Gohan had taken a severe lashing when he returned home. His mother had yelled at him for an hour straight, and he just wanted to go to bed. He walked away towards his room in the midst of his mother's yelling. Noticing him leave she called out, "Just where do you think you're going young man? I am not finished with you!"

"I'm going to bed," he replied calmly while opening the door. He closed the door, his mother still screaming at him. Deciding that it wasn't worth losing her voice, ChiChi left the boy alone, getting ready to go to sleep as well. Gohan pulled on his pajama bottoms and crawled into bed, ready for a good nights sleep. Looking over to his brother's bed, he found the little boy glaring back at him with a sky blue icepack on his rear.

"Why are you here?" The boy asked with clear anger in his voice.

"I'm sleeping," Gohan replied as if it should be obvious to the boy.

"Well I don't want you here," he replied as he continued to glare daggers at his brother.

"Too bad."

"But I was here first!"

"Well I was born first!"

"Well you hurt me."

"Well you deserved it."

"How?" Goten asked with confusion on his face.

"You've been blackmailing me!" Did he really not know?


"So, that isn't nice!"

"You still shouldn't have pulled my tail," he replied pouting. Gohan knew that this wouldn't stop Goten, and before the week was over, the brat would be back at it again. Taking his opportunity, Gohan replied with,

"You're right, but I did. And I'll keep doing it every time you blackmail me. And if you don't learn from that, who knows what I'll do? I may even go Super Saiyan, and rip it off completely." Goten looked at his brother in horror, would he really do that? Would he cause that much harm to the boy, just because of the stupid grade? Goten swallowed hard and tried to fall asleep, failing every step of the way. He couldn't get the thought of the pain that he felt today times a thousand if Gohan did it as a Super Saiyan.

"Goten!" The Super Saiyan inside of Gohan unleashed, his power pushing to their very limits. The golden haired monster flew at mach speeds towards the running little boy. No matter how hard he tried, little Goten couldn't take to the sky. He willed himself to at the very least go faster, but he seemed to be moving through something much thicker than air. He turned his head to see his brother gaining on him, and tripped on a tree root, causing his face to meet the dirt. Before he could pull himself back up, he felt a tug on his back end and turned to see that he was being lifted into the air by his tail, Gohan had an evil smile on his face that caused Goten to cry. He felt the appendage being lifted higher into the air and tied to a tree. He then watched in horror as his brother pulled him by his hair until he flew into the angry boy's arms. He looked at the tree to find his tail still wrapped around it. Though he was displeased at the absence of his tail, he was relieved to have no pain, until he felt an extreme ache from his behind and he screamed.

"Ahh!" He awoke to find sunlight flooding his room. He felt the layer of sweat he'd built up, and the large amount of urine in his pajamas. He was surprised that his bed felt so hard, when he realized that his bottom had hit the hard, wood, floor of his room. Holding one hand to his aching backside, Goten lifted himself up and changed into dry clothes. He balled his pajamas and soiled sheets up and put them in the hamper, he had to make sure to make his mom swear not to tell Bulma, or Trunks would find out and never let him live it down.

"Hi mommy," Goten greeted his mother as he gingerly sat down at the table; making sure that the base of his tail didn't have any weight on it.

"Hey sweetie," she replied as she stacked ten pancakes onto his plate.

"Uh, I need to tell you something," he said to her with a worried look on his face. He put his mouth close to his mother's head in order to whisper in her ear. Gohan just so happened to walk in to the kitchen and find his brother whispering something into his mother's ear. He watched her face twist with anger, and found himself both furious and terrified as he grabbed his backpack from the back of a chair, and ran outside to fly to school.

"Don't worry about it honey. I'll run them through the wash, and I can talk to Gohan about this, I can't believe he made you have a bad dream. I knew that you would be afraid of him after he pulled your tail."

"The little monster betrayed me!"

"You don't know that Gohan! You're just being paranoid. Do you really think he'd sell you out for no particular reason?

"Well the fact that he's been blackmailing me for the past week and a half hasn't exactly instilled my confidence in him!" he almost yelled as he slammed his locker shut.

"Okay, calm down," Videl replied, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry, I'm just mad right now."

"It's okay. Speaking of blackmail, what exactly do I need to find out about you to get you to take me out on a date?"

"What time you want me to pick you up is really about it," he replied, all the anger gone from his voice and replaced by amusement and flirtation.

"Okay, how about seven?" she asked, batting her eyelashes.

"Sure," he replied enthusiastically. The short haired girl placed a kiss on his lips before turning and walking away.

"Oh, and while we're at my house, you can pick out a dress for me to wear to your funeral!" she called back at him, watching the smile flicker off of his face for just a moment, then returning as he called back, "You're the devil!"

"That's so sweet of you to say!" she yelled back one more time, blowing a kiss to him before walking away to her first class, practically skipping along the way.

Gohan returned home at three o'clock, his homework finished at school, and his chores done that morning. He happily walked into the living room to find a furious ChiChi.

"Hi mom."

"Hello Gohan. Your brother told me something this morning that I think we need to talk about." The little brat had sold him out after all.

"I can explain."

"Because you pulled his tail, he had a nightmare that you were attacking him, aiming mainly for, guess where."

"His tail," he replied, hiding the joy he had that it wasn't what he thought it was.

"Precisely. Now you go in your room and apologize to him for it."

"Yes maam," He replied defeated. He gently opened the door of his room to find his little brother lying on his stomach, playing with his action figures.

"Boom, slam, punch, whack, kick, bam, ahhhhh! Goten is the winner of the World Tournament!" As Goten began to make the imaginary audience cheer for him, Gohan tapped on the door, making the young boy turn around and instantly change his smile to a glare.

"I'm sorry I gave you a nightmare Goten," he said to his brother. Goten saw that his older brother was sorry, and ran up to him and gave him a big hug. ChiChi walked into the room to find her two boys had made up.

"Good, I'm glad you apologized. Your grounded for a week for pulling your brother's tail," ChiChi added, the strict side of her stepping in.

"But mom! I have a date with Videl tonight!"

"Should've thought of that when you pulled Goten's tail."

"How? We just made the date today!"

"It doesn't matter! You're still grounded!" She yelled at him, not appreciating his correction of her.

"Mommy, I forgive him. Can't he please go?" Goten chimed in. ChiChi looked down at her youngest son and then back up at her oldest.

"Fine, but your grounded for a week starting tomorrow."

"Yes!" Gohan yelled out ecstatic. He looked down to his little brother; maybe he was making some progress with the little guy.

I told you this one would be more relevant to the story than the other one. I hope you liked it, and that you can be happy with it until the next one is brought into existence. At this rate, I should be done in the next day, but I make no promises. Bye!