Story So Far: Logan was surprised when Veronica took him up on his offer of one night, no cuddling and he would not call her after. After their passion filled night together, Logan found out that Veronica had a brain aneurysm and needed surgery. He rushed to LA to be by her side. Veronica in her post operation coma spent time with Lilly. Lilly helped her to realize Logan was the man for her and she had closed off after Lilly's death. Veronica awakened from her coma to find her father and Logan there. Before she falls asleep she tells Logan she loves him.

Logan crosses the stage at graduation. He is a striking figure in his long green robe and green cap. The Echolls' smile in full force, he bounds over to receive his diploma and shake Mr. Clemmons' hand.

There is loud applause not because he is king of the 09ers, but because he is Logan. His classmates have seen the changes in Logan since returned from LA. He's joyful, charming, caring and funny.

When Logan came back from LA after Veronica Mar's surgery it was obvious he had changed. The students could see he was no longer interested in being king of the school and leader of the 09ers. The feud between the 09ers and the PCHers had stopped almost immediately. Rumors were that Logan talked to Weevil. Together they went to see Keith Mars. In return for Keith's help, Weevil had agreed to let the authorities handle whoever killed Felix. Today Thumper was in jail and Weevil was graduating making his grandmother proud.

In school Logan was attentive in class and got better grades. He was approachable and easy to talk to. Blessed with a good memory he remembered everyone's name and things about their lives once he talked to them.

Now he was close friends with Wallace Fennel who was Veronica Mar's best friend and he was seen often with Cindy MacKenzie. The three ate lunch together and the middle of the Quad became an open place where anyone was welcome to sit, eat lunch and enjoy the sunshine. Around Logan's table 09ers mixed with jocks and nerds.

Gossip around the school was Logan went every weekend to LA to visit Veronica as she recovered from her surgery. In March the tabloids had a picture of Logan and Veronica walking out of a restaurant together in LA. On her left hand was a large diamond. The speculation was that Logan Echolls was engaged.

Logan declined all interviews and ignored the paparazzi but readily admiltted to his fellow students that he and Veronica were engaged and getting married when school was over. The gossip was that Veronica completed her treatments and came back to Neptune in April moving in with Logan at his new beach house. Although he kept most of his thoughts and feelings to himself, his fellow student could see that Logan had new priorities. He was living with Veronica and rumors had them going to UCLA together in the fall after they got back from their honeymoon.

Veronica's classmates got to see her when she came to prom with Logan. Her hair was short and she had lost weight but she looked healthy. They made a striking couple with Logan's tie matching Veronica's royal blue dress. The students watched interested to see the relationship between the newly engaged couple who lived together and were rumored to be going to college together.

Veronica was still quiet and reserved around most everyone but she seemed relaxed and open around her close friends. The big change was her demeanor around Logan. She lit up. There was no other way to describe it. Around Logan she glowed. Logan's hard edges softened around her and it was not difficult to see this was a couple very much in love.

Principal Clemmons eyes the young man walking towards him and marvels at the changes in him. Up until this year he wouldn't have believed that Logan would be anything but a rich, spoiled, arrogant man living off a trust fund not contributing to society. This young man walking towards him was popular because of his personality not his wealth and connections. He was focused and driven. It appeared that young Mr. Echolls was engaged and going to college. His teachers were impressed with his improved attitude and grades. They all believed he would do well in college.

On stage Logan's eyes seek out Veronica and Keith. They are both standing and clapping. Veronica is taking his picture. He waves slightly and heads off the stage. As he walks back towards his chair, he smiles at Mac, Dick and Wallace.

The last six months have been the best of his life and everyone watching can tell. He is no longer reacting to his life, he is living his life. When his classmates look at him they don't see a boy beat by his murderer father and left alone by an alcoholic mother, they see a man who is obviously in love and ready to face the world.

Sitting in his seat waiting while the rest of the students receive their diplomas and have their moments on stage, Logan thinks about the past few months and how much his life has changed. Veronica true to her word to Lilly had changed. She put the past behind her. She was more open with her father and her friends. Logan could see that she was allowing them behind her walls and with them was a little more like the loving Veronica he knew before Lilly died.

To Logan's surprise and delight, Veronica although more open with her family and friends was totally open with him. She let him in totally. She trusted him totally. She was confident in their relationship and love.

Watching her sleep after their first talk, Logan was happy she said she loved him but he was not sure of what would happen. Veronica had immediately showed Logan he was her partner. She had discussed her recovery with her doctor, Logan and her father. She had allowed Logan in the decision making process. She agreed to stay at the LA apartment. She overruled her father agreeing for Logan to hire a driver and a 24 hour aide to assist her. He had also hired a tutor to help her get her GED. Logan had been even more convinced of her love for him when she allowed him to help her with her care. He easily lifted her and assisted her to get dressed, shower and eat. He could see that she was seeing him as her mate.

Veronica talked seriously to Logan about their future. She convinced him to go back to Neptune and handle things there while she worked hard at her therapy determined to be able to dance with Logan at prom. In turn he went back to Neptune, sold the mansion, bought a house on the beach and went to school. If Veronica could change and work towards their future, he could too.

