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Chapter Nine: Ayumu's Typical Day

It was about seven in the morning when the first few rays of sunlight began to leak in through a pair of pastel pink curtain, casting a triangular shape of golden light over the pink blanket with purple butterflies on the fabric tugged over the little figure. Sleepy cerulean spheres peaked over the end of the blanket, seeing the bright light, before delving back under with a little noise of displeasure. The door creaked open quietly.

Lelouch blinked then chuckled at the little mass moving under the warm covers. He walked over and sat down on the bed, reaching over to try and tug the blankets back. She held them firmly in place, which only made him laugh lightly. "Ayumu, you need to wake up. It's your birthday and your breakfast is waiting downstairs for you," He said gently. Those bright blue eyes suddenly peaked back from over the edge of the blankets curiously.

"What did you make for breakfast?" She asked, her little voice a bit muffled by the blankets. Lelouch chuckled lightly. Ayumu was definitely Suzaku's daughter; she had the same charisma. She used her adorable face and cute little grins to get her out of trouble. The curly brown hair she'd inherited was just another little bonus for her; it fell just an inch or two after her shoulders and looked cute no matter how it was teased or styled.

"I made some pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs… All of your favorites, if I remember correctly," He said happily. Suddenly the covers were tossed up and he watched as the little girl scrambled for the door frantically. He caught her, however, and turned her back into her room. "You have to get dressed first, missy."

"But Mommy, I wanna go eat!" She whined cutely, looking up with those big puppy dog eyes she'd mastered before she spoke her first word. He smiled, ruffled her hair a little bit, and stood up from the bed.

"Put on some clean clothes and then you can come and eat breakfast," He said before heading downstairs, shutting the door quietly behind him. He knew that Ayu would listen to him so he headed back down to the kitchen. Suzaku and Lindo were seated at the kitchen table locked in a serious game of arm wrestling. Lelouch blinked then chuckled and shook his head, getting out the maple syrup and cinnamon.

Lindo, now a twelve-year old boy whose hormones were running, had started working out a little bit. He was still in soccer and was doing very well in school. Genbu and Rin had retired, one half of the company going to Suzaku and the other half to Lindo. Until Lindo graduated from college with a business degree, however, Suzaku was in charge of his brother's share. Luckily Suzaku only did what he and Lindo agreed on. Lindo suddenly let out a long noise as his brother pinned his arm to the table. "You had to have cheated!" He declared with a good hearted laugh as he shook out his arm and hands to get the feeling back.

"It's not my fault I'm the strongest man in the world," Suzaku said with a little grin. He then turned and looked over at his little hubby getting the plates and silverware. "Did you wake up the birthday girl?"

"She should be down in a minute," He said happily before they all perked up to the sound of little feet darting down the stairs. Lelouch then perked up a bit. "Did you pick up her birthday present yesterday like I asked, Suzaku?"

"Don't worry; I took care of it," Suzaku said with a grin just as Ayu darted in to the kitchen. She was wearing a long sleeved white shirt with a pink skirt with a little pink bow on one hip. She had slipped on some white socks and her pink house slippers.

"Took care of what, Daddy?" She asked excitedly as she darted over and held her arms up to Suzaku. He grinned and scooped her up, setting her in his lap and kissing the top of her head.

"Just something for my favorite little girl. Happy Birthday, baby doll," He said happily, smoothing out her hair with one hand. She giggled and hugged him tightly as Lelouch brought the plate of pancakes over and set it down. He then brought over the platter of scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage. After that he set the four plates at different spots and looked at Ayumu with a grin and indicated a spot. She crawled off of Suzaku and headed over to her seat at the table, giggling excitedly as Lelouch set a few pancakes, a few pieces of bacon, sausage, and a small helping of eggs on her plate. He added syrup to the top of her plate.

After Ayu was set Lelouch let Suzaku and Lindo fix their plates before making his own. "So we've got plans for two o'clock this afternoon," Lelouch began calmly. Ayu looked at him curiously. "Auntie Milly and Uncle Rivalz made reservations at a pizza place for a party for you. They even invited all of your friends."

"Really?" She asked excitedly. Lelouch chuckled and nodded before indicating her plate with his own fork. She carefully cute herself a little piece off of her pancakes and set to eating it happily, humming and giggling the whole time. "Is that when I'm gonna get all my presents?" She asked after swallowing. Lelouch had made sure to teach her proper manners.

"Aside from the present from Dad and me. You'll get that one after dinner," Lelouch said with a little smile. She had a sudden glint to her eye that he didn't like. "But you're going to wait longer if you try speed-eating. I don't want you making yourself sick or anything like that."

She nodded and resumed eating quietly, making sure to remain neat and polite like she'd been taught. As Lelouch himself ate he couldn't help but feel proud that Ayumu had remembered his lessons and was sure to apply them. "So what's it like being five?" Suzaku asked happily, taking a bite from a sausage calmly.

"Well, to be honest," She said seriously while setting her utensils down, wiping her mouth with a napkin and looking at him, "I feel old, Daddy." Suzaku blinked a few times while Lindo and Lelouch both bit back huge peals of laughter. The look of pure bemusement on Suzaku's face was absolutely priceless.

"Well that's… That must be rough, hun," He said after a moment of silence. She nodded calmly before resuming to eating her meal happily. Suzaku looked over at Lelouch and mouthed, "Have you been teaching her your dry sense of humor?" while her attention was elsewhere. Lelouch only chuckled lightly at him.

