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Chapter One: First Comes Love, Then Comes… Baby?

Suzaku hummed lightly, playing with the ends Lelouch's hair. He always liked to do that after a particularly feisty bout of sex. Lelouch looked at him sideways from where he was hiding his face in a pillow. His cheeks were still a little flushed and his eyes were slowly beginning to clear up from the fog of lust that had previously been glazed over them. "You look so cute like that," Suzaku purred, leaning over and kissing Lelouch's cheek. The other turned a darker pink and pressed his face into the fluffy white pillow again, grumbling into it. "Well, we should probably get cleaned up. Gino should be here in a few minutes to pick me up for my classes at college."

"And I should probably get to polishing the kitchen floor and unloading the dishwasher. Plus I need to start on dinner," Lelouch mused as he tilted his head to watch the other slip out of the bed and into his white and blue striped boxers. He sat up and slipped on his own black briefs as well. "What are you in the mood for you? We have fish, chicken, and steak."

"Why don't you make something foreign with one of those three? You know both British and French cuisine but you always make Japanese meals. I'm sure Lindo wouldn't min dif you made something different for him to try," The young brunette hummed as he slipped on a pair of black slacks, a yellow shirt and a blue coat over it. He did so because he knew that it was one of Lelouch's favorite outfits to see him in. He grinned at the raised eyebrow he received from the butler. "And if you do make something foreign I'll give you a little strip tease later."

"How can I say no to that? Well, I think we've got the right things to make something. And if not a trip to the store wouldn't be too difficult," He said calmly, smiling a bit as he straightened out his tie. Suzaku smirked at him, slipping on his shades and waiting until Lelouch headed out the door calmly. He then gave the other a quick swat on the bottom, causing him to yelp and jump, looking up over his shoulder curiously.

"Couldn't resist. I'll see you later," He said before heading off. Outside Lelouch saw Gino leaning on his car with a goofy grin plastered on his face, as usual. He then headed off to the kitchen, setting to work on tidying up and check on the ingredients for what he had planned for dinner.

'Well, we don't have any lobster so I can't do lobster bisque. We don't have any cod so I can't make Brandade de Morue; I was really looking forward to making that after so long,' He sighed in his head, looking at the fish. He then smiled a bit, picking up a few fish wrapped together in white paper. 'Well, we have tuna. And, we have red potatoes, plum tomatoes, lettuce and eggs.' He then pulled said items out, setting them on the counter one at a time. He then headed over to the cupboards, looking through those as well. 'Aha! We've also got black olives, green beans, dried tarragon, salt and black pepper. The only thing we're missing for tuna nocoise is lemon mustardvinaigrette but I can still make it without. It'll be a little bit bland but better than most salads. Now, it'll take an hour to make and I have to chill the salad dishes so I should have these as a side-dish and try to pick a main course that'll be a little bigger and more appetizing.' He thought, setting all the ingredients away as he went to get said dishes.

He pulled out one of his cookbooks, which he'd placed on a shelf Rin Kururugi had had put in for his convience. He flipped through, stopping at a recipe in the chicken section. "Well, what do we have here? Looks like roasted lemon rosemary chicken… Well, we just need the carrots, onions and garlic for this one. And I need to give those salad dishes time to chill so I may as well go get them," He mused aloud, quickly jotting down how much of each he'd need before heading out in search of Tamaki, the Kururugi family driver.

Rin stared curiously at the little basket before her. She had been looking for Suzaku to ask him about his classes and gone to see if he was outside with Gino, getting ready to leave for class, when she saw the basket resting on the steps. She looked around with a raised brow, wondering if maybe her son was trying to pull a prank on her, until she saw it move slightly under the white blanket. Slowly, with great care and suspicion, she took the basket inside and was now sitting at the kitchen table with it. The door opened and Lelouch walked in, carrying a brown bag in one arm. "Hello, Lady Kururugi. What are you looking at?" He asked, setting the bags on a counter wand walking over.

