**I'm strangely in love with writing Anti-Twilight stories right now, but I'll try to cut down. I had to do this though: it's the epic battle between Natalie and Henry (the Anti-Twilight… good for them), and Bella and Edward and Jacob (the Pro-Twilight… boo). Please review**

Welcome to the land of Next to Normal. Natalie and Henry were doing absolutely nothing one day when Natalie blurted out, "I hate Twilight."

"Me too," Henry said. "I mean, seriously, we could do Twilight right now. I'll be Jacob and rip my shirt off, you be Bella and kiss me."

Natalie couldn't help but laugh. "Wow, getting a little weird there, aren't you?"

"Well, seriously, man, if I could see those Twilight characters right now I'd beat their asses."

"So bring it on," a voice in the distance yelled. Then Bella, Edward and Jacob ran into the Goodman house.

"Now look what you did," Natalie muttered. "Why can't you ever keep your goddamn mouth shut? Now the Twilight characters are here."

"Don't be such the downer, Natalie," Henry said.

Bella smirked. "I bet you 2 think you guys are a really cute couple," she said icily.


"Well, me and my boyfriends, cuz I'm cool enough to have 2 of them, are going to pound you into mulch, then we shall use you in our little garden of love."

"Yeah fucking right," Natalie said. "It just so happens that people like Next to Normal WAY more than the like Twilight. Ask anyone."

"Okay, I think I will." Bella looked at Edward. "Eddy, what do you think of Next to Normal?"

"It's awesome!" Edward shouted. Then he coughed. "I mean, IT SUCKS!"

"And Jakey, what do you think of Next to Normal?"

"STOP CALLING ME THAT," Jacob yelled. "My name is Jacob, and I love, I mean, hate, Next to Normal."

"Well, would you look at that? They don't like Next to Normal, I don't like Next to Normal, nobody likes Next to Normal."

"Please pardon this interruption, but Bella is about to be edited out of the story," a voice said.

"What? Who said that?"

"Your worst enemy. You didn't ask me what I thought about Next to Normal. I love it. So anywho, bye-bye-bye, Bella."

Bella vanished out of the story. "Thank you, God!" Edward and Jacob shouted as they hugged each other. "Oh, wait a minute, I hate you! Get off of me!" They let go of each other. "We're so sorry that we did this, Natalie and Henry. This was all Bella's idea. We love Next to Normal. Bye!"

So Edward and Jacob left the land of Next to Normal and Natalie sighed. "Now I really hate Twilight."

"Me too," Henry agreed. "Hey, want to see what happens when we mention Harry Potter?"

**cutoff! Sorry. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't ask me to do Harry Potter. I truthfully know nothing about it. But maybe my friend (who is obsessed with Harry Potter) might do it**