I've decided to do a Revolutionary Girl Utena story because 1) I was bored and 2) there wasn't a whole lot of Utena stories. Anyway, this story will go based on the anime story line and I hope it goes well as I type up this story. Also, here is the info of the character in this story.

Name Saya Saionji

Age17 (same age as her brother)

Hair ColorGreen

Eye ColorPurple

Height5'6 (Saionji is 6'0)

Body TypeVery Curvy like a model

Hair LengthA few inches past her thighs


Hair Style Always down with a brown ribbon tied around on a piece of her hair on her left side

InfoSaya and Saionji are twins with Saionji being older by a few minutes. The twins were really good friends with Touga during their childhood. Saya also does kendo and practices with either her brother or Touga. The reason why she wants the Rose Bride is to prove that everyone has a reason why they were born. Her brother gave her the ribbon she has in her hair as a birthday gift and she never took it off. She'll only take it off when she's either bathing or swimming in the water. Whenever she needs to think, she either swims in the school pool or go to any quiet place but mostly goes to the rose garden. The rose color that she uses whenever she duels is light green.

The rest will be revealed in the story which is about to start right now.

Today was another day of the new term in Ohtori Academy. Saya was walking into the building in her student council uniform. Her outfit was just like Juri's except her pants were light green and her shirt/jacket were the same colors as her brother's.

As she was walking, she heard a few students mumbled, 'Look there she is.' 'It's Saya Saionji, the sister of Kyouichi Saionji.' 'She's so lucky to be related to someone who is so cool.' Saya just sighed a bit as she continued to walk away from the crowd.

"I feel like going for a swim." Saya said to herself before making her way to the school's pool.

While walking, she noticed a lot of girls gathering at the basketball court and saw a girl with long pink hair playing against the whole boys' basketball team.

'She's good.' She thought as the pink haired girl was dodging all the boys and made the basketball go through the hoop.

All of the girls squealed and made their way towards the pink haired girl who was walking away from the court.

"Great. She aced us again." One of the boys said.

'Again? She beat them before?' Saya asked herself as she saw the girls surrounding the pink hair girl.

"Miss. Utena! You can use my towel!" One of the girl exclaimed.

"Sure, sure. It's your turn." Utena said.

"Utena huh?" Saya wondered before shrugging her shoulders and walked away.

Saya was swimming laps in the pool with the school's swimsuit on. After she was done with her 10 laps, she decided the drift away in the pool. 'Just who are you, Utena?'

"I thought I might find you here, Saya." A voiced called out, making Saya look up and saw her childhood friend.

She smiled and said, "Hey, Touga! What's up?"

"I came to tell you that we're having a student council meeting and I need your help finding your brother." He said as Saya was getting out of the pool.

"A student council meeting, huh?"

"That's right."

"Alright, just give me a few minutes to change." Saya said before walking into the dressing room.

After a few minutes like she said, she walked out of the room with her clothes and ribbon back on with her hair semi-dry. "Now, let's go find my brother."

Saya and Touga walked out of the room and started to search for Saionji. They found him with his Rose Bride, Anthy Himemiya, by the rose garden.

"Touga, I found him along with the Rose Bride." She said before they looked to see her brother just slapped Anthy.

Utena was leaning by the window looking at the rose crest ring she had on her left ring finger. She looked away from the ring and noticed two people standing and talking outside the rose garden.

"Lover's quarrel? They should do that where no one has to see it!" She said before she saw the guy with long green hair just slapped the girl on her cheek. "Whoa, hold it. That's going a little too far."

The guy was about to slap her again when another hand grabbed his, stopping him from slapping her again.

"Thank goodness." Utena said to herself, sighing in relief. She looked back at the person who grabbed the other guy's hand, a man with long red hair and dark blue-green eyes and wearing the same uniform as the other guy. The man with red hair was accompanied by a beautiful girl with long green hair with a brown ribbon on a piece of her hair, purple eyes, and was wearing the same uniform as the other two but it was a girl version. The green hair girl was checking on the other girl.

"Utena!" A girl screamed out her name and jumped on her back, making Utena lean over the window a bit.

"Agh! Wakaba! You're heavy!"

"This is for ditching me this morning! Deal with it!" Wakaba said after she giggled.

"Oh right, sorry." She said when she just remembered that she was supposed to meet Wakaba by the bridge on their way to school. However, she left early in the morning and completely forgot until now.

"Oh, it's Saionji!" Wakaba exclaimed when she looked down from the window.

"Saionji?" Utena asked.

"Don't you know about Saionji?" Wakaba asked.

"Oh? He's famous, huh? I recognize the guy in front of him. That's Touga Kiryuu, the student council president."

"Yup! And the guy next to him is the vice president! Kyouichi Saionji!"

"And the two girls?"

"Oh, the girl with the purple hair is Anthy Himemiya and the girl with green hair is Saionji's twin sister, Saya Saionji."

"Anthy Himemiya and Saya Saionji..."

"Anthy's weird. Just keeps to herself and takes care of the roses. We've got her in our class for this term. Saya is the most popular girl in her class and all the boys want her since she's smart, beautiful, and very athletic." Wakaba explained.

"Hmm..." The girls watched Touga and Saya walking away from Saionji and Anthy. "So, is Saionji going out with Anthy or what?" Utena asked.

"No way! Someone as cool as Saionji would never fall for a girl like that! They're just together because they're both on the student council."

Utena smirked and asked, "So, is that the type you fall for, Wakaba?"

She noticed Wakaba's face was turning red before she hugged Utena to death. "Oh, wow! Are you jealous? Don't worry! You'll always be my true love, Utena! You're way cooler than any of those guys can be!"

"You called me out here on short notice, my dear council members." Saionji said.

