"What the hell, Sam?" Dean winced when Sam towed himself into the passenger seat.

"What? I bought the right meal; double bacon cheese burger and fries, I also brought you the fresh baked apple pie," Sam flinched back as he handed Dean's food.

"Not my meal, Dude, yours." Dean pointed to the cup filled with a swirled cream in soft green and pink color. "An ice cream? With strawberries and what-that-round-greenish fruit topping? What are you, eight?"

"This? This is not ice cream, Dean. It's froyo." Sam picked the round-greenish fruit topping and showed it to his brother, "and this, is kiwi."

"Froyo huh? What is that? Some new food species?" Dean said between his munch to the burger.

Sam almost dropped his jaw I disbelief, "You had never eaten froyo before, Dean?"

Dean peeked at the froyo. Sure it's look tempting, but it looked too sweet to be eaten by him. He wouldn't embarrass himself eating that pretty food. "I don't eat child's dessert."

Sam rolled his eyes. "Here, you should try it."

Dean shook his head no. "Nu-uh. Dessert is dessert, Imma finish my meal," He said with his mouth full of fries. "What's so special about it anyway?"

Sam gulped a spoonful of his froyo before answering Dean's silly question. "Well, it's frozen yogurt. It's kinda like ice cream, but it's not ice cream at all. It's made from pure milk, not cream. Usually low fat and low sugar, means lower calories. So it's healthier."

Low calorie, healthy food. Dean scoffed. Sam is being Samantha right now by consuming it.

"You know Dean, I still can't believe that you've never eaten froyo. I thought you were some kind of food inspector here."

"Yeah, you tell me about it. That low fat things are for chicks." Dean teased.

Sam glared to Dean. "I'm not a chick."

"Yeah, cause you're a bitch," Dean said, slurping his soda.


"Here, let me taste you chick meal," He snatched the cup from Sam's hand. Sam was about to protest, but his brother was way too fast. Dean took a spoonful of the froyo and let it melt in his mouth.

"Mmmhhh!" Dean grunted as the twist of strawberry and kiwi flavor touched his sense. Sam frowned. Dean took another spoonful, adding the kiwi before ate it. Then another joyful growl filled the Impala.

"Goddammit, Sammy! This is so good! How come I never know about this heavenly food before? No wonder chicks like you love it."

"Yeah, right," Sam grimaced.

"Here, buy another froyo for you and me," Dean fished some bucks from his jacket and handed it to Sam. He kept eating the froyo and kept producing some strange voice every time he swallowed the froyo.

"Why? Why me? You're the one who ate all of my froyo and now you want me to buy it for you?" Sam argued.

Dean hmmm-ing again. "You know the rules dude. You were the one who flipped the coins. It's your turn to buy the meal."

Sam moaned, but he took the money and got out somehow.

Dean took the last bite of the strawberry happily. He admitted, he's guilty for liking the chick food. But he didn't care. As long as it's a good food, he'll eat it anyway.

Dean smiled. "Food inspector. I like it. I'll make one fake ID of Food Inspector later."

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