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I stretched languidly in the bed, snuggling into Andy and the soft comforter. It had been a rather pleasant night. Allie had finally been back to his old self and feeling completely better so we'd all gone out for drinks to celebrate. He and Magnus were so adorable, and I don't think they even realized it. It was easy to tell that Allie was different now than before with the way Magnus's eyes lit up when Allie held his hand or kissed him even though other people were around. Magnus obviously hadn't been used to Allie being affectionate in public. And the soft smile Allie only wore when he was looking at Magnus, or the lovingly exasperated one that usually came before it, they made it easy to tell that Allie and Magnus were meant for each other. And now, two months after we'd escaped from the cavern under the bay, Allie and Magnus were finally going to be married in another two weeks.

They'd decided that they were going to get married here, at my mansion, and then return to live with all of us after their honeymoon. Said honeymoon being a location only known to Magnus at this point. Poor Allie had been trying to get the location out of him for ages, but all Magnus would say is that it was a place they'd never been before.

"Good morning, Love." Andy whispered, kissing the side of my neck before yawning and stretching.

"Morning." I grinned. He leaned in for a kiss and I squirmed away, "EWWW! No, morning breath, ick."

He just rolled his eyes lovingly and kissed my cheek before tumbling out of bed. I giggled and followed him to the bathroom, turning on the shower while he grabbed towels and brushed his teeth. I stripped out of my clothes as Andy did the same, I felt myself shivering as his eyes traced my body. I'd missed that feeling.

"Gorgeous." Andy murmured. I blushed profusely, but my hair gave away the fact that I'd taken pleasure from the comment. He just chuckled and wrapped me in his arms, pulling me into the shower.

I sighed contentedly when the warm spray hit my body. I enjoyed hot showers so much more now that I'd had to go without them for two years.

"Last night was fun." Andy said as he spread some soap on his hands and rubbed it into my back. "Alec and Magnus are fun, for that matter. I like them quite a bit."

I grinned, "I'm glad. And yeah, they really are. Especially now that everything is really behind us."

He nodded, turning me into the spray again to rinse the soap off. "I've missed this. Being in the shower with you, watching the water run over you." He whispered in my ear as his hands caressed lower.

I nodded, leaning into him, "Yeah. Me to."

I bit my lip to stifle the moan when his hand cupped me just as he slid a finger inside. He grinned, watching the colors in my hair shift to ones of lust and want.

"Feel good?"

"Very." I whispered, leaning my head back to rest on his shoulder, my back pressed firmly against his chest.

"Want more?" He teased, just barely brushing his finger against my sweet spot before adding another.

I moaned at the movements before letting out a shaky, "Yes."

"Really? How much do you want more?" Andy just barely brushed the spot again, this time with both fingers.

"Andy," I whined, trying to grind down against the fingers.

"Tell me, Love." Andy grinned. I tried to respond only by sticking my tongue out at him, but he just leaned forward and captured it in his mouth, sucking lightly before giving it back. "Tell me, Love." He repeated.

The more he teased the harder I got, and, honestly, I loved every second of it. Even if it was torture. Just as I opened my mouth to say what I wanted he brushed that spot again and all that came out was a moan. This continued for several minutes until I managed to get out,

"I want you, Andy, bad, please." The words were tangled with moans, but he heard me anyways. I gasped as he removed his fingers and spun me around, pressing me against the wall of the shower. He stepped back as he coated himself with lube, his eyes racking down my body so intensely I could feel them moving over my skin.

When he was satisfied he stepped forward and grabbed my legs, lifting me and wrapping them around his body, my back still pressed firmly against the wall. His lips found mine as he lifted me a little more, one hand removed from my legs to help him slide inside. I groaned at the one feeling I never grew tired of; being completely filled by Andy. He lightly bit my shoulder, mumbling something about how I was always so tight and it felt so good.

"I'm not tight. You're just huge." I mumbled back, grinning a bit.

"And you're damn tight." He grinned back. "Now," He drawled, an evil glint in his eyes, "tell me what you want."

