Me:So Tsu wanted a sequal to Lost but found so here it is! Though since I wrote a lot it's going to be in like chapters instead of a big story. My hands hurt so until they feel better this is the first chapter!

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Two Years Later

Chapter one : New Job

"Dante...Dante...DANTE!"Vergil yelled at his twin in bed."Damn it Dante Wake up."Vergil leaned close to Dante and shook him, but before he could pull away Dante pulled him down and kissed him deeply and passionately. Dante broke the kissed a minute later.

"Good Morning Verg."Dante huskily said.

Good Morning brother."Vergil sighed happily loving how Dante always kissed him in the was as good as getting coffee.

"What's today's agenda Verg?"Dante asked grinning like a fool.

"Not much. Though we have to go shopping so do get up."Vergil said kissing Dante's forehead.

"Damn. Why can't you just eat pizza."Dante whined as Vergil got up.

"Because I'm not an idiot."Vergil snickered.

"I'm not an idiot!"Dante stuck his tongue out.

"Come on Dante or no Treats."Dante shot straight up and walked to the bathroom smiling.

Vergil chuckled at how quickly his brother jumps up at the idea of his Treats. Vergil had found that by giving Dante Treats he will do anything. Which for Vergil was a good thing.

Dante walked back into the room with red leather pants and a red t-shirt saying Devil on it.

Vergil rolled his eyes at this and walked to the followed his brother grinning like the idiot he was.

It has been two years now since Vergil came back in to Dante's life. Dante still remembers the night Vergil confessed his love for Dante and making love to him.

"Dante take that smirk off your face and stop those thoughts."Vergil said heading down stairs to the now clean Devil May Cry.

Let's just say Vergil took I mean he takes care of everything. He even got all of Dante's debts paid,also made a personal call to Lady and Trish. Vergil told them that if they ever rip Dante off again he will have no problem killing haven't shown up unless it's a 'nice' visit.

"Yes Verg."Dante said smirking still.

They left Devil May Cry in the car Vergil bought since Dante's got trashed beyond repair. A little accident with a Demon cutting through it. Dante almost cried. Vergil laughed.

When they got to the store Dante got out of the car and grumbled about he wanted got out shaking his head.

"How's this tonight we will have pizza if you help."Vergil compromised.

Dante perked up at that and wrapped his arms around Vergil's waist and kissed him on the lips. They made a girl blush,a old couple mad, and a person yelling at of course didn't care they had each other and didn't care who saw. Though it took Vergil three months to get used to the public affection.

After the chaste kiss they walked inside and some of the working girls giggled and blushed at they stayed clear of Vergil, but swarmed Dante (such a ladies man!).Though he would say he's taken,which every time would make Vergil blush loved every minute of it.

Vergil walked the store with a cart getting soda(Dante),wine(for himself),beer,blueberries(his favorite),strawberries,bread,cheese,meats,steaks,canned vegetables,18 first aid kits,shampoo,conditioner,and several other things before heading to the counter(they had about two carts for everything).Once everything was paid for Vergil's cell phone rang(yes he bought one since Dante wouldn't). The phone number was the same as the shop encase they weren't there.

"Devil May Cry Vergil speaking."He said as they walked to the car."Yes." "No." "Uh huh." "Yes we can be there in three hours." "No." "Depending on the Demon." "Yes."

"Alright." "Bye." Vergil sighed and helped Dante load the car.

When they got in the car Dante turned the station done with classical music.'So what's the new job?"Dante asked putting his feet on the dashboard.

"Some people have been disappearing in the next town two hours south of here. They thing Demons are the reason."Vergil said stopping at a light.

"Why do they think Demons did it?"Dante asked.

"Every time they go to the scene there are runes and demonic writings that are left behind."Vergil explained as they got back to Devil May Cry.

"So they call us. Great!"Dante smirked.

"Yes now help."Vergil said grabbing shopping bags.

Dante and Vergil unloaded the car and then changed clothes each wearing their signature coats. One red and one blue. Dante grabbed his guns Ebony and Ivory putting them in their respective holsters. He them strapped Rebellion to his back ready to go. Vergil strapped Yamato to his side and slicked his hair back.

"Verg come on."Dante said rearing to go.

Vergil sighed and kissed Dante's neck successfully earning a slight moan from the younger twin.

"Alright let's go."Vergil smiled at Dante as he walked out.

They both got on different motorcycles. See Vergil bought Dante a shinny new red Harley Davidson motorcycle and a blue one for himself . So they sped off to do their job.