Eli touched his cut lip as he walked down the hall towards Clare, praying she wouldn't notice it and needlessly worry about him or what he had just done.

"Where were you this afternoon?" Clare asked, not looking at him. She was too worried about any injuries she would see ruining Eli's perfect face.

"Conflict resolution," Eli replied confidently, with his trademark sexy-smirk. His tone implied to Clare that it was a bit more than that.

"So it's resolved?" Clare finally turned and gasped at the sight of his cut lip. "So much for non-violence..." she muttered, obviously not happy.

Now they were mere inches apart, facing each other as Clare tenderly touched the cut marring the perfection of Eli's lips.

"," Eli said quickly, hoping Clare wouldn't notice how much his breathing rate had increased due to their current position

Clare pressed hard an Eli's cut lip and took a half-step closer. Eli winced as he stepped back – no need to torture himself with thoughts of things, or rather, a certain person, he would never have.

"Nobody got hurt, huh?" Clare asked breathlessly – the closeness was getting to her too.

"This? This is nothing, I've had much worse before," Eli sighed at the lie. Why was he trying to seem tougher for Clare? She obviously wasn't interested in him. Plus, he'd never done that before.

"Well, let's be thankful that cut is your only injury, 'cause otherwise, I'd have a lot more places to kiss better," Clare said, an idea having formed in her mind as she moved yet closer to Eli.

"Kiss bet –" Eli's question was cut off as Clare's lips pressed against his own. In that moment, Eli could think of a thousand places he would lie about having injuries, just to feel her lips again. And then he was just lost in the movement of their lips.

When the two pulled apart, they both blushed bright red at all of the eyes on them – but what else could they expect, it was the middle of the hallway, and they were Clare Edwards, straight A and strongly Christian student, and Elijah Goldsworthy, goth slacker and new student, making out.

"That was... umm... I gotta get to class!" despite having initiated the kiss, Clare was... embarrassed? Clare turned to run away, but Eli caught a hold of her wrist before she could get anywhere.

"Wanna try that again?" he asked as his lips crashed down on hers this time.


Author's Note: I have to admit, I am completely in love with Eli. And the thought of Eli and Clare being together-they're gonna make an EPIC couple, dontcha think? Well, this was how I think things shoulda gone down between the two of them in 'Try Honest Part Two'

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