"Lelouch, will you remove the blanket for me?" She asked calmly, looking up at him sternly. He blinked and raised his eyebrow questioningly. "I'm afraid Suzaku's trying to pull a prank. If I have you do it then I win either way; you'll either deny because you know, since I know Suzaku can't hide anything from you, or you'll be the one getting whatever is in this little trickery basket." She explained, causing the raven topped male to sigh and massage the bridge of his nose. He'd been nagging at Suzaku for months to stop messing with his mother.

Calmly he pulled the blanket back and the two froze, eyes widening, to be greeted by the sigh of a little baby's face. They could see little curly wisps of light brown hair adorning the little head from under a pink beanie with a white pom-pom on top. The baby had cerulean tinted orbs that were gleaming curiously at the gawking adults. The baby then giggled and squirmed, reaching out her little arms toward them, revealing long pink sleeve to her wrist. "It's… a baby?" Lelouch asked dubiously as he picked the little bundle up, gently cradling it.

"Well… I guess for now we should take care of her," Rin said, standing calmly and pulling out her phone. She'd have to send Tamaki out to get bottles, diapers, wipes, clothes, and some formula. She only hoped he wouldn't whine since he just got home; he tended to do that until a threat of being replaced was mention.

"How do you know the baby is a girl?" Lelouch asked Rin in slight surprise. The woman raised an eyebrow, looking at him as if he was a moron. She then indicated the pink one piece set of pajamas and matching hat the little baby was bundled in. "Well, maybe his parents wanted him to grow up with a little more sensitivity than the regular boy." He said bluntly, glaring at her a bit. His mother used to put him in slightly more girly garb when he was a baby… Which may have explained why cross dressing never really bother him.

"Anyway, I'll have the crib in the attic moved into you and Suzaku's room and send Tamaki to go get everything else we'll need," She said calmly, turning to leave. She stopped when Lelouch made a noise of disapproval in response. "Yes, Lelouch?" She asked with a sigh, turning around to look at him with bemusement.

"Why can't one of the maids or you take care of the baby? Surely you have more knowledge with children than Suzaku or me!" He stuttered frantically. Rin placed a hand on her hip then walked over, poking Lelouch rather pointedly on the chest. He stayed quiet, not wanting to admit that the little jab was actually a little bit painful.

"You are the kitchen worker, Lelouch," She specified calmly. She then indicated the area around them with both hands. "This is one of the smallest rooms in the house. On a typical say you spend only five hours in here, except for the days where you sweep and polish the floors. Other than that you just lounge around with Suzaku, having bout after bout of noisy sex, and make meals for Lindo. Not only that, but you took excellent care of your little sister while she was ill. A baby requires just as much dedication and attention as Nunnally did, so you're the best choice for the job." She said calmly.

He sighed and looked at the perky little baby looking up at him with large eyes before smiling and giggling cutely. "Okay," He mumbled with a small smile, "but you're going to have to let Suzaku know that it was your decision to put the baby in with us. I don't want to listen to him groan and whine." He said sternly. The older woman waved one hand nonchalantly before texting Tamaki and walking off.

"Well, I guess we'll order pizza tonight. Something tells me I'll be too busy trying to get you set up and taken care of to actually make dinner," He said to the little bundle before heading over, carrying the infant on one hip, while putting all the groceries away.

When Suzaku walked in the front door he first noticed that he heard talking in the kitchen and something that smelled an awful lot like… take-out. He growled a little bit, disappointed that he hadn't gotten the exotic, foreign meal he'd discussed earlier with Lelouch. The other male had seemed like he was honestly considering it which only irked him even more. He walked in and blinked in surprise. "Hey big brother! Guess what?" Lindo asked eagerly from his seat at the table.

"Where did that baby come from?" Suzaku asked slowly, pointing at the little buddle Lelouch was holding. The other boy was seated at the kitchen table, the baby curled in one arm while he held a bottle for it in the other. The little baby, which Suzaku assumed was a girl, suckled at the bottle eagerly. "Are you baby-sitting for a friend?" He pressed further.