"Andy." I pouted, trying to move against him, but not having much leverage from my current position.

"Come on, Love, all you gotta do is tell me and I'll give you whatever you want." He grinned, his hand snaking between us to wrap around me. I groaned, my head falling forward into the crook of Andy's shoulder as I tried to move against his hand.

"I want," I moaned loud as he thrust just once.

"What was that? I didn't quite catch it." I glared playfully at him.

"I want you to make me come so hard that I don't remember my name for a good five minutes afterwards."

He looked a little taken aback at this. Usually what he got out of me was something like 'I want you to move.' And that was it. But after a moment his grin returned and twisted up his face,

"As you wish." He captured my lips with his and rested his hands on my hips.

Andy started slow, but quickly picked up his pace, slamming into me and hitting that sweet spot nearly every time. I moaned loudly with each movement, my hands tangled in his hair. He was sucking hard on the junction of my neck, just above the collar bone.

I could feel myself nearing the edge, but I tried to hold on. It was so much better when it lasted, when you hung on until the very last second possible. But Andy could feel how close I was and reached between us to grab me again, his hand tightening and moving just right around me. I moaned even louder than before, but kept trying to hold on. His response to this was to pull almost completely out before slamming back in. A small, pleasure filled scream accompanied each of these huge thrusts until I felt Andy explode inside of me and I let myself follow soon after.

Andy kept going until we were both spent and we slid to the ground. I winced a little as he pulled out, it always felt so odd…so empty afterward. But it was still unbelievably good. We lay on the floor of the shower, tangled together under the spray, coming down from the high of our orgasms.

"Love you." Andy said after awhile.

"Love you to." I smiled, kissing him softly.

After awhile we stood back up and finished washing off before stepping out of the shower and getting dressed. We stepped back into our bedroom and I walked over to the piano, lightly running my fingers over the keys. I let a few notes flow around the room as Andy stretched out over the bed again.

"Play me something?" He asked.

I didn't respond, just started playing one of his favorite songs. I loved playing for him. Loved watching him watch me as I played. As soon as the last few notes faded away there was a knock on the bedroom door. Andy walked over and opened it to find Magnus standing there.

"Ben, I need a favor." He was grinning.

"Yes?" I answered, going to stand next to Andy, smiling as he tucked me under his arm.

"Well, you've already seen what I'm wearing to the wedding. Alec though, doesn't have anything to wear yet and I can't exactly take him shopping because that would spoil the surprise. And as amazing as Alec is, he has no fashion sense and I don't trust him to shop for himself. You on the other hand, have wonderful fashion sense. So I need you to take him shopping for something that goes with what I have and looks good on him. That way it doesn't spoil the surprise about what the other is wearing for either of us." Magnus finished, handing me a rather large fold of bills.

"I don't think even Armani costs this much." I said, examining the bills.

"Well, the extra is in case you find anything else that makes him look sexy." Magnus winked.

He and Andy both knew that Allie and I still cared about each other, that we'd slept together in Alicante. They'd been a little upset, but things had worked out. Although, we had been given a very strict warning that if we ever did it again we were in a shit load of trouble…unless we let Andy and Magnus watch. Then we'd be fine.

I chuckled, "Alright. I know you won't tell me where you're taking him on your honeymoon, but at least tell me what the weather'll be like so I know what to buy him?"

"Warm, not hot though." Magnus responded before winking again and disappearing down the hall.

"I take it you and Alec will be spending the day down in San Francisco then?" Andy grinned.

"Seems like it." I smiled, grabbing some comfy shoes and a backpack enchanted to hold as much as you wanted. It had been a present from Johnny after I had twisted my ankle from carrying to many shopping bags and not seeing the curb…

"Call or text me every hour or so, okay?" Andy said, snagging me in his arms. Before the over-protectiveness would've seemed silly, but now it was just comforting.

"Sure." I stood on my toes to kiss him. "Love you."

"Love you."

I gave him another quick kiss before going across the hall to Allie and Magnus's room. Magnus was nowhere in sight, but Allie was curled up reading next to the glass wall.

