A Shift in Time


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Set Up: One week after the Cell games. Up tell now nothing has changed from the show. Our episode takes place at the going away party for Mairi Trunks.

Gohan sat alone in the room next to the main hall of Capsule Corps. He could hear shouts of joy, and wishes of good luck in the room next door. Gohan couldn't bring himself to join the party. In fact he didn't even understand how the others could be partying right now. The earths greatest hero of all time was dead, and was never coming back. Everyone simply agreed "That's Goku for you", and seemed to be ok with it.

To Gohan life was over, he found no joy in anything anymore. He didn't train, he refused to study, and what was worse he barely ate! The only time he had a smile on his face was when he spent time with Trunks, he and Gohan had similar lives; they were both half Saiyan, both spend the majority of their lives fighting someone stronger then them, and most importantly they understood each other. Even with the age difference between them they were fast becoming best friends.

Then why wasn't he in the party room wishing his friend good bye? 'I can't loose Trunks too…' Gohan thought to himself, he knew what he had to do.

"Gohan, glad to see you made it!" Trunks said immediately embracing his friend as soon as he walked into the room.

"Listen Trunks, I've been thinking… I'm coming with you, you might need some back up." Gohan replied.

ChiChi who hadn't even noticed that Gohan walked in the room, somehow heard Gohan say he was going into the future to help Trunks, and did what ChiChi does best, she fainted.

"ChiChi, it's ok." Bulma said as she vigorously fanned her friend.

There was so much commotion at the party that Trunks, nor Gohan noticed ChiChi had fainted.

"That's not necessary Gohan…" Trunks said staring down at his friend. Truth be told he was hoping one of the other Saiyans would return with him to back him up.

"Nonsense, it's never a good idea to go into battle alone. Even if it is a couple of tin cans we have to fight." Gohan said laughing at his mocking of Vegeta.

"Thanks Gohan!" Trunks almost yelled pulling his friend into another hug. "Let me say goodbye to my father and then we can leave." Trunks exclaimed as he headed towards the gravity room. Ever since Gohan ascended Vegeta hadn't stopped training, he would not be second best to some brat.

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