that. So Ash, stay by Sailor Pluto at all times, and don't forget to pack extra underwear for this trip."

"Moooooom, you're embarrassing me!"

Ash dashed upstairs to go gather his things and put them in his green backpack that he'd used for his first Pokemon Journey. Later, everyone went outside and waited as Pluto was make an intricate silver door to appear on the grasses in front of them. She made this happen with the heart-topped staff in her hand, otherwise known as the Garnet Orb.

With its windy conditions, the weather outside carried slate-gray skies. Instead of shining its awesome bright rays across the pleasant Pallet Town, the sun hid behind the clouds. With Ash beginning this newest adventure seeming like an exciting thing, these dreary clouds made the event look less thrilling.

Delia watched this Space-Time Door open and Ash turned around to give her his farewell.

"Bye, Mom!"

"Pika pika!"

"Bye, my little Ash! You and Pikachu be careful in that other world!"

Delia couldn't a imagine a world without Pokemon herself. It sounded so unreal! Pokemon always existed here in Kanto and other regions, living and reproducing more of their kind earlier than humans!

Anywhere without Pokemon sounded like straight fiction.

And to think that Pokemon were the coolest things that ever existed... I hated to admit it, but from what Pluto told me, her friends who are going on this journey with us are just as strong and powerful as Pokemon, but there are only a few Pokemon in their world. I wanna find out where they are and see what my Pokedex says about 'em. Then, once we battle and they're weakened, I can catch them and see what Professor Oaks says about them. Pikachu and I are kinda scared about this other dimension, but Pluto, I mean Trista will help us get through it!

"Rini, this conversation is for teenagers," Serena told her future-daughter.

"Serena, it's okay if Rini hears what we're saying. It's not a big deal!" Lita insisted.

"I agree with Mina. Sooner or later, Rini will have to learn about these things, so for her to know about them now wouldn't be so bad," added Ami.

Day after day, Serena and Rini always argued over the silliest things during discussions like these, and their friends, Ami, Lita, Mina, and Rei were always the victims who had to bear it.

"Yeah, Serena, now why don't you let Mina finish her story?" Rei fussed while sitting beside Rini.

Outside Rei's home, Hikawa Shrine, her grandfather paused from sweeping this sacred place's grounds to greet a pair of unexpected visitors as they came up the long staircase and were approaching him. "Why hello, dear! Is there anything I can do for a pretty lady like you?"

"I've come to see if Rei is home. Is she still at her academy?"

"Oh no, Rei left from school and came here about two hours ago. Oh, I see you've brought a boy and mouse with you. Who are these two?"

"My name's Ash! Nice to meet ya, sir," Ash politely shook Mr. Hino's hand, "And this is my Poke.. er, I mean pet, Pikachu."

"Oh, what a cute little guy! I've never seen a pet like him. Well, I've kept you kids out here long enough! Ha ha ha... go on ahead and see Rei in her bedroom."

Once Rei's grandfather's guests walked past him he returned to sweeping the white concrete with his broom.

Ash asked Trista about who this dwarfish elderly man was and learned that he was the head priest of Hikawa Shrine and Rei's grand-daughter."

As they continued with Trista down this long walkway, Ash and Pikachu noticed multiple cherry blossom trees blooming. Ash could tell that the season in this world was autumn as these blossoms branched out with vivid pinkish-oranges on them.

He kept his curious amber eyes on the cherry blossoms and acknowledged that perhaps Trista's home wasn't so bad since it still had things like these trees in them. If only he could discover those few rare Pokemon...

"Serena is always mean to me!" Rini made this statement with her arms crossed and eyes closed. Serena couldn't hold her frustration back anymore.

"Why you little-!"

It was this voice with its rash tone that could be heard from way outside. Trista, Ash, and Pikachu were alerted at its sound and became concerned as to what all the fuss was about.

"You can't tell me when to be quiet!"

Serena deliberately reached over the table for Rini and attempted to grab Rini at the same time that Trista, Ash, and Pikachu all opened Rei's door and came in.

Uh oh!

A snapshot of what Ash saw would have Serena holding a pair of little arms while Rini tugged on long yellow pigtails.

"Trista!" Serena, Rini, and the rest of the girls exclaimed with surprise.



"Uhh..." Serena and Rini quickly let go of each and returned to their spots around Rei's low table to kill the awkward silence. "We're really sorry!"

Having his attention on these two for so long helped Ash notice two cats who were also in the room. One was white while the other was black. Crescent moons were there on their foreheads, like Teddiursa! Could they be those few Pokemon?

Before anyone realized it or could think to say something, Ash brought out his Pokedex and held it up to the cat that was male. It made that usual beeping noise it does when it was about to give Ash information on a Pokemon, but for some reason now the screen was filled with static.

"Hey, what's wrong with my Pokedex? It's not reading the profiles of these Pokemon."

"Pokemon? What's that?" Rini stared at Ash confusedly.

This pink-haired girl looked back at the black cat, Luna, and began wondering just what a Pokemon was and how that related to Luna. Was there something she and the other cat, Artemis, wasn't telling them?

Looks like I'll have to explain everything to them now... I would've liked to save the explanations for later, but that's fine.

"You're Pokedex isn't reading Luna or Artemis because they're undiscovered. Researchers never discovered them and so no data on their biology or abilities was ever recorded."

"Wait, I think I'm lost. Luna and I are Pokemon?" Artemis questioned Trista, "What exactly are these Pokemon?"

"Pokemon are pocket-monsters that haven't been discovered in this time-frame yet. They are born with different elemental powers and come with a wide-range of fighting abilities. Ash has started catching and training these different creatures for one year so far. He's won four regional championships in Pokemon Battles and plans on one day becoming a Pokemon Master."

"Ohh, so that's why he pulled out that device and aimed it at us. He wanted to expand his knowledge by learning about us since we are also... Pokemon. I'm not sure if I'm going to get used to being called that. Are you sure that we are Pokemon, Trista? The queen, Serenity, never mentioned anything about it when she sent us here to Earth."

"It's true. The reason you and Artemis never learned your origins is because no other Pokemon exist in this time."

"I think that I'm beginning to understand what Trista's saying, you guys. Ash is a Pokemon Trainer who she's brought from the future. In that time, we will learn about more Pokemon than just Luna and Artemis," Ami stated thoroughly.

"Wow, this is a lot to take in!" Serena responded finally, "Mina and I have our very own Pokemon!"

"Well, I wouldn't quite phrase it like that, Serena. You girls are our owners since you care for us and feed us, but we still have free will."

"Not if they catch you guys in these."

Ash took out two Poke Balls from his vest pocket and showed them for all eyes to see. They looked so interesting! "When you catch a Pokemon, you weaken it and throw one of these at it to trap it inside. That Pokemon gets an ID number and can be healed at a Pokemon Center or transferred through Poke Ball Transfer machines."

"You mean they'll become ours when we trap them inside these balls?"

Mina developed a sly look and glanced at Serena to see if she had the same thoughts.

"Uhh... girls, now don't get any crazy ideas," Artemis spoke nervously, "... Luna, run!"