It had been over a year since Jack seen the Black Pearl, sailing away from him in Tortuga. About a week since he was picked up from his dinghy by the Misty Lady. Tired of Teague's constant mocking, Jack decided to find a tavern-any tavern-besides the Faithful Bride. Unable to think of any others that served good rum, he decided to just walk around town, maybe stop by the Faithful Bride for a quick drink.

Jack was just passing by an old well when a woman walked up to him and slapped him. Jack took a good look at the woman. "Luv, I don't think I've had the honor of-"

"You killed my sister!" She shouted at Jack.

"I don't kill women unless they're vile and-"

The woman slapped Jack again, before shoving a basket into his hands. "Dirty rotten pirate. You'd better be grateful that my sister asked for you to take that!" She said, before storming off, complaining about how hard headed some men were.

Jack sat down at the well with the basket on his lap, before lifting the light pink blanket. His eyes went wide in shock at what he saw. A six month old baby girl in a white dress. She had slightly tan skin, dark brown hair that was perfectly curled, and big brown eyes that sparkled like crystals. In other words, she looked so much like Jack that there was no way for him to deny her. She smiled up at Jack, reaching for his braided beard. He sighed, standing up and heading back for the Misty Lady with his daughter in his arms. "Da's gonna love this."

Half way there, Jack ran into Teague. The older man smirked. "I take it I'm a Grand Da now?"

"Like it or not." Jack responded, trying to ignore the fact that the baby was pulling his hair.

"What's her name then?"

Jack smirked. "Jacqueline."

Teague frowned. "No. Can't be calling both of you 'Jackie'."

Jack rolled his eyes, holding his baby out in front of him. "Then Samantha. Always liked the name. We can call her Sammie for short." He said, as the baby started to giggle. "Oh? You like that?" He then turned back to Teague. "As much as I hate to say this, Shipwreck Cove is the best place to raise her."

Jack, though he would never have admitted it, was more than excited to raise his daughter...

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