Prof. Sushen Istan

Log 8

[UNRECOVERABLE DATA]one of the quadr-##$-/!pcies.

Poor thing was [CORRUPT]died of its injurys.

We found where its roosts and actually found an EGG. An actua[UNRECOVERABLE DATA]'s egg.

[CORRUPT]sjh-ai/64_$%62/with dark purple spots. Detail scan [CORRUPT]when it arrives.

Video File

It's a snapshot of an egg. A big egg.

It looked a foot in diameter, a light shade of lavender with irregular spots of a deep purple coloring.

It rests snugly in a bed of leafs, dirt and branches inside of what appears a damp cave.

Authors Note: I literally made this on the spot. In one hour. Why? Cause I wanted to put something up so this didn't have that much effort in it than normal for me.

I had planned on releasing a chapter like this though its suppose to be slightly longer.

I'm working on the next chapter of 'Against Over Religious Cousins' but that story is really pushing my brain to the breaking point, and I only have three scenes worked out.

Deep Sigh. :(