A Shift in Time

Chapter 4: Another Shift

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It had been six years since Gohan, and Mairi Trunks had returned to the past. At the time that they returned Chi Chi was living with the Briefs as she was going through a hard Saiyan pregnancy without anyone else at the house. She and Bulma were terrified that Gohan would never return, that perhaps he died in the future. Vegeta however flat out told them it was not possible and that the boy would return simply for the fact that he was the only other Saiyan warrior left, and Vegeta needed a sparring partner.

When Trunks and Gohan returned with sad looks on their faces everyone feared the worse, and their fears were confirmed when they told them the news. Chi Chi was furious that her son would make her worry like this, but it was all forgiven when Chi Chi read the letter Bulma had written. It explained how much of help he was, and the physical reasons as to why she told them to choose this date to come back too. As well as reminding Chi Chi how much Gohan is like Goku, and to remember that and to trust him.

For Gohan the past six years of peace had been good to him. He enjoyed life, he trained hard every day. Mairi, which Trunks was known as now came over on almost a daily basis and they sparred. Gohan would spend the majority of a day almost every week with Piccolo training to make his base form stronger, which they believed would only increase the power he had in his transformations, as well as working on his mind. Gohan would also have an intense spar against Vegeta every so often; Vegeta was not fun to spar with so it was only every couple of months that they would test each other's limits out. Vegeta in the past year had achieved the second level of Super Saiyan, and because of this could push Gohan harder than anyone. Gohan silently knew he was still vastly stronger then Vegeta, but would always fight him at Vegeta's max, because of this both were almost killed each time they fought, Vegeta had the experience, while Gohan had the reserves to keep rejuvenating himself, and neither one was willing to lose.

It had taken Gohan a couple of months to help Chi Chi see the "light" and let him train most of the day. It was because of Gohan's love of learning, and showing Chi Chi that he still studied advanced subjects on a nightly basis that she allowed it, that and the exams she forced him to take every once in a while to prove that he wasn't falling behind, which he wasn't.

For Mairi the first couple of months had been tough on him, but with his daily training sessions with Vegeta and Gohan, and the love that his second mother gave him Mairi pulled through it. He had yet failed to reach the second level of Super Saiyan but that didn't mean his power hadn't increased dramatically, he was the third most powerful warrior on the planet, with Piccolo a close forth.

It was a warm sunny afternoon in the 439 mountain distract. Two teenagers were lying very close together on the grassy shores of a small lake. One of them is a young man seventeen years of age, well built; almost every visible muscle on his body was perfectly sculpted, nearly six feet tall when standing. The other teenager is a young woman just over sixteen years old she had a petite frame, but with enough curves to catch the eye of any man. She was noticeably shorter than the man. Their heads were touching as their lips were interlocked, but her feet just went down to just his shins.

"Yuck! When will you two learn not to do this in the open!" A third man said as he descended from the air to land next to the two teenagers deep in a make out session. He looked to be about 25 years of age; he had purple hair that he let grow just past his ears.

The two teenagers jumped apart and blushed in embarrassment. "Hehe sorry Mairi" Gohan said scratching the back of his head giving his famous Son grin. "But come on couldn't you sense Lime was here with me?" He said as he put his arm around his girlfriend.

Gohan and Lime had been seeing each other for almost a year now things were progressing very very slowly. Gohan being sheltered most of his life didn't even now they were dating tell six months into their relationship, he didn't even learn how to kiss tell a couple months after that, when Lime finally got fed up and taught Gohan.

"It is ok I should be getting back to grandpa's shop anyway." Lime said politely

"Ok, I will fly you back." Gohan said glaring at Mairi as he said this.

"Before you two take off, I have a message for you Gohan. Apparently there is some sort of emergency at the lookout I was sent to gather everyone up, and you're the last one so hurry up." Trunks said knowingly.

"Alright… I'll be there in five minutes" Gohan said as Mairi took off.