"Did Magnus tell you I get to take you shopping and you're not allowed to say no?" I grinned.

Allie chuckled, setting his book down after marking the page, "Yeah, he did. Not that I would object, since it's for the wedding."

"Well, let's get going then. Portal pretty please?" He nodded and murmured the spell for a portal. It glimmered to life on the glass wall and I took his hand, lightly tugging him through. We landed in an alleyway on the end of one of the shopping districts.

"Where to first?" Allie asked.

"Well, I say we hit these two little custom shops I know first for your actual outfit. Then we can get lunch somewhere, and then we'll worry about shoes and accessories."

"Let's go then." Allie said, sliding his sun glasses on. I nodded and pulled him out into the flow of foot traffic. We walked quickly in the warm sunshine before ducking into another alley way. This one, rather than being empty and trash filled, housed the entrance to several shops. Two of them did custom, handmade clothing that you couldn't find anywhere else.

"You know I was given permission to buy anything I thought would look good on you, right?" I grinned as I pushed open a door.

"Magnus is in trouble." He mumbled.

"Oh, I think he'll enjoy that." I winked as we walked through the racks. Allie couldn't hold back the little twist of his lips at the statement.

"So, what are we looking for exactly?" He asked, thumbing through the racks.

"Well, basically something with dark blues, silvers, golds, maybe dark purples or greens. I think you'd look best in dark blues and silvers though." I answered, thumbing through the racks as well. "Something like this!" I grinned triumphantly. I'd found a long-sleeved dark blue formal shirt with the cuffs rolled up and sewn to sit right above the elbows. Over it was a dark blue vest, several shades lighter, with a silver trim and silver buttons. A very faint pattern could be seen in the cloth of the vest with the smallest trace of silver tracing the lines to make it pop out.

"Not exactly wedding-ish." He quirked an eyebrow. "I kinda like it though."

"Well, it's not like you and Magnus are having a typical wedding. Besides, it goes with what he's wearing." I told him.

"Fine by me then." Allie said.

"Good. Go try it on while I find you pants." I spun him around and pointed to the dressing room as I handed him the shirt.

"Yes, sir." He chuckled, walking towards the dressing room. I just grinned and went to look for some pants for him.

I found the perfect pair quickly. A pair of simple black formal pants, but the seams had been stitched in a pattern matching the one on the vest. I went into the dressing room and handed them to Allie, waiting impatiently for him to dress. After a few minutes he stepped out in the outfit and I whistled appreciatively.

"Damn, Allie. You look hot. Well, more hot." I grinned. "How's it fit?"

"Pretty good. The sleeves of the shirt are a little tight, and the pants are a tad short." He examined himself in the mirror. "I really like it though."

"Good. I'll go grab the guy that works here, he can make adjustments on the clothes." I told him. "Stay put."

I found Ephrem in the back and we exchanged greetings. He followed me into the dressing room and quickly took a few measurements before asking Allie to change back into his regular clothes.

"You guys can come pick up the outfit around three." Ephrem said, his voice still heavy with his Irish accent even after a couple of years.

"Thanks." I smiled, paying for the outfit. Allie said thanks as well and we stepped back out into the alley way.

"Now?" Allie asked.

"Now we go to the other custom shop and buy what looks hot." I grinned.

"Alright then." He chuckled as I pulled him down the alley a little farther to another door. This shop was smaller and a little more out there with its clothing. It had always been one of my favorite stores and I was very glad to see that it was still here.

"How much do you intend to buy me?" Allie asked, looking over the racks.

"As much as I can with the cash Magnus gave me. And trust me, he gave me quite a bit." I grinned.

"Uh oh." Allie chuckled. "Would it do me any good to make a run for it now?"

"Nope." I grinned, popping the p as I texted Andy that we were having fun.

I grabbed a few shirts, holding them up to see how they'd look on Allie. He took it with good grace, smiling and occasionally rolling his eyes playfully as I pranced around him with clothes.

"You know, you're allowed to pick stuff to." I giggled.