The rest of the meal was in peaceful silence. After that, Lindo excused himself to head off for soccer practice. "I'll see you at one o'clock," He said, ruffling Ayu's hair, making her giggle and push his hand off teasingly, before heading off to get Tamaki to take him to the field. Lelouch glanced at Suzaku who nodded and headed up the staircase. Lelouch lead Ayu into the living room and had her sit down on the couch.

"Now, are you ready for your present?" He asked happily. Ayu gasped and nodded eagerly, grabbing his hands and squeezing them. He smiled back at her. "Well, you have to cover your eyes and wait until we tell you to open them, okay?" He waited until she did, her hands clamped over her eyes as well, before looking over at the staircase and indicated with his hands for the Suzaku to head down with it.

In Suzaku's hands was a tiny baby kitten. It was a Norwegian forest cat that was pure white except that her tail and front two paws were a tan hue. A little yellow ribbon was tied loosely around it's neck. It's large gold-green eyes were looking from her to their curiously. Suzaku walked over then very carefully put the little kitten in Ayumu's lap. It laid there, looking around, before lifting it's head and looking up at the child above it. "Mew," It cried softly.

Ayumu's hands moved from her eyes and she looked down, eyes lighting up in sheer joy. She carefully picked the kitten up and cuddled it lightly. "It's a kitty! Thank you so much!" She exclaimed happily, beaming up at both her parents.

"Your new kitten is a little girl so you'll need to think of a good name for her," Lelouch said happily as one of Suzaku's arms draped over his shoulders. He watched as Ayu carefully pet her kitten, a soft purr coming from her throat as Ayu lightly scratched under her chin.

"I'm going to call her… Princess!" She declared proudly, grinning up at both her parents. Lelouch smiled and nodded while Suzaku chuckled lightly. It was just such an obvious name for a five year old to come up with that it was adorable!

"Why don't you go play with your kitten upstairs until we have to go to the party?"Lelouch asked her cheerfully. She nodded and disappeared upstairs, carrying her new pet with the greatest of care. He smiled and sat on the couch, letting out a relaxed sigh after he heard Ayu's door click shut. "Okay, so Kallen said she'd pick the cake up for us, Cici said that she'd head over early with Shirley to set up, and Milly and Rivalz said that they'd bring by the presents for us."

"That was a great idea you had, by the way," Suzaku said as he sat next to him. He draped his arm around his lover's shoulders again. "You called it when you said that Ayumu would try to find her presents from us early. She was going through our closet two days ago!" He laughed lightly. Lelouch smirked back at him, chuckling as he nuzzled into him gently.

"Well, she is a Kururugi. Your mother warned me that you and Lindo used to do that all the time around her age. And you made sure that Gino was going to help give the kids whose parents couldn't bring them rides?" He asked, changing the subject back to the party they were planning.

"Yeah. He's going to be picking up about four kids. The other five said their parents could bring them over," He said happily with a little smile. He then looked at Lelouch seriously. "And I never did that kind of stuff as a kid. I was the perfect little angel."

"Oh yeah, and I'm the Queen of England," Lelouch scoffed while rolling his eyes and smirking back up at him.

"So you really are a woman, Lelouch?" He asked teasingly with a knowing smirk. Lelouch blushed and gave his shoulder a little smack. "Oh, you know I'm kidding and I love you!" He teased lightly before kissing the other's forehead.

"You better be," He mumbled with a small chuckle before leaning over and kissing him lightly. He then stood up calmly. "Now we better start getting ready for the party. I think we should shower first."

"But, Lelouch, the party isn't for another three hours," Suzaku pointed out in slight surprise. Lelouch smirked, violet spheres almost mocking him.

"We can take a long shower… So long that the hot water runs out before we're all done," He hummed musically before disappearing up the stairs. With a devious smirk, Suzaku followed after him quickly for a little shower time fun.

The party was being held at a new Pizza Hut that had plenty of games that gave tickets and those cheap little toys that children loved. Lelouch found the table for their group easily, due to Cici and Kallen sitting there. The cake was covered in a plastic top to keep it fresh, balloons and many bags and square shaped boxes awaiting Ayu to tear into them and reveal their contents. "Gino's on the way and Milly and Rivalz are ordering the pizza and pitchers of soda," Kallen said with a smile before shifting her attention to the birthday girl. She picked her up and hugged her tightly. "Oh hello my little Ayu! Happy Birthday!"

"Thank you, Auntie Kallen!" She giggled happily, hugging back. After hugging Kallen she darted over and hugged the other woman at the table. "Thank you for coming, too, Auntie Cici!" She mused happily. To this Cici smiled and lightly stroked her hair.

"I wouldn't miss it for all the pizza in the world," She said happily as Milly and Rivalz walked over. Ayu eagerly repeated the actions with the blond and blue haired adults. "She's such a sweetheart."

"She really is," Suzaku agreed happily. One of the doors opened and a few kids ran in, practically rushing to charge Ayu. She squealed in delight and set to gossiping with the boy and three girls that rushed her. "I better go get these kids some game tokens before we have a riot on our hands." Suzaku hummed before heading off.

Lelouch smiled as he tucked Ayumu into her bed. The party had gone over well and now Ayu was tonked out hard. Princess was curled up around Ayu's head sleeping peacefully. He smiled, kissed her forehead, then carefully shut the door and headed to his bedroom. "She's out like a light," He told Suzaku, who was lying on the bed without his shirt on.

"That's good," He smiled and yawned. Lelouch chuckled and flopped over, nuzzling into the other's tan skin. One of Suzaku's arms wrapped around him securely. "You know, it hasn't always been easy but I can't say I regret any of this. Ayumu is such a great little kid and I think we make pretty damn good parents." Lelouch smiled and nodded before sitting up and looking at the other curiously.

"Can we have another baby?"


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