Deep inside he was hopeful but unable to trust that things would work out for him. He should have known that Veronica would see his worry and be there for him. Veronica had surprised Logan on one of his visits to LA. She had been packed, bought two tickets to Vegas and was waiting for him when he arrived at the LA apartment. She asked him to take her to Vegas and marry her. He had been shocked but Veronica had hugged him and told him that he was the only one for her and that she wanted their real marriage to be just them. They would have a wedding in the summer where everyone would be there but this was just for them. Logan had agreed and they had gone to a jeweler buying an engagement ring and wedding bands before they flew to Vegas. They stayed in a luxury suite complete with champagne, chocolates and roses. She had even packed a sexy white teddy for the wedding night.

Logan realized that she was making sure he understood she was his forever. He knew she loved him then. He knew she was sure. They had kept their marriage a secret and Logan found that it was a delicious secret for him. She had left her engagement ring on and they had both taken their marriage bands off and put them away for their public wedding in the summer. They had gone back to LA and told everyone that Logan had surprised Veronica with a trip and had proposed. Everyone seemed happy for them. Keith was not surprised and easily accepted Logan and their engagement. Their friends had admired Veronica's ring and had teased them both about getting married right out of high school. They had both smiled and accepted the teasing and congratulations.

It had been a turning point in their relationship for Logan. Veronica had been sure since she woke up from her coma but Logan had reservations that things were not going to go well. He worried that she was just reacting to her near death experience. He worried that he would screw up and ruin things. Once they were married and he saw her happiness with him, he knew things would be fine. He relaxed into the relationship and allowed himself to just be happy. Their marriage gave Logan the security he needed to open up. He loved Veronica even more for knowing what he needed.

Released from therapy in April, Veronica moved to Neptune and into the beach house with Logan. She made his house a home and Logan had sunk into the atmosphere of love and acceptance. Logan smiles as he thinks about having a home with Veronica. It wasn't the great beach house, it was coming home to Veronica. It was knowing that no matter what she was there for him, helping him, accepting him and loving him. Veronica was his home. He knew he would feel at home in the house he rented in LA.

Veronica had not understood why he would buy a house in Neptune when they were going to move to LA for college but had accepted that Logan wanted to have a place ithey could come back to when they visited their friends and family. Logan hired Mrs. Navarro to cook and run the house. She only worked mornings going home to look after her grandchildren in the afternoons. It turned out that Mac and Wallace were going to live there after Logan and Veronica's wedding. Logan planned a long honeymoon for them timing it so they would get back a couple of weeks before they moved to LA. Logan and Veronica would keep the master bedroom and use it when they came back to visit.

Veronica was touched how Logan looked after everyone. He let Mac and Wallace live in the Neptune house rent free. There Mrs. Navarro would mother them and spoil them. The bills for Mrs. Navarro, the pool and yard maintainance, maids and security were handled by Logan's accountant. As a graduation gift, Logan had paid for Weevil to attend the police academy in the fall. Weevil was doing some work for Keith and was learning that street justice wasn't the only way. Logan bought Veronica a new car. She was going to leave her Le Baron in Neptune giving the keys to Wallace telling him to use it while she was in LA. Logan had Weevil's uncle fix it up. Veronica knows it probably cost more to fix it up than it was worth but was happy that Logan understood her attachment to it. Finally Logan put money in an account for Keith. Keith was upset and didn't want it but Logan had quietly told him that they were family and Keith had to understand that family helped each other. Logan told Veronica that he set the account up so Keith could never give it back.

The ceremony over, Logan rushed over and grabbed Veronica whirling her around. She laughed at him and insisted he pose with her for a picture. They took pictures of him alone, with Veronica, with Keith, with Alicia, with Mac, with Wallace and of course a lot of group shots. It was obvious that she and Keith were proud of him. Logan had felt badly that Veronica wasn't getting to walk across the stage in her gown and cap but she had assured him that she would get that experience when they graduated from college. Right now she was happy to get her GED and to be going to college with Logan.

Logan posing with Veronica looked down at her hand seeing her engagement ring. She squeezed his hand and when he looked up at her face, he could see she was thinking the same thing as him. She leaned in and whispered, "I can't wait to wear the matching band."

Logan pulled her into his arms and looked down at her with all the love in his heart agreeing, "Me either."

Today he stood in his graduation gown facing a really bright future. He was married to the girl of his dreams, had a new family that loved him, was going to college and had some good true friends. He had this amazing pixie in his arms to thank for his happiness. He looked at her with all the love inside him.

Keith snapped that picture. He could see the love in both of their faces and he couldn't ask for more for his daughter. She was happy, glowing with health, going to college and was in love and loved. Keith could see that Logan loved his daughter and would look after her. He had grown close to Logan and had a lot of respect for the young man. He made his daughter happy and that was a huge plus in Keith's eyes.

Keith lowers the camera and wraps his arm around Alicia's waist. She looks up at him and smiles. Keith smiles back. In two weeks he would walk his daughter up the isle and give her hand in matrimony to the young man that she gazed up at with so much love. Keith had learned to appreciate today and today was a good day…