Lime knew the truth about Gohan, obviously she recognized him when she was watching the Cell games as the boy who saved her from the river. Gohan updated her on the highlights of his life shortly after that, leaving out the gory details.

"I can walk myself home, sounds like you're needed" Lime said

"Nonesense" Gohan said as he scooped her up and took off at a speed Lime would be able to tolerate back to her grandfathers store. "I don't know what is going on, I don't know how long this will take." Gohan said as he landed.

"That's fine, I will wait for you, stay safe." She worriedly said and pulled him in for another kiss.

"I will…" Gohan said as he pulled away and took to the skies. Blasting off at top speed, when he was a safe distance away from the village.

It didn't take long for Gohan to reach the lookout; Mairi was right about everyone being there. Mairi, Vegeta, Piccolo, 18, Tien, Krillin, Yamcha, even young Trunks, and Goten were even present, something big was going on Gohan figured.

"I am glad you all made it…" Dende stated "New Namek is under attack, by a small army of Saiyans…" He flatly added

"Absurd!" Vegeta shouted "They boys and I are the only Saiyan warriors alive."

"I wish this was true. I just got a mental call for help from my brothers on New Namek, there is roughly 200 Saiyans invading, looking for the Dragon Balls. They also sent me a disturbing image that I will share with you." Dende said as he closed his eyes and used his telepathic powers to show everyone an image of a large burly Saiyan with muscles on top of muscles. There were also several other Saiyans surrounding him of various shapes and sizes. "I am told that he is claiming to be the legendary Super Saiyan." Dende added

"Do any of these men look familar to you Vegeta?" Piccolo's gruff voice asked.

"It cannot be, he should not be alive…" Vegeta stammered

"Who shouldn't father?" Mairi asked

"This is my concern I am the Prince of all Saiyans, I will take care of this." Vegeta said blasting off towards Capsule Corporation.

"We better follow him." Gohan said to Mairi before adding "Are you coming Piccolo?"

"Yea…" Was all Piccolo said before chasing after Vegeta.

"Wait… wont you need everyone's help, there is an army!" Dende worriedly stated.

"No…" Gohan paused knowing he would sound like Vegeta and said "This is a matter between Saiyans and Nameks. Krillin take Trunks and Goten to my house until we are off of the planet, I can't have them tagging along." Gohan didn't wait for a response as he, and Mairi took to the sky.

"Why… I thought this was a matter between Saiyans and Nameks…" Krillin sarcastically said. Only to be greeted by a slap to the back of his head by wife.

"None of us here could lay a hand on Gohan if he didn't want us too; he only said that for your safety mister!" 18 said lecturing her husband.

"Sometimes I think you have a crush on Gohan with the way to talk about him all the time." Krillin mumbled after his wife lectured him.

"Humph, maybe I do…" She paused to further tease her husband. "Come on boys you heard Gohan" 18 said corralling the two younger boys.

"No we're Saiyans we should be allowed to go!" Trunks argued… "Yay big brother might need our help!" Goten added, the two tried to take off and follow Gohan but 18 got a hand on both of their legs and hauled them back down to the ground. It took a good amount of strength as both boys were extremely powerful.

18 looked at Krillin and further teased "I married you though, because Saiyan children are just too tiring." She laughed as she continued to struggle with the two pint size powerhouses.

By the time Gohan and Mairi arrived at Capsule Corporation a Capsule space ship was in the back yard, Dr. Briefs tinkering away on it, Bulma trying to help but was having a hard time with Vegeta yelling at her.

"Women this thing has to be ready to go now!" and "Damn Earth technology we can't spare four days to get to New Namek!" Vegeta continued to berate Bulma into finishing the ship so he could take off.

"About time you boys made it! We're leaving in five minutes." Vegeta said as the Gohan and Mairi landed next to Prince Vegeta.

"Well Vegeta if you are sure you don't want the gravity machine installed, you can take off any time." Dr. Briefs said as he stepped away from the spaceship.