"I kinda figured. Not much has caught my eye though."

"Has anything caught your eye?" I asked.

"Well, one jacket." He answered, holding his arms out as I held another shirt in front of him.

"Then get it."

"There's really no point to a motorcycle jacket when I don't have a motorcycle." He responded.

I grinned deviously, "Then go buy a motorcycle to. You'd look damn sexy on one."

"You think I should?" A devious grin had slowly spread along his face as well.

"Yes. Magnus gave us more than enough."

"Guess I'll be getting that jacket then." He said after a moment of deliberation. I whooped, earning a slightly dirty look from the shop owner. Waving apologetically I gathered the clothes and chased Allie into the dressing room.

After another half hour he'd tried everything on and we'd paid. In the alley way we'd put all the bags in the backpack before deliberating on what to do for lunch. We settled on going to a sub shop and walked until we found one that wasn't to full.

"So, we've really got enough to buy a bike?" Allie asked as he bit into his sub.

"Yep. And a damn nice one to."

We discussed bikes for awhile longer over our subs. What kind of bikes were the best, different types of engines, different types of bodies. I only knew so much because Eric loved bikes and had three of his own at home, and sometimes more if he was restoring an old one he'd found. I wasn't sure how Allie knew so much though.

Once we'd finished we tossed our trash and pulled up a map of the area on my phone. We found a custom bike shop about fifteen miles from here and looked up their webpage to find a picture of their shop. Allie glamoured us when we'd reached another alley way and opened a portal that we took to the shop. He pulled the glamour off when he was sure no one was looking, and we walked inside.

There appeared to be only one man working, and he was half asleep at the counter. Six bikes were on display in the shop. Each up on a six inch pedestal. One was black with a shimmery red dragon painted down the side, another bright green, another all black with silver detailing, another the color change paint that went from blue to purple depending on how the light hit it, and the last was blue with black screaming skulls.

"Now I just have to choose." Allie chuckled, looking appreciatively at the bikes.

"Well, don't choose based on paintjob. Eric can re-paint it for you if you want." I told him. "He's amazing with stuff like that."

"Really?" I nodded. "Good to know."

Soon Allie settled on the black bike with silver detailing. We roused the worker and Allie took it on a test drive after conjuring a motorcycle license. I'd been right; Allie looked damn good on a bike.

When he returned we paid for the bike and arranged to come pick it up later in the day.

"What's Magnus gonna say about you buying a bike?" I grinned. We'd portaled back to the shops and had already found Allie a good pair of shoes for the wedding as well as several other pairs that would look good on him. Now we were just shopping for accessories.

"I haven't the faintest idea, actually." Allie laughed. "I think he knows I like bikes, but beyond that," He shrugged.

"Ah. Should be fun then." I smiled, holding up a silver tie in front of him. I was thinking it would look good if it were tucked into the vest so that only the top part of it showed. I bought him the tie as well as some jewelry before we left the store.

By now it was nearing three o'clock and we went to pick up Allie's wedding outfit. It fit perfectly now and we thanked Ephrem before portaling back to the bike shop to get Allie's bike. We took it out of the shop and rode it to a deserted area, me riding on the back seat, arms wrapped around Allie's waist.

He made sure no one was there before opening a special portal that would allow him to go through it with his motorcycle. I held onto him tightly as we spun through, landing safely at the beginning of the driveway to my mansion.

"You brought us this far from the house so you could show off the bike to Magnus, didn't you?" I grinned.

"That I did." He smiled, pulling out his phone and texting Magnus to come out to the porch. When Magnus responded that he had, Allie revved the engine and road up the driveway. He drove once in a loose circle in front of the porch, and Magnus, before coming to a stop and cutting the engine. Magnus was standing there with his mouth open and a rather obvious bulge in his pants.

I giggled as slid off of the bike, skipping up the steps until I was standing before Magnus, "You did say I could buy anything that would make him look sexy." I winked and disappeared inside just as Magnus strode down and captured Allie in a rough kiss. I'd have to warn everyone not to go out front for awhile…

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