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Harper laid back down on his bunk in the maru. So many thoughts remained a jumbled mix in his head. He without thinking reached for his inhaler first panicking and then letting out a breath of relief when he couldn't find it. He had counted lost count of the number of times he had reached for it when the pain of the magog crawling around his insides left him unable to stand, see or even think straight.

In seemed like forever. Harper could still feel the magog lava inside of him at night. The crew still trended softy around him. He had caught Beka giving him one of her sympathy looks when he was working in one of the machine shop yesterday. Dylan still looked at Harper like he was going to break any moment. Rommie continued to monitor his life signs everywhere he went on the ship and have her bots never be too far away. Trance had changed so much, but he still remembered the looks and soft touch of his former purple friend. Rev was no longer around although he had grown more and more distance since the world ship. He remember how even Tyr watched out for him during those days.

Maybe it was the fact that he had never had people really care for him like that. Earth you didn't get attached to anyone or that is at least what Harper had come to believe. When he threw his flute into his parents' grave he had made the promise that he would die fighting the Neizchiens. Make them pay for what had happen to his family. He had nothing to live for then.

Life had gone on from that point, living and not feeling. He went on raids of the Neitzchien camps. Had learned their many strengths and few weakness, their over active sense making high pitched noises and server lighting changes affecting them. It had been only after the world ship that he had stopped carrying a dog whistle in his pocket.

Growing up in the camps every child had one. It gave you a couple moments to get away from the young Neizchiens that beat up anyone they could find because they were bored. Harper tried to shake those thoughts out of his head. He was off earth away from the death camps. Maybe it was seeing what was left of Bobby that made him think about earth.

He never told Beka and Dylan the real reason he hated Bobby so much. Harper had first met Bobby. Harper had been 16 at the time right after his parents had died trying to save him from the slavers. The rest of that story few knew not even his cousin.