"That's the cool part, Suzaku! The baby just kind of showed up in a basket!" Lindo announced happily before taking a large bite of his slice of pizza. He swallowed then grinned again. "Mom found it and brought it inside!" It was then the older Kururugi glanced over and saw his mom leaning against a counter, holding a glass of red wine in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other. His mother normally didn't have dinner with them or even went in the kitchen that often.

"That's right. And so I decided that you and Lelouch are in charge of taking care of the little sweetheart," She said happily before sipping her wine. It was then Rin realized that of all the things in this world that made her giggle, seeing Suzaku's eyes widen and jaw drop was by far her favorite. Knowing that she'd one-upped her oddest son, whom had always quite a handful, made her stomach flutter and her heart leap with joy. Was it bad that she derived joy from seeing her own flesh and blood take on the appearance of a deer in headlights? Not in her opinion; it was just good business.

"B-But shouldn't someone with more experience take care of it?" He asked quickly, looking between his boyfriend feeding the infant and his mother frantically.

"Well, Lelouch has quite a bit of knowledge caring for people younger than him plus he has the most free time of all the people in the house. Besides, Suzaku, you don't even have a job! Your father and I pay for your clothes, school, food, and all the things you want! It's only fair you do something to pull your weight around the house! So you'll help Lelouch with the baby," She said bluntly, pinning him with a no-nonsense sort of look. He growled then sighed lightly, sinking into the chair next to Lelouch and picking up a piece of pizza. He then glanced at the baby, taking a bite of his piece.

"So… Did it come with a tag or anything?" He asked cautiously, eying the little infant. Lelouch blinked then glared at him, setting the now empty bottle on the table. He then gently placed the baby to his shoulder, gently patting her back, while still glaring at Suzaku. "What?" He asked through a mouthful of food.

"She isn't a dog, Suzaku!" He snapped angrily. They heard a little 'urp' noise, followed by a giggle, come from the baby. Lelouch smiled a little bit and chuckled as he set her in to a sitting position on his lap. "That feels a little better, doesn't it, little girl?" He hummed gently.

"So it is a girl? How'd you find out?" Rin asked cheerfully from the counter. Lelouch looked back at her meaningfully and she nodded a bit. "Ah. She needed a little changing, huh?"

He nodded then looked at Suzaku. "We should give her a name since we'll be taking care of her for a while. Any ideas?" He asked calmly. Suzaku finished munching on the last bit of crust of his pizza before looking at the little chubby face watching him with a little grin.

"I don't know… How about Inu-Chan?" He asked softly. He was answered with a swat upside the head from his partner. It didn't really hurt but it was kind of annoying and rude in his opinion. "Hey! What, I was making a suggestion!" He retorted angrily.

"Need I repeat that she is not a dog?" He snapped. He then huffed and looked down at the warm, giggling little figure resting on his thigh. He felt a small smile turn up his lips again and a thought struck him. "How about Vanessa? We could call her Nessa for short."

Suzaku blinked, pondering over it for a second. "That could be kind of... cute. How'd you think of that name?" He asked curiously before picking up another piece of pizza.

"That was what my mother wanted to name a child if she ever had another daughter," He said calmly, gently rubbing the infant's back. Suzaku perked up and set his pizza back down on the box after taking one quick bite. He held his arms out to Lelouch. He blinked, clearly baffled by the gesture. "Do you… Want to hold Nessa?" He asked.

Suzaku nodded a bit and carefully took her, holding her up to see her a little better. She blinked at him and started to fuss and squirm. "Don't hold her like that, Suzaku. It's uncomfortable for her," Lelouch chided gently, only to be ignored. And then, after another whimper, little Nessa coughed up a little spit up right on to Suzaku's unsuspecting forehead.

And that was when Lelouch knew that this might go a little worse than he'd expected.


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