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WARNING: This fict holds high amounts of sexist thoughts and such, be warned.

Titan's Tower, the very symbol of heroics and salvation for the people of Jump City and all other cities that the great "T" loomed over. It put men and women at ease knowing that a heartbeat away, an elite and prestigious fighting force had only the safety and well being of the citizens they have sworn to protect on their minds. Unfortunately, the salvation they so wanted to believe in was in the legendary Justice League, not a group of hyperactive teens. But despite that, the Teen Titans did get the job done, even if at times they ran into Teen age problems time to time: fashion, reality TV, relationships, and of course –battle of the sexes.

The morning sun may have just cracked over the calm waters surrounding the Titans' island, but a spirited and furious debate. The female members of the Titans had gathered around a smug smirking speedster with his red boot covered feet perched up on the counter top of the sitting area of the living room. Argent took a step closer to his lazily sitting body and gritted her teeth. "You best be yanking my leg you nit," she warned him with her hand on her hip and a fist clenched close to his face.

His hand rose slightly and brushed her off with a small laugh. "Now now, don't get your skirt in a twist Argy, I'm just stating a fact," Argent readied to punch him when Starfire and Kole pushed her back and held her arm.

Flash smirked once more and shook his head. "See that, women are just way too over reactive, men never get that way. It's DNA or something," Quickly he was hoisted off the couch and brought eye to eye with Terra's flaring visage.

"Well, then let's see if we can beat some of those DNA's out of your sexist head!" She hissed as she dug her gloved hands into the speedster's yellow spandex top.

Flash put his index finger between their two bodies with a playfully confused brow movement. "Was that an insult, a threat, or are you asking me out?" Terra dropped her jaw in disbelief and looked over at Jinx.

"Is this guy serious?" Jinx shook her head and pressed her slender finger tips to her temple. "Unfortunately, he is," She mumbled disgruntled, then walked turned to the two of them.

Her sharp nails dug into his chest and tore him off Terra's hands. Flash's playful and charming face quickly turned to worry and tenseness. "Now, babe…" He tried to start, but only was cut off as he saw the corner of Jinx's lips raise into a maniacal grin.

With a loud gulp, his eyes cringed closed. Before any of the girls could really dig into him or beat him with their powers, the main entrance slid open and a group of boys wondered in then halted at the sight before them. Slowly, the girls moved their heads and eyes over at the new entries into the room with mixed eyes of embarrassment, surprise, and annoyance. The first to break the unbearable silence was Robin with a hefty and deep throat clear. "Um, is there something going on here I should be aware of?" He asked both jokingly and serious tone and look to his face.

Jinx hesitantly let Flash down with a release of her nails from his costume, which in that moment Flash ran to the other boys and hid behind Robin with a his face more smug then before. Jinx scoffed and bit her lips. "Yeah, there is. That guy made the most ignorant and plain sexist remark at all the girls here," Jinx explained with a narrowing of her irritated eyes and crinkled her nose slightly.

With a peak behind his shoulder at Kid Flash, he returned to look back at the disgruntled pack of girls with worried and anxious eyes. "What did he say?" He asked with a shaky voice over what the possible answer could be.

The group of girls looked at each other with folded arms then responded together: "He said women are nothing compared to a man," Robin's heart sank at those words, and the girls' eyes burrowing deep into him so they could reach Flash.

"Darn it, it's worse than I thought," Robin sighed and turned to Flash who was now looking at the girls with a new found twinge of fear in his eyes. "Flash, apologize, now," Robin demanded with his signature threatening voice and eyes.

Kid Flash shrugged with another nerve racked smirk. "Hey, come on Bird Boy, let's face it. The boys here are better," Kid Flash flicked his body around in a blink of an eye towards the other boys. "Come on guys, who here thinks a girl here is stronger than us?" He asked with a flex of his arms. The boys mumbled amongst themselves in a hushed tone. Some of the girls' brows rose slightly in this unexpected action. Flash smirked once more then dashed over to the giant window that over looked the field in front of Titan's Tower. "And guys, who thinks a girl here is faster than a boy here?" He asked once more with a sonic tap of his foot and crossing of his arms over his chest. Once more, the boys mumbled together except with more enthusiasm and a few nods. Finally, he dashed behind the boys near the door they entered from in a flash. "And what girl here is smarter than any of us here?" The guys cheered a little and nodded.

The girls' bodies slumped a little in dismay. "I can't believe this is happening," Jinx muttered as he face turned to shock.

"It's like a bad movie," Raven elaborated in her usual monotone. Robin palmed his hand to his forehead and shook his head.

"Guys, this is insane, everyone here is just as important as the next. There's no reason to get competitive or go against each other," He explained as he looked back between the boys and girls grouped parties.

Kid Flash snapped his fingers and ran up to Robin. "That's exactly what we're going to do," He replied with a spark in his pool like eyes. He ran close to the girls, but still at a distance in case they get "vicious" again. "We'll compete to see who the better sex is!" Robin quickly looked over at him with dismay and his heart sinking more.

"F-Flash, that isn't-"

"Alright, you're on!" Jinx barked as she flipped over the couch and landing inches from Flash. "But what will the name of the game be?" Jinx asked as she inched closer to his face with a curtailing grimace across her lips.

"We'll switch events, boys choose first, then girls," He replied leaning down a little towards her as well with a smirk.

"When do we call game?"

"Whoever wins the most after 10 rounds,"

"Alright, what's the prize?"

"When the boys win, the girls have to go a whole day in just bikinis," he replied with a boyish glint in his eye as he said that.

Jinx looked over at the girls who were shaking their heads and mouthing "no" towards her. She quickly got back into Flash's face with a returning smirk. "Deal!" The girls fell to the couch with mixed groans. "But if the girls win, the boys have to go a whole day in bikinis," Quickly the girls rose their heads up along with their bodies off the couch.

"I heard humiliation on the line!" Terra realized with excitement in her eyes.

Flash blinked twice as his face drooped to a plain straight face and peaked his head over at the other boys who were shaking their heads just like the girls where earlier. "Alright, Lucky," Flash started as he whipped his head back around to her face. "You're on,"

"In two hours,"

"See you then," Jinx brushed her cheek across Flash's making him shudder slightly with a playful but sinister purred.

"Not if I see you first, West!" She snapped devilishly as she returned to her group.

The girls laughed and walked out of the living room in unison. Robin shook his head and walked over towards Flash who was starting to straighten back up to his usual stature. "What have you done?"

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