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Harper stuck his hand under his pillow. He smiled remembering Beka's warning to Dylan. That wasn't the only object underneath his pillow. He pulled out a small white teddy bear. It had been stained with dirt, blood, and tears over the years. It had been Tara's but his mom had given it to him after she died. Something to remember his sister by. He was so young when his sister had died he had only a few memories of her.

He had never planed on taking the bear when he left earth but when he came aboard the Maru it was sitting in his pack. Isa must have put it in when she said goodbye.

He was glad now for the small bear. It wore one of Kari hair ribbons around its neck. It had a red vest made by his mother out of the same red curtains that later lead to Kari's death. The vest had a single button from one of his father's old shirts. He had slept with the bear until Kari death. He had cried for a week holding the bear and then put it away too painful to think of his sisters so he abandoned it and their memories. He still didn't talk about it.

Brendan had been the one to rescue it from his family's hut when he moved into his hut after his parents' death. He somehow knew the importance of the bear even if Harper hadn't at the time.

So many memories were contained in the bear. He was glad that through it all the bear had managed to stay with him. It was the only real object he had to remember his family by. He sat the bear on his stomach and fingered its necklace. The latest addition to the bear a small pendant on the ribbon, it was really a flexi that Isa had written a message to him on. "Your not responsible for them."

Somehow he knew the message was true and it wasn't. Everyone in his family, even Bredan, was dead. If he hadn't of been there they wouldn't have died, but they had died for him. The died so he could live. He knew that he had to continue to living for them. That was his responsibility.