In the Captain's Cabin of the Black Pearl...

"Daddy? Where are we?" Samantha asked, laying in the bed.

Jack smirked, sitting in the chair next to the bed. "On the Pearl."

"The Pearl?"

"Aye Sweetie. The Black Pearl." Jack said proudly.

"The Black Pearl?" Samantha asked, completely confused. "What is the 'Black Pearl'?"

Jack's smile dropped as he scooped up his daughters hands in both of his. "Sammie, you don't remember? Daddy's ship?"

Samantha shook her head, coughing again. "Daddy, it hurts."

Jack sighed, before kissing his daughter's forehead. "I know Darling. I know." He said, stroking the little girl's face with his right hand again as she started closing her eyes again. "Sammie, I love you."

"Love you too Daddy." Samantha said, falling asleep.

Jack left his hand there, and just watched his daughter sleep. "I love you so much."

Half an hour later...

Jack heard a moan, and saw his daughter's dull brown eyes flutter open as she coughed. She looked up at her father. "Daddy? Where are we?"

Jack sighed, shaking his head. "Sweetheart, can you turn around?"


"It's sunset." Jack said, using the pillows to prop her up so she could look out the window. He couldn't help but to smile when his daughter's face lit up a little. "You like it?"

The sick girl nodded. "It's pretty." She said, before coughing again. Once she finished she turned back to Jack. "Daddy? Are we on your ship?"


"I thought you said not until I got better?"

Jack took a deep breath. "I decided to start a little early. That way, we can get you started in your sword fighting, savvy?"

Samantha nodded. "Ok."

"But for now, get some rest." Jack said, shifting the pillows to get her to lay back down. "I love you."

"Daddy, you've been saying that all day." Samantha said, smiling. "I like it."

Meanwhile, on the Flying Dutchman...

Will could sense it. Someone was dying on the Black Pearl. Was it one of his friends? Was it Jack? Had Jack and Barbossa finally gotten into a nasty fight? Will turned to Bootstrap, who was never far from him. "Father, do you feel that?"

Bootstrap nodded. "Looks like you're needed on the Pearl." He said. Part of him hoped it was Barbossa. Even though Bootstrap was known as being forgetful-something Jack never missed a moment to remind him of when they met-there were just some things even he couldn't forget. Having his bootstraps tied to a cannon that then got tossed overboard was something he remembered in complete detail.

"Then we should head down." Will said, still confused by it. The Locker messed with his logic in many ways. The first week was the worst. With up being down, did that mean left was right? Did that mean that night was day? It messed with Will for a long time, and made navigating a real hassle. Luckily, Davy Jones gave the young Captain a few pointers before finally passing...

Pretty soon, the Flying Dutchman broke through the surface in the mortal world, next to the Black Pearl. The first thing Will's eyes caught was a man wearing a bright red jacket. The man looked directly at Will and gestured for him to come. "Father, who is that?"

Bootstrap's jaw dropped. "That's Captain Teague, Keeper of the Code! I thought he was dead years ago." He said. "I never thought Jack would make a deal with Jones while Teague was still around."

"Should I go over there?"

"If you don't want to be on the bad side of the devil."

Will quickly boarded the Black Pearl. "Captain Teague?"

"Captain Will Turner." Teague greeted, turning to Will. The older man looked like he was trying as hard as he could to look strong. "You're finally here."

"What happened?" Will asked, looking around. It was quiet. Even with the whole crew on deck. Even Barbossa was on deck, standing at the far side of the ship, talking to a little boy. The little boy looked so familiar.

Barbossa then saw Will and walked over, softly pushing the boy along. "Captain Turner." He greeted.

The little boy looked up at Will with wide eyes. "You're William Turner?"

Will kneeled down. "Yes. What's your name?"

"William Turner." William said, before pointing at the Captain's Cabin. "My Mommy's in there, with Uncle Jack and-"

Will stood up, remembering why he was there. "I'll be back later." Will promised his son, before walking into the Office Area of the Captain's Cabin. Elizabeth was sitting in a chair, staring off into space. "Elizabeth?"

She looked up at the familiar-and much missed-voice. "Will!" She said in a forced whisper. She stood up and wrapped her arms around her husband, before kissing him. It was their first kiss in over six years, and possibly their last for another four years.

After a moment, Will pulled away. "Elizabeth, I have work to do." He said, before taking a deep breath, opening the door to the Sleeping Quarters. He saw Jack sitting in a chair next to the bed, just watching the little girl in the bed. The young man was shocked. Jack's daughter? "Jack?"

Jack sighed, holding his daughter's hand in both of his trembling hands. "It's time?" He asked in a sad whisper.

"Just about."

Taking a deep breath, Jack lifted Samantha's hand and kissed it. Will could see tears fall from Jack's eyes as he lowered the girl's hand. It was scary for Will, to see Infamous Captain Jack Sparrow cry. The older man then kissed his little girl's forehead. He then saw her eyes open. "Sammie?"

"You kept it." Samantha whispered, smiling at the wall. Hanging on the wall was a ring of dried wild flowers.

Jack quickly wiped his tears away, replacing his depressed look with a smirk. "Of course I save it! My little girl made it!" He said, as Will walked out to gave them some alone time.

Samantha smiled, her eyes welling up with tears from the pain. She then looked straight into Jack's eyes. "Daddy? Are you sad about something?"

Jack shook his head quickly. "Why would I-"

"Daddy, it's ok to cry. You don't always have to smile." Samantha said, surprising her father. "Uncle Barbossa said that if you don't let yourself cry, you'll never get over what made you sad."

Jack got up on the bed and wrapped his arms around his daughter. It was the last time he would hug his only child, for possibly a very long time. He kissed the top of Samantha's head. "I love you." He said, before looking her straight in the eyes. "I'll always love you. In this life, and the next."

When Will came back, Jack was still holding his sleeping daughter. "Jack, it's time." He said. Jack nodded, laying Samantha back down on the bed. He sat in the chair next to the bed as the younger man picked the child up. "I'll take good care of her."

Jack nodded, reaching out to his daughter's hand. "Sweetheart? Can you smile for me one more time?" He asked. Samantha awoke and smiled for her father as Will carried her off.

That night in Shipwreck Cove...

After the dinner in the memory of Samantha, Jack walked into his daughter's room and looked around, noticing something hidden in the corner. He walked over to look. There was a basket with a soft light pink blanket. He picked the basket up and brought it to the bed, a gold hair ribbon tied in a bow. Jack untied the ribbon and quickly tied it to one of his braids.

The next week, Jack had a new tattoo around his right wrist, where he would always see, of a gold ribbon tied in a bow. No matter how long he lived, Jack would never forget his daughter, who to others would be part of an untitled chapter of the legend of Captain Jack Sparrow...

Sammie...I loved that kid...I imagine her to be completely adorable...I almost had Calypso save her because I loved her so much...

Throughout writing this story, I kept one song playing over and over again: Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton. I was that determined to write a serious story...

Sorry it took me so long to update...I was having computer issues...