The Second Game


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Magnus how he would look around the beginning of the story:

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AN: Alright guys! Time for the sequel to Territory! Thanks so much for the wonderful reviews on Territory, they mean so much to me!

Also, several of you expressed an interest in seeing a foursome lemon with Ben, Andy, Alec, and Magnus. BUT, I don't think I'll be able to logically put that in this story. So, I've decided that if there's enough interest I'll write a little one-shot where the four of them have a little fun. It won't have anything to do with either story, just a fun little side bit. If you would like a foursome between the boys, say so in a review on THIS chapter!

Summary: They've spent two years apart, two years not knowing if the other still cared, still lived. They nearly died to be back in each others arms. Finally home, finally safe, but things still aren't finished. Artemis has escaped, the clave is asking questions, and Alec's hiding a big secret from everyone but Magnus. Can they figure everything out in time to make sure no one else falls victim to another of Artemis's sick games? Or will one of them die trying?