"Saionji, we who wear the rose seal are all chosen members." A boy with blue hair, named Miki, said while writing something in his music book.

"And we don't want you to forget...the most important rule we must follow." The girl with orange hair, named Juri, continued.

"Saionji, your treatment of the bride recently...is causing us some concern..." Touga said.

"Oh? Is that so?" Saionji asked.

"Brother, it is true you are currently engaged to her, but that doesn't mean you're free to treat her as you please." Saya said, making Miki stop his writing.

"As he pleases..." Miki mumbled.

"As he pleases." Juri said.

"Don't abuse the bride, Saionji. The student council exists by the will of End of the World. If they learn of this, they won't let it go lightly." Touga said.

Saionji chuckled and said, "Mind your own business." He brought Anthy closer to him. "The Bride and I are just a happy pair of lovebirds. We don't want you meddling in our affairs."

"Love birds..." Saya and Miki mumbled.

"For now I am...Master Saionji's Bride. I will do whatever Master Saionji tells me to do." Anthy said.

"See how nice a couple we are? And if you're so concerned about the rules of the rose seal...then you may follow them and duel with me for the Bride. My fellow council members." Saionji said.

"Don't forget that a new Duelist will soon be here..." Touga said.

"I look forward to seeing who will challenge me." Saionji chuckled while walking away with Anthy.

Saya and Touga were sitting under a tree, talking about what happened during the meeting. "I can't believe my brother can be such a jerk!" Saya exclaimed.

"Well, it's not like we asked him to be engaged with the Rose Bride. You should know that." Touga said while looking at the distance.

"You know what Touga?"

He looked at her. "What is it?"

"Sometimes I wish things were the same, back when the three of us were kids."

He sighed before bringing her into his arms. "There's nothing we could do. We can't change the way Saionji is now." Saya sighed while she placed her head on his chest.

After a while, both of them stood on their feet. "We should get going. His match is about to start."


They walked to a place where they can see the dueling area. They stood side by side with opera-like binoculars and Saya saw a girl with a kendo practice stick.

"It's that girl, Utena Tenjou." She whispered.

"You're familiar with her, Saya?" Touga asked.

"I saw her in school and learned her name." She replied. 'Utena is Saionji's challenger...how can that be? She's not in the student council, so can she have a rose seal?' She asked herself.

"How can a castle float in mid-air...?" Utena asked herself.

"Oh, yes. You've never seen the castle before, have you?" Saionji asked.

"What is that thing? I couldn't see it from outside the forest."

"A kind of mirage. Think of it as a trick of the light."

"A mirage?"

"Never mind that. I'm surprised that a person like you who isn't in the student council wears the rose seal."

"Rose Seal?"

"One of these." Saionji showed the rose crest ring to Utena.

Utena's eyes widen. "That ring!"

"Anthy! Prepare us!" Anthy came out, wearing a red gown and holding two roses. She placed the green rose on Saionji's chest and turned towards Utena.

"Anthy, what are you doing here?" Utena wondered.

"It's the Bride's place to be here, and so she's here."


Anthy placed the white rose on Utena's chest. "If the rose is knocked off your chest, you lose the duel. Good luck." Anthy said with a smile.

Then out of nowhere, Saionji walked up and slapped Anthy on her cheek.

"What are you doing?" Utena asked as she kneeled by Anthy.

"How dare you, Anthy! You are the Rose Bride! That means you belong to me! What's the meaning of you wishing good luck to someone else?" Saionji asked.

"Forgive me, Saionji, my master." Anthy said.

"Are you nuts? Why would you take that from this guy?" Utena asked.

"Because Master Saionji is the current champion Duelist. I have to do whatever he wants me to."

"What do you mean? You're not his girlfriend?" Utena looked as Saionji.

"Come. Let's begin..."

Utena stood up and said to herself, "I don't know what's going on here, but I just have to beat him, right?" Utena walked to her place.

"Rose of the noble castle. Power of Dios that sleeps withing me. Heed your master and come forth!" Anthy chanted and leaned back slightly as the bright light on her chest began to grow.

"What's this? Another trick of a light?" Utena asked herself.

Anthy leaned into Saionji's arms; a handle of a sword came out of their chest. "Grant me to power to bring the world revolution!" Saionji shouted and pulled the sword out all the way and got into a fighting stance.

They both charged at each other, they blocked most of each other's attacks. "You're pretty good...for a girl! So, trying to be the prince ho saves damsels in distress?" Saionji mocked.

"Well..." He smirked and hacked away another piece of Utena's sword.

"Wait a minute...That trick sword...Is it real?" Utena asked.

"I'm shocked. You challenge the Sword of Dios...with a useless wooden practices sword?" Saionji frowned slightly.

"The Sword of Dios?" Utena whispered before looking at Anthy who had an emotionless face.

"You don't know about the Sword of Dios? Who are you? Now you're got me interested." Saionji smirked.

"This duel isn't over yet!"

"Quite right. If you wish...I'll cut that rose from your chest with a single stroke. You had the courage to come and face me, after all. The prince on a white horse, here to save her princess!" Saionji said before the both of them charged each other with both of their weapons, collided in the blinding light.

"What?!" Saionji exclaimed as he looked at his rose petals falling into the ground. "I...I lost...?" He said sadly and fell to the ground before looking at Anthy. "Anthy!"

"Cheer up, Saionji...my schoolmate." Anthy replied as if she never knew him, causing him to gasp.

"Well, an unexpected development." Touga said.

"I think she's in the Academy's middle school." Saya said.

"Oh yes, baby..." Saya turned to Touga. "You've lit the fire to my heart." He smirked without knowing that Saya had a sad look on her face and walked away.

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