"We don't need a blasted gravity machine; we need to go now, before all is lost." Vegeta said solemnly surprising everyone.

"Vegeta what are you so worried about? Surely we can handle a group of ordinary Saiyans." Gohan added

"I fear they are being lead by the legendary Super Saiyan. A Saiyan none of us will be able to stand up too. I don't know why I am such a hurry to die…" Vegeta added the last part in very quietly. (A/N: This is not out of character if everyone will remember how he acted in the first Brolly movie)

No one understood Vegeta's behavior, not even Gohan who knew Vegeta the longest had seen the proud warrior act like this.

"We will make them bow to you, my prince" Gohan said putting his large hand on Vegeta's back

"Don't patronize me boy…" Vegeta warningly barked at Gohan

"I'm not, I think it makes the most since. I have no desire to kill a whole army. I think if we remind them who their ruler is, we can avoid a lot of needless death." Gohan said basically telling everyone his plan.

"You're too soft to be a true Saiyan warrior, but we can try your plan." Vegeta replied, he once again wanted to rule his people.

"ENOUGH TALK! Board the ship, I need to save my people." Piccolo barked as he stood up from his meditative position in the corner.

Four long days in space had passed; tensions were high between Earth's four greatest warriors. The ship which was the exact same size that carried Goku to Namek all those years ago, was just too small for the four powerful warriors.

All four were gathered in the main room, Vegeta, and Piccolo were standing on opposite sides of the room with their backs to the wall. Mairi and Gohan were sitting on the floor trying to pass the time by, while playing a game of cards. They were only hours away from New Namek, everyone could sense the powers on the planet. There were a half dozen that could rival Goku when he first transformed into a Super Saiyan, and nearly a hundred others that had to be close to Captain Ginyu level.

'This doesn't seem right, I find it hard to believe that one of these powers belongs to the legendary Super Saiyan' Gohan thought to himself, before his thought was finished the ships control panel started to beep indicating an incoming transmission, and Bulma's voice boomed over the speakers.

"Earth is being invaded! Trunks says there is at least thirty high powers attacking. It is all over the news. Hold on… what?..." Bulma paused as she was obviously talking to someone else in the room. "Trunks… Trunks says that six of the powers are much stronger than his (Trunks just turned into a SSJ) and one that is stronger than anything he has ever felt…"

"Damn it! Trunks this is your father speaking get your mother to the lookout as fast as you can, without raising your power level. They have scouters that can detect higher than average power levels." Vegeta ordered

"But dad, I need to fight!" Trunks voice could be heard arguing.

"You will not disobey me!" Vegeta roared

Gohan ran up next to Vegeta by the microphone for communication. "Before you go Bulma, is there any way you can patch me to my mother's house?" Gohan worriedly asked

Bulma didn't need to answer she just transferred Gohan to his home telephone which begun to ring.

At Gohan's house chaos was going on outside, Goten who was not yet a Super Saiyan was outside trying to defend his house from three Saiyan attackers, all equal to him in strength but far superior to him in skill.

Chi Chi was huddled in a corner praying for Goku to return to them and save them. When the phone started to ring, Chi Chi was too paralyzied in fear to answer, but something told her too. She sprinted to the phone… "Hello…" She was able to stammer…

"Mom, is everything ok?" Gohan asked from across the universe.

"No… we are under attack, they have your brother outmatched…" Chi Chi paused as she heard Goten screem "GOHAN! WHERE ARE YOU WE NEED YOUR HELP!"

Gohan could hear his brothers scream, he turned away from the communication device, a look of furry on his face. "You guys go to Namek, and save them. I can handle Earth."

'Damn it dad, why aren't you hear!' Gohan cursed in his mind at his absent father. "I hope this works" Gohan said out loud as he placed two fingers on his forehead, as he attempted to do something he never tried before.

After a few moments there was a loud "Pop" and Gohan